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  1. KingCobra484

    How Many Computers Do You Have?

    2 Laptops, one for lectures and one that I work off at home/game/do edits/use for plex
  2. KingCobra484

    Ryzen 9 leaked at Russian retailer

    doubt the 125w tdp is true, surely not.
  3. KingCobra484

    Why did you buy an iPhone?

    I've used an iPhone 7 for 2 years now. I bought it pretty absent-mindedly, didn't do any research into what other android offerings there were. but I was using a 5th Gen iPod touch at the time alongside a Moto X2. I was familiar with iOS and how it worked on my iPod and iPad and it was no trouble getting used to the iPhone. I was a little peeved initially about the lack of headphone jack but even to this day I use wired earphones with no trouble. I've run beta software on it exclusives for about 18 months out of the last 2 years and had less issues than I had with my Moto X2. It was less buggy, slowed down less and hasn't really had to be reset or anything. As for battery health, the settings option says 84% which is ok since it gets fast charged every night. With iOS 12 it's felt a lot smoother and nicer to use. That said, looking at other android offerings, I'm very tempted by the LG V40, but I'll probably end up with an XS or XS Max. In short, Apple's always been reliable to me so I continue using it.
  4. KingCobra484

    Core I9 9900K gets listed on Amazon for $582.50

    My thoughts exactly, it's all good having a small number of 'founder edition' ones in fancy packaging but hell, a CPU alone could be put in a little clear bag, you don't need such a fancy box.
  5. KingCobra484

    Intel revisits 22nm amidst 14nm shortage

    AMD are gaining market share as they have released a competitive product, as such, more manufacturers are willing to put their hardware in their systems notably prebuilts and laptops. Look at HP and Dell etc. Their product stacks used to have one or two AMD Axx APU based products, now both manufacturers have full stacks of Ryzen-based laptops and desktops and people are cottoning on to how AMD's new server hardware is more competitive than ever, hell, even HP Enterprise were recommending EPYC to their clients due to this. I'd like to see AMD claw back some more market share and break Intel's deadlock on the server game.
  6. KingCobra484

    1 Star Rating Newegg?

    Sometimes the reverse can be true too, companies can selectively invite people who've had positive experiences to review them on other websites in order to raise their ratings. I know we started doing it when I worked in a popular UK electronics retailer in order to raise our rating on trustpilot from 1* to 3* but it shows them as 'not inviting' people to review them.
  7. KingCobra484


    Not sure but this listing sounds like it's from the same guy.. https://london.craigslist.co.uk/sys/d/american-2017-apple-macbook/6697425323.html
  8. KingCobra484

    Did the EU actually ban memes?

    Universal Music Group blocked that video presumably because it contains their copyrighted music.
  9. KingCobra484

    Is it considered weird to wear headphones in public?

    No it's not weird, it's just that they aren't particularly discreet, people will take notice.
  10. Please please can these be put into laptops with decent cooling solutions.
  11. KingCobra484

    this pc building guide that verge made is unbarable

    To think that 11 people worked on a sponsored video project and not one knew how to build a computer, or how it ought to look. And that none of them had the nous to take an hour or so to research how to build a pc and even practice the build prior to shooting is laughable. As for the mistakes, they weren't all corrected after the fact, and why would you make a video with mistakes in it, if you knew how to build a pc and had done so before. One thing is that, someone on the production team knew what parts to put in this build and that is the first battle in pc building so did they just throw together this video quickly in order to get cash?
  12. KingCobra484

    Newegg's illegal return practices

    Your purchase from a US company is subject to US consumer protection law regardless of where the product is being shipped to. US law includes restocking fees and suchlike, EU law doesn't. Since you bought the product from a US company, you have thereby accepted that your purchase is subject to US consumer protection law. Thus the company isn't at fault here.
  13. KingCobra484

    Worth upgrading an i5-4210M for gaming?

    Get something with a 980m in it
  14. KingCobra484

    Looking for new earbuds

    Beyerdynamic Byron or Soundmagic E10C, can’t go wron with either
  15. KingCobra484

    [STREAM OVER] Nvidia Gamescom 2018 Keynote Live Thread!

    https://www.scan.co.uk/products/palit-geforce-rtx-2080-gamingpro-oc-8gb-gddr6-vr-ready-graphics-card-2944-core Palit 2080 has 1815mhz boost clock allegedly