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  1. Lol no but dont download any crack files or any files.....If you want a windows key,you can get it for cheap from scdkeys or similar sites.
  2. shit...sorry mate.try to get a refund /replacement for the board. F
  3. yes try to see if there is any bend pins,if not take out the cpu and put the cpu again.Also check if the cpu cooler is mounted properly(improper mounting pressure can also cause isssues
  4. Try Sparkmail by readdle.It is one the best mail app I used.It was only available for ios and was the only reason I didnt want to shift to android.They just released for android few days ago which means I'll be shifting to android.Try it you'll love it.
  5. There is a way.Google intel drivers->open first result(intel website) -> there will be a search bar on top right,enter i5-4210U and press enter (or I go to this link I did it for u -https://downloadcenter.intel.com/search?keyword=i5-4210U . download the zip version of the driver.->Now create a folder and extract the zip file in it. -> go to device manager find intel hd driver and delete it-> now instead of intel hd,there will microsoft basic display driver->press update driver->browse my computer->let me pick -> have disk -> browse -> go to the extracted folder and select igdl64(for 64 bit).inf file and install.
  6. usually its a failed hdd but you can do some checks to make sure 1.removing and replugging the cables and trying diif sata ports. 2.u can dwld ubuntu into a usb and boot it.then try to format it.
  7. You can kindof use some apps.I have tried firefox,vlc,etc.Basically after reinstalling,run setup for firefox or vlc and when setup runs and asks you for the location to install,give the old one location.For steam,let it install on ssd and give game location to hdd.
  8. Well I decided to go with Ms office route since it more stable, but i wont completely abandon the idea.I'll do it as a pet project later Thank you all for replying and helping me out.
  9. I'm planning to start a small business and I want to build a small server/pc for hosting website,file server,etc so i thought maybe i should get it working as mail server too.Can anyone tell me how i can built one,what all i would need(would i need a special connection?,software,etc). I know most servers use Linux but I'm not good at coding and I'm a total noob in Linux.Is there any programs to easily do what i want in windows server environment?.If not, I'm willing to learn Linux.If any of you have done a similar setup,can you give me some tips and how to's.Thank you P.S-I know you can buy website hosting,server from bigrock,godaddy,etc.I don't want any of that.I want to have my own physical server. I live in a residential area and one of my spare bedroom is going to be the office.I can get a business connection if needed but can i be OK with a normal home internet connection?
  10. seems to me like a display driver issue or windows update issue.you could a)if you can open task manager and view it.Go to file-> run new task->type explorer.exe and hit enter and see if it works(if it does do all updates,some times updates clashes with each other). b)boot into safe mode(google it) and uninstall display drivers and restart. c)I kind of had similar problem when i reinstalling windows,so here is my advise.First reinstall windows and go through all installation things till you see the desktop,now dont download any programs or anything.let windows download all updates and restart it when it asks.Again after restart let windows download update(trust me there will be some left) and restart again till no updates are left.Now create a restore point(google it),and install graphic drivers(nvidia or amd) and after installation restart and do whatever you want(dwnld rest of the programs you want).
  11. look man i had a 1 tb hdd storage now i switched to 500gb (teamgroup ssd cost me 50-60$).I play gta 5 online and skyrim still i have around 200Gb free.If you want go with ram go ahead,even i have planned next upgrade to ram.but before i started upgrading i tested out ram and ssd from a friend,you wont find much of a difference(10-20% max) with ram.but both of them are significant and I suggest you buy which one suits your budget
  12. yup i had stuttering with witcher 3 and gta 5 with hdd.
  13. Buy an ssd first.....will change your laptop experience forever...go for ram second
  14. seagate or hdd..it doesnt matter,i have both and they both work well...if you have budget for high rpm drive (7200rpm will be ideal) buy it or else go for any 5400 ones. but buy a ssd will be my advise
  15. yup once but it had other uses also such as it would compare prices of games from different stores and show you the price(also the all time cheapest price).I have bought 3-4 games from other stores because of this site.I feel sad it is shutting down.