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  1. I need help

    Since the last post I have replaced my RAM which seemed to have fixed the problem. Thanks to everyone who helped 😊
  2. I need help

    So after trying many different solutions I have still not found one. From what I understand the PC is starting up and trying to boot but is failing in doing so. Could this be a result of some faulty RAM and if so, how could I check that this is the case as I only have 1 stick of DDR4 (as my old setup used DDR3)
  3. I need help

    So I've already tried using it out of the case and I still had the same issue. I know that the motherboard supports my CPU as it is advertised as Ryzen ready (and I have a Ryzen 3) so is it possible that some of the hardware is faulty. Thanks for all the help so far :-)
  4. I need help

    After resetting the CMOS my fans will spin when I turn on the PC but I do not get any POST beep. Also, when I do turn on the PC the fan humms and quickly speeds up and down in pitch in a regular rythm (each jump in speed is roughly 1/2 second long) Thanks
  5. I need help

    How would I reset the BIOS as clearing the CMOS hasn't had any effect.
  6. I need help

    How would I reset the BIOS as clearing the CMOS hasn't had any effect.
  7. I need help

    Sadly I only have 1 stick of DDR4 as that was all they had at the store and I just wanted to get the system running, Thanks anyway
  8. I need help

    I recently upgraded my 1 year old custom PC from some cheap FM2+ dual core CPU to a Ryzen 3 1200. However, after installing the new CPU, mobo and RAM, the PC would start but not boot and the monitor would display the message "no signal". The HDD used to be fairly noisy as it is quite old, but now it only makes some noise when initially starting up and them hums very quietly. I have tried re-installing the RAM (although not changing slots as the cooler is too big) & clearing the CMOS by both connecting the two pins and removing the mobo's battery. I have also tried using both my GPU (RX460) and the onboard graphics (using both HDMI and VGA) and have removed all unnecessary cables so that it is just the front panel connecters, power cables and CPU fan. I have tried using the motherboard both in and out of the case and so I am really at a loss as what I should do so I took to the internet in the hope that someone smarter than me would figure it out.