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  1. I think I'll see if I can get my cables to reach top of the PSU shroud internally!
  2. I think your suggestion is likely my best option for now. Swap in the 3tb. About the 500gb ssd, I completely agree! I'm just too lazy to either clone my boot drive or actually reinstall everything. I really should!
  3. Ok that's two suggestions for taping a drive! I might try it...
  4. See here's the thing, before we had to move recently I had just finished putting together a HP Z400 workstation as a media server and NAS etc. So that'd be problem solved but I literally don't have the space for two towers at the moment! So that's in storage. I guess I could probably try an external enclosure.
  5. Agree with what others have said. If you need NTFS on Mac + PC there are options like "Paragon NTFS" which allows full read write on Mac of NTFS.
  6. Hey, I'm at the point where I have now maxed my Meshify C's storage slots for HDDs But I need more storage. Below is my current setup and then what I want to do. Meshify C can take 2x 3.5 HDD and 3 2.5HDD/SSD -- I have the following mounted 120GB 2.5" SSD - Boot Drive 240GB 2.5" SSD - mainly full of games MX500 M.2 500GB - On the mobo - a recent addition... more games and soon to be cache drive for Premiere Pro etc. 3TB 3.5" HDD for Plex. (Currently enough...) 2TB 3.5" HDD for general bulk storage and programmes. 300GB free space. I am soon to begin shooting video again and will need to make use of a reasonable amount of storage space. I already have a brand new 3TB HDD but I have no where to put it! For now I'd be happy to move the stuff from the 2TB onto the new 3TB (and gain 1TB) but it'd be great it I can figure out a way to safely use my 3TB as a bulk media storage drive that I will likely edit from. My mobo has spare SATA ports still... can I use those somehow and safely mount the drive outside my case? Or will a USB 3 enclosure actually be OK for a drive that is on and used hard about 4 -8hrs a week? Cheers!
  7. Actually pretty sure you can't do ads on Insta with before and after photos. Or tape measures associated with waist lines. Also this has been a thing for at least a couple months too! I only know because the company I work for has been using Facebook and Instagram ads for a weight loss related product.
  8. I can't tell for sure... but do you have an SSD in your current build? If not... for now, I'd honestly just get one of those and move your windows install to that. Then hold off for a couple months or two to see what Ryzen 2 bring us. The 4770 and GTX 1060 combo are pretty solid still!
  9. Yeah I still don't know if I will upgrade. But I can definitely make use of some extra cores if I had them...
  10. Ah OK, that makes sense to me. I am currently on a R5-1600 with an ASUS TUF B350M so I have reached out to Asus, to see what they say will happen!
  11. So there's a chance that some of us with B350 boards won't be able to run Zen2?
  12. In theory... all existing boards should.... Whether they will or not is the question. As someone with an Asus TUF B350M. I am very much hoping that we will get support.
  13. I'm just posing another question here... Surely I am more likely to notice the fact that I don't run out of RAM, than having faster RAM right? As in I currently have 8GB and I often max that out. Adding 8GB at 2400 or changing to 16GB at 3200 will actually solve my problem I believe. Which means I think I will go with the cheaper option of a new 8GB for £52.
  14. Just popping in here to say that the slots probably didn't make much difference I don't think.. Also, I have OC'd my Ryzen 1600 to 3.9GHz at 1.36v Was very very easy. That said... any major video encoding occasionally crashes it! This is super super rare that it happens though. At 3.8GHz mine didn't crash tho.
  15. As a fellow 1600 owner... I am curious as to anything is better/faster now you have the MHz bump on the RAM?