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  1. Wyren9029

    Samsung b die ram worth the price?

    year i've used corsair DDR3 in quite a few systems. had just hear around the internet an a few overclockers that B die is the best ram you can get. also saw some of gamers nexus OC videos where he got better results by changing ram timings than clock speed.
  2. Wyren9029

    Samsung b die ram worth the price?

    the team group kit comes with a lifetime warranty, its actially only 10 years, with a national etailer ive not had much luck finding B die for less that the £200 mark which is more than id like to spend really. mostly wanted to know if its worth going for a b die kit or just some fast corsair stuff?
  3. so I'm planning a new build on Ryzen 3rd gen, not sure which chip yet ryzen 7 or 9, i know ram was an issue for first gen ryzen i also know this got better in ryzen 2. so my question is exactly like the title is Samsung b die ram worth the extra cost theirs a £30 difference in price between a corsair vengeance set or a team group Samsung b die 16gb kit at 3200Mhz CL14 i haven't done ram OC before but would be interested in giving it a try. Samsung b die https://www.overclockers.co.uk/team-group-dark-pro-8pack-edition-16gb-2x8gb-ddr4-pc4-25600c14-3200mhz-dual-channel-kit-black-my-08l-tg.html Corsair kit https://www.overclockers.co.uk/corsair-vengeance-lpx-16gb-2x8gb-ddr4-pc4-25600c16-3200mhz-dual-channel-kit-black-cmk16gx4m2b32-my-456-cs.html thanks for any help
  4. if you want to go intel that badly then you could get a first gen i7 for way cheaper, about £10 on ebay. if you want gaming performance well ryzen has better ipc than sandy bridge E so you need to go ryzen for gaming. its your money so you can pay more for less if you want, though i dont think brand loyalty is worth spending the money on. http://hwbench.com/cpus/amd-ryzen-5-2600-vs-intel-core-i7-3930k https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i7-3930K-vs-AMD-Ryzen-5-2600/1487vs3955 https://technical.city/en/cpu/Core-i7-3930K-vs-Ryzen-5-2600X
  5. i had seen some stuff about heat but it dosnt feel hot specy says the motherboard temp is 13C the room im in is probably around that sort of temp too. non of the heat sinks on the motherboard feel that hot either is there any way i can check or am i just going to have to go for a new board or borrow one to check it? thanks for the help
  6. Wyren9029

    Can you mine with an hd 5450?

  7. Wyren9029

    Can you mine with an hd 5450?

    as a note basically all miners will be flagged by anti virus since they are used in so much malware these days you might need to dl it to a location that you exclude from your antivirus. scan it to virustotal before you run it if you want to see what i mean they most av flag it as a miner some just flag it with a generic malware tag
  8. Wyren9029

    Can you mine with an hd 5450?

    true if you are insanely lucky do this and be rich but almost no change of that happening
  9. Wyren9029

    Can you mine with an hd 5450?

    stak xmr miner supports nvidia and amd but it probably dosnt work with the 5450 960s are going to be way more useful than the 5450 monero benchmarks says abround 240 hash a second each
  10. Wyren9029

    Can you mine with an hd 5450?

    monerobenchmarks.info says you should be able to get 50 hash a second what cpu is in the system your going to use it in? that might be better use of power. monero benchmarks uses user submitted results the person who submitted the 5450 result used claymore 9.6 if you can find that on there github try that and see if you can get it working
  11. Wyren9029

    Can you mine with an hd 5450?

    intensecoin was kind of easy to mine a while ago it shouldnt be that bad yet i managed to mine 1029 of them with a r9 270x i used claymore miner though it didnt like my 5770 so i dont see it working with a 5450 https://intensecoin.com/ there are probably easier things to mine but thats one i know of and have mined
  12. Wyren9029

    Can you mine with an hd 5450?

    i tryed to do some monero mining with my 5770 most stuff dosnt support cards that old as a low end new card or a recent cpu can out hash them. so depending on what you want to mine you might be able to but you almost certainly wont be profitable
  13. Wyren9029

    System won't post

    Could we get a picture just to check everything is right on that end. if you can with the whole motherboard in frame
  14. Wyren9029

    [MINING] 4 GTX 1080 Tis vs. TITAN V

    you could also wait to the gaming Volta card comes out you might get titan v like performance card that you could get more than one of for similar money to just the V but if you want to get started soon the 1080tis are probably the way to go. maybe sell them once Volta is out. its sounding like Volta is going to be early 2018 but cant say for sure.
  15. Wyren9029


    your not going to be able to get it into the slow with it screwed in. well you might be able to leaver it in but id be worried about the first tab of the connector so id say wait till you can get a screwdriver once you get the card out should be an easy fix or did you originally insert the card when it was unscrewed?