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  1. thats what i suspected, he came to me once all this had started, the recovery is the very reason i tried opening it in ubuntu, but how comes the other partition on the drive is fully accessible with no problems? Would one of those recovery suites help with this at all? im guessing not as the drive isnt mounted properly.
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  3. bump... once a day this is allowed right? lol
  4. I've just had a look in the bios and there is no option for hot swapping, we all know how limited laptop bios' are... Also just tried enabling boot logging, BSOD...
  5. My uncles laptop (toshiba satelitte c660-195) wont boot into windows, so here is what it will do and what ive tried. powers on and bios screen passes with no problems but no windows. Ive tried my hard drive with ubuntu installed in it, loaded fine, only issue was no wireless but ubuntu is fussy with that sort of thing. So in my opinion the hardware is fine. Knowing this I tried a recovery CD i burnt and used successfully in the past, windows files load and i get the cursor then nothing, just hangs. take the hard drive out and the CD laods fine. Tried loading the CD and then plugging the drive in once or while its loading to no affect. either doesnt show up in the recovery tools or it hangs. Ive tried plugging the hard drive into my computer and the laptop when running ubuntu and i can access one of the partitions and the other is completely unaccessible with no errors, just hangs. It will allow me to press F8 and get the menu for safe mode etc safe mode will not load last known good config will not work. I am at a point where I dont know where to go from here. I suspect a HDD failure but then how could i access the other parition on there? I turn to you guys, Help me! please! PS he really wants the pictures from the drive, which I havent been able to recover as of yet. Cheers.
  6. now my dad said he doesnt mind adding a little bit if its a good deal, so ive seen this, on special right now, not black friday deals i dont think but http://www.amazon.co.uk/Lenovo-IdeaPad-Z500-15-6-inch-Laptop/dp/B00F93MBXC/ref=sr_1_1?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1385750251&sr=1-1&keywords=lenovo+laptop+i5#productDetails
  7. i might pop down the store tomorrow then, get hands on with some see what i think, what have asus got? doesnt have to be ultrabook. cheers
  8. £300 - £400 buddy! or about what(?) $500-$600?
  9. what is Acers build quality like these days? ones ive seen before seem a bit...flimsy. not good with dad around haha
  10. i posted before i saw the replies, but thank you
  11. im not looking for a gaming laptop, the asus looks nice, and with the exchange rate it is right in budget. one thing i forgot, will add to the list now, screen size of 15"ish
  12. yeah perfect! haha maybe you misread, I put £3-400 not £3,500. But to clarify it is £300-£400 please (Y)
  13. Ive not been paying attention to the laptop or indeed the computer market for a while so Im out of the loop, have checked other threads but never found anything matching my requirements (mostly price). Basically im looking for a new laptop for my dad after his Dell broke (his fault for holding it by the corner like i told him not to do). Anyway our friend gave me his Asus to fix and my dad took a shine to the build quality. So I'm after anything with decent build quality can play full HD preferably with a 1080p screen SSD if possible, can buy seperate, call it a christmas present. something that wont be too outdated/slow in a couple years time. (EDIT: 15"ish screen £300 -£400) Any help is much appreciated. Most features just dont matter, such as amount of RAM (i have 4GB in my gaming rig and havent run out yet) or battery life as it would essentially be a desktop replacement. Thanks again. Brad Oh last thing, both US and UK sites can be used as il be stateside early next year.
  14. I hope for your sake their arent keeping track and hit you with the bill later when the system catches up lol
  15. Do you have a slimmer gpu? Or onboard gfx you can use with the sound card? To prove the issue. Replace or remove your gpu and and put the sound card in. If this fixes the issue then you know youre heading in the right direction.