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  1. just saw this, just submitted my survey
  2. Ive got an idea. How about an optional competition for the invited creators. Scrapyard Wars: LTX edition. When the invitations go out, maybe include this as an optional thing to do with the final builds to be presented & judged on sunday. Fleshing out the judging categories ahead of time would be necessary, but you guys got plenty of experience with that. I know that when OzTalksHW, Nerd on a Budget, and I attended this year's event, we collab'd to all build one single PC using a handful of secondhand parts we mostly scored the friday night we arrived in Vancouver, it was a ton of fun. So maybe this can be an idea that can be developed. Maybe certain parts can be provided by sponsors, or LMG, to simplify the process since it'll be so time limited though. Like a cooler, a power supply, maybe even the case or something.
  3. @AlexTheGreatish Another vid on the subject of reusing laptop CPUs in a desktop form factor that would be interesting would be checking out the Portwell Wade-8321. You can find them on eBay for reasonable prices, shipped from Israel. I did a build on one (and contributed alot to configuration of) with an i7-3610qm and it's rock solid. Reused a dead laptop's CPU. Makes for a great htpc/lanparty rig or whatever. Does require PCI-E to run at gen 2 for newer GPUs to work though. Here's the thread with all the info that could help if it's something you guys explore. I'm Helgaiden on there. https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/seeking-header-pin-outs-and-advice-for-wade-itx-board.2117022/
  4. @LinusTech @AlexTheGreatish @GabenJr Here's a link the USB 2.0 header pitch adapter i mentioned above https://www.moddiy.com/products/Mini-USB-2.0mm-9%252dPin-Female-to-USB-2.54mm-9%252dPin-Female-Header-Cable.html Now im not sure if you guys were going to take this apart, but at least there is a solution for the miniature USB header the board has in case you do end up needing it :)
  5. So that USB 2.0 header is just a different pin pitch. Moddiy sells pitch adapters. I did a build with a similarly small board that had that same issue, though my board was to use a socketed laptop CPU in a mini-itx desktop board...not a behemoth Xeon lol. But same thing. Pitch adapter will solve the problem. I want that case though. Didn't see a link in description. I want itttt
  6. Sure but the goal isn't really pros vs joes, that part is just entertainment. The goal with my suggestion is to use the entertainment factor of pros vs joes to gather data on how big a difference refresh rate makes for the pros vs how much a difference it makes for the joes.
  7. I think a part 2 featuring Pros vs Joes would be neat. That way you could also gather data on how much of a difference it makes for pro level players vs casual players, or rather what difference skill makes when comparing high refresh rate vs standard refresh rate.
  8. I'm excited. I'm picking watching this over watching Shazam tonight lol.
  9. When it comes to case lighting, I've only recently got into RGB stuff (and mostly because i can set a specific color scheme). So right now I'm trying to do some RGB stuff on the cheap. I have 4 RAM aRGB heatspreaders on a motherboard (no rgb header) with a CPU ready to go into a system and i've started collecting parts i need. A case i worked on came with an aRGB control hub that I was thinking to use with these heatspreaders. The case i have in mind to put this build into right now needs fans so I was hoping to go with a cheap aRGB fan kit. The CPU Cooler is a Thermalake Floe Riing 360 i was given, which i plan to install on the top of the case, so top fans/lighting is taken care of. Rear fan + 3 front fans still needed. I was hoping to syncronize the front fans with the RAM sticks with one button (don't think i can get the TT fans to sync with these). So i came across this fan kit that includes an aRGB hub as well, but wont have enough connectors for all the fans + the RGB heatspreaders. I would need 8 connectors. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07N2DQCY2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_FXsOCbMDW4ZXT Am i able to connect one of the aRGB connectors from one hub to the other so that the reset button that controls one of the hubs is wired to can control both? Is daisy chaining aRGB hubs like this a thing? Both hubs are powered as well. Additional links of fan packs that i think could accomplish what i'm looking for: https://www.amazon.com/Apevia-SP412L2S-RGB-Addressable-Changing-Anti-Vibration/dp/B07MQS3W24/ref=sr_1_13?keywords=argb+fan+pack&qid=1554071634&refinements=p_85%3A2470955011&rnid=2470954011&rps=1&s=gateway&sr=8-13 With this one, since it comes with two LED strips and thus two connections for them, could i could forgo one of the LED strips and run that connection to the other hub? edit: Noticed that the Amazon questions for the Apevia say that even the LED strip connection is a proprietary type not able to be connected for Aura Sync or motherboard. This seems to tell me it isn't a standard aRGB connector, drats. Thanks in advance
  10. Ooh i like the FlatOut 2 suggestion. Nah to Minecraft tho.
  11. Around 2005-6. a few of us had capable laptops and we would do the same. Go to a friend's house and play WoW together. Then around 2013, i fired up the LAN parties at my new place yet again (different group of people), then finally the current group since 2014. Im glad you feel the way you do. We do as well
  12. I don't own any consoles but at this previous LAN party, someone brought a Switch with Smash...we never got to it lol. Though at the last LAN party, only one other person showed up with their computer and alot of people stopped by just to hang out throughout the day. So i shifted to my livingroom mini-PC with 3 Xbox 360 remotes and we played Dwarven Brawl Bros, Gang Beasts, and Brawlhalla most of the time. That was actually quite fun too.
  13. For those that still do LAN Parties (and everyone + anyone that's done em too), what are you go to games? As time goes forward and new games come out, we try to incorporate new(ish) games. Though a longtime staple for us was Battlefield 4. We tried to make things work with BF1, but it just never jived. BFV came out and all sorta lost interest in it. Overwatch has been one that has stuck for a while, as well as RB6: Siege for around half of us. Trackmania Nations Forever has turned into a fun one as well, happy thats free. We've experimented with DOOM, GoW4, Counter-Strike Source, and Starcraft for LAN Parties as well, but they didn't stick. So with that said, what are your guy's favorites? Have any suggestions? We don't have our next one scheduled yet, but hopefully sometime in August. Here are some photos from our recent one this past Saturday. Bunch more photos in the imgur album https://imgur.com/a/qamEIwo
  14. We had another LAN party, our Spring 2019 one, this past saturday. It was a good one and the highlight video came out very cool as well. <link removed>