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  1. Well, my current ASICS needed to be replaced as I wore out the tread on half of the right shoe due to excessive treadmill use. 12-15 incline plus 1-3 5ks a day on that Nordic track I bought increased the rate of shoe destruction. I also wear a 12M, but ASICS tend to be extra narrow. So, I had to get a full size up. I've tried their 12.5s and the X-wide versions, but those are still too narrow. I hate companies that do that. I mean they're doable, but I still need slim socks for that.
  2. I'd suggest not updating to bios version 3.90 due to a bug that they seem to not wanna put on the bios page for the motherboard. 3.60 and 3.90 are mainly meant for people using Ryzen 3000 CPUs, and 3.90 is simply for the "AMD AGESA Combo-AM4 Patch B". The point of that is to make load times into your OS quicker after intialization, iirc. But, the bug defeats the purpose! When you shut your system down then turn it back on it may refuse to post every time. So, in order to get it to post you'll have to switch the PSU off then back. Then you can hit the power button again and it should post. <.< I've heard people being able to just hit the restart button, but my case doesn't exactly offer that option. I've heard some people haven't had this issue, but it is a known one on both the ASRock Reddit page and the ASRock forum. I've tried suggestions like turning off xmp yet stock 2133 does it too, clearing cmos doesn't fix it, and because you can't roll back on this board without failing or breaking it I don't plan to try that again. So, if you plan to use a 3000 series CPU on this board then stick to 3.60 for now. http://forum.asrock.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=11976&PN=94&title=ryzen-3000-series-support
  3. They should have identifaction stickers on them that you can type into google.
  4. Supplements for me Supplement for my PCs.
  5. It's a convenience store/gas station chain along the East Coast of the US. Kind of like 7/11 and Royal Farms. On a side note I just applied for a new card, and my CC company sent me a new card since I tend to go to Wawa for withdraws since there's no surcharge at the ATMs. But, I also sometimes get food/drinks from them. My roommate just got a notification from his company, and they sent him a free new card because of this too.
  6. Toy CPU until I buy my 3900x or 4000 series in Q3.
  7. Chimichangas and taquitos = tie there. I went to 7/11 to buy 0 calorie high caffinated energy drinks, and there was one chimichanga left...then there was none!...
  8. There is a known issue that I'm not sure if it's exclusive to the VII, or all AMD GPUs, where the driver stops responding for too long. The monitor/s black out, and you have to restart your system. I could never fix it, but it happened mainly in one game. And, this only started happening recently. I think AMD is working on fixing it.
  9. I mean from the programming side the 3700x would be more beneficial depending on what you're doing exactly.
  10. I think he has a larger fan base in the USA hence why he does US pricing. What is your exact budget in CAD, and what exactly do you mean by a simple Nvidia GPU?
  11. I want to see this TV last a kick from JCVD.
  12. Or join a black metal band?
  13. Well, he offered an RMA and I'm getting an ASUS Prime P x570 plus a 3600. So, I'll probably do the RMA and sell the Taichi locally.
  14. You can't flash back in the bios, no. However, according too him you can in only one scenario. However, he just emailed and he offered an RMA.
  15. ASRock doesn't allow flashing back the traditional way. So, if I'm on 3.50 loading 3.40 in the bios wouldn't work. So, he sent me the ASRom tool with a ROM file to flash it back to that. I executed the tool and the system was giving me an error code about resuming. So, I waited like an hour then just ended up doing a force shutdown and then the system resumed with bios version 3.50. Got back in, tried that a few more times and deleted the that download of the tool. Went back into the email and redownloaded the tool, executed it, and now instead of that original error it's not even posting and giving me error codes 61 and b6. So, I think he uploaded a bad version of the tool which ended with my motherboard being bricked. If ASRock doesn't do anything I can at least get an x570 Prime P and a 3600 in a trade.
  16. It's the ASRock ASRom tool which has the 3.40 ROM file in a folder. The support agent uploaded it to a site, which only had a temporary download, for me. It basically opens up a DOS box like window and flashes back the bios version through the OS then has the system restart. But, once the system goes to restart nothing but issues. Now, it's just stuck at those 2 different Dr. Debug codes.
  17. I've had good and bad interactions with them, to be honest. But, their tool just executes and restarts your system. I was doing what he pretty much told me to do to get back to the previous version. If I downloaded a bios version off their site, started a flash in the bios, and then shut the system down mid flash then ya that would be on me. Downloading a tool their support team gave me, executed it properly on my end, and then having a bricked mobo is kinda their fault.
  18. Ya, still waiting for them to get back to me. Timezone conflict, though. Hopefully they do respond.
  19. So, I was having issues of consant BSODs, which turned out to be AMD's GPU driver not responding/a known issue with Radeon VIIs. I tried a bios update to version 3.50 off 3.40, and could no longer OC my Ram. So, I contacted ASRock support asking for their tool to flash it back. Their support team gave me the tool with 0 instructions, and it seemed it pretty easy to use. Well, when my system went to restart it was giving me a Dr. Debug code that equated to an inability to resume. So, in order to get into windows I had to force the system to shutdown and then start it back up. After redownloading the tool a few times to see if that would get me anywhere the tool now won't even let the system POST and I'm getting error code b6 which means "Clean-up of NVRAM", but if I hit the clear CMOS button on the back of my x470 tiachi I get code 61 which means "NVRAM initialization". I've tried every form of troubleshooting I can think of, but I'm pretty sure it was uncessary considering I'm pretty sure that tool just bricked the mobo. I cleared CMOS several times, I tried onboard and dedicated GPU+reseating the VII, tried reseating the CPU, tried the RAM one at a time in different slots, etc. But again, pretty confident the issue is their tool failing to properly flash the bios back.
  20. I'm holding onto my VII for now because I'm not purely focusing on gaming, but pro work too which sadly Navi seems to suck at. When Nvidia or AMD releases a curb stomp to my VII in blender I might upgrade. However, I don't really plan to any time soon. I might get a 3600 as a toy CPU in a few weeks then upgrade later this year to either a 3900x or whatever 4000 series CPU in the 500-600 USD range.
  21. Well, after Duke Nukem 3D they stopped caring about making the games good, and focused more on humor and what they could get away with at the time. There was also expectations set for them based on that by cultist fans who made ridiculous myths/rumors about the Land of the Babes game as well. Doom Eternal was also delayed because they wanted to polish/improve the game more. I have no problem with a studio doing that.