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  1. Friend just bought me this as a 2 month early bday gift. The NeoGeo Mini has it's problems, but I'm a bit of an SNK/Playmore fanboy. I might also buy the Samurai Shodwon versions. Even the more rare 4th version.
  2. I have the 2gb gen 4 one, and I'm building a cocktail cab arcade with mine. I bought one of the best cooling cases for it, and OCed the CPU. It's one of many tech projects I'm working on over the summer with my roommate. He's a retired federal agent with a background in networking and cyber security while I'm an ITS Major with a programming/ITS and Computer Science background. Plus, we've both have done our fair share of exploring other tech outside of our backgrounds on both the HW and SW level. It also helps that he's a craftsman and troop leader for the boy scouts with a workshop in the basement with plenty of electronics/power tools/wood/etc. We're probably going to use nicer wood he gets for free, gut the screen from an old laptop down there for the display, and I bought arcade controls for it.
  3. Rather than getting scammed on textbook prices I'll just get digital copies and rent like I did at my 2 year. Also,s changed my mind/got the normal 8 and a case for a buck more since I don't care about the wireless charging or 1gb more of ram.
  4. I mean Rosewill is just inhouse Newegg. I'd be more worried about what OEM they use.
  5. Depends on how they got it used. Zotac sells open boxes and refurbs/2 forms of used on their own and lets newegg, amazon, and few other do so as well with up to a 2 year warranty. Now, if it was a stranger that's a different story.
  6. Not going to lie this was actually a decent cover. But, the vocals lacked the anger of Tom's.
  7. It's meant for processors, vrms, and ram for the most part. I wouldn't exactly wanna liquid cool a battery of all things.
  8. That was a heavy ass pick slide at around 1 minute in. Also, I love the super bipolar metal aspect of this band. Folk, death, and more. Zetro and Gary Holt = whiplash.
  9. The only true Soda, long DP cable for my 4k monitor, so I can use the HDMI port on my 2080 Ti for my TV, and control crap for the arcade machine I'm making. Better than buying batteris all the time. Gift for stepdad All this sausage and Norseman sauce. Senpai Ragnar, we musn't! Upgraded my woof hybrid into a hellhound. He's kvlt as fuck. Also, the other NG from Itagaki's era at the company.
  10. throws singles at anyways has the dj put this on
  11. Now you just need boots to be a Candian stripper. Also, you might wanna hide that order number.
  12. From a trade with a friend yet again! Plays more like Ninja Gaiden 1/Black and 2 with extreme actual difficulty and not bugs/poor design. Plus, a Roku from Amazon that I'm gifting to a relative for their birthday. Originally, I was going to have him get me the Gears of War 5 XBO X with the official Gears controller, but my fiancee wanted this one because there is purple on it plus "artsy" to her. The X/Y/B/A buttons on the controller are purple.
  13. Well, new parts come with instructions on how to install them. It's pretty straight forward on what to do. It's mostly popping things into place and screwing them in.
  14. I think the most interesting part is how they plan to prove it in a court of law. This goes beyond your average techies knowledge, and most court systems in the US are made up of non-techies. You then have a well known company who can easily bs a court, and has the money for a pro-bsing legal team. On top of that, the court would likely question the background of the people suing this company. That's literally why I love following these class action lawsuits in America.
  15. Not really. This is in sue happy USA with non-techie courts. It comes down to who the better bser is.