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  1. any rumors on when the mobile RTX are coming?
  2. I was probably 6.... 4D Boxing, blew my mind AND I just found out we can play it on the browser.... https://www.myabandonware.com/game/4-d-boxing-12u/play-12u
  3. I have a question on them: will they push 1080p @144Hz through the Thunderbolt 3 ? I had the previous version, and couldn't do it. My monitor only runs 144Hz through the Display port....using a USB-C to Display port cable I was able to push image to the monitor, but capped at 60Hz. Also, I had the impression that running the monitor through the Thunderbolt 3 forced the graphics not to be run through the GTX1060.....long story short I returned the notebook
  4. Bruak

    Favorite CS:GO team

    SK Gaming > all
  5. add me http://steamcommunity.com/id/bruak
  6. yeah, and I only learned that after buying it. At least for me it doesn't make sense then to have a 120Hz panel on the notebook - if I'm playing while charging, I'll do it on my office desk ad connect to an external monitor, so I'm getting 0 benefit from the higher refresh rate monitor that comes at a premium. @Dissitesuxba11s yeap, I am. Because of that I'll probably just get the cheaper Dell 7577 which has the same specs expect the monitor and save some money.
  7. Hi all, Any idea on when we might start seeing gaming laptops with 8th gen intel processors? I'm about to change my laptop and was wondering if it's worth to just wait for new releases with 8th gen processors instead of picking an 7th gen right now. BTW, I'm open for suggestions on models. I have a 1400$ budget in the US. Looking for something to run CSGO at 144+ fps and high settings, the thinner and lighter the better. I actually ended up buying an Asus GL503VM, but will return it - the noise, poor battery life and the fact it caps fps at 60 while on battery (on top of some bugs here and there on the Asus UI) just pushed me over the edge to return it and get a Dell 7577 instead (unless I can hear something about the 8th gen). cheers!
  8. add me I was able to get out of silver into gn1 using a suface pro 4 back in july, but stayed a fe wmonths not playing and fell back to silver 2. I'm now silver 5 looking to get out of this hell http://steamcommunity.com/id/bruak/
  9. Hi all, I just bought a Samsung Gear s3 on Black Friday and have been using it for a few days now. The big problem that is annoying me is that, on my celphone (Samsung Galaxy S6), I set a training plan on the Samsung Health app (Baby steps to 5K, don't judge :)). Looks great, it gives me a plan to progress on my running to achieve a goal, all looks fine. BUT this plan is not communicated in ANY way to the gear s3. The Samsung health app on the gear s3 does track running exercises, but they are generic 30min exercises. Worst of all, if I use the Samsung Health app on my cel phone to look up today's exercise and choose to start that exercise, it starts tracking on the cel phone, not the watch. Anyone have any ideas how to fix this (if possible at all)? An alternative I tried was to use UnderArmor's apps. But apart from the clusterf*** that is installing 5 different apps on the phone and the watch, by the end of the day one can only use the training plans if they pay an annual fee.
  10. Bruak

    Is Destiny2 worth it?

    It depends, as everything in life. I played all but one expansion on Destiny 1, and have done all content in Destiny 2 (all in ps4). The game is very fun and cool. Gameplay is good, and its satisfying to get loot to increase your power. BUT, once you've done all content, there's not much else to do, despite Bungie's promises / (many) improvements over Destiny 1. You have to wait for the expansions, no work around that at the moment. I understand for PC there's only the option to buy the game with the expansions, which makes the decision more difficult. On the other hand, if you end up liking it, you'll definitely play the expansions. I probably didn't help much, but maybe shoot me some questions and I'll be glad to answer them.