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  1. Im putting the ethernet cord farther off in between two different studs
  2. I live in an old house that has cement drywall for the walls. I want to install a ethernet jack on the same wall as an power outlet. The problem is that the wall plates are two different sizes with the power port having one screw in the middle and being bigger..... I figured I might as well replace the power to a newer outlet type with a green indicator light. The new ones have smaller plates too that have one screw on each side instead of just one in the middle. I turned off the circuit to have a look and I found out that the wall box is between two pieces of cement drywall and is not screwed into a stud but into the other far piece of drywall. I can't install this new GFCI outlet because the wall box is way too squished in. The outlet cant even screw into the wall box fully because its too squished in. I cant install an ethernet port if one wall plate is smaller than the other. That would look stupid. What can I do?
  3. I am working on implementing a cat 6 cable from my room's exterior wall to my router room's exterior wall. The wire I have comes in a 250 ft spool that you pull from the box. Can you walk me through the process? Should I start in the attic or the room/ should I push or pull the wire through the wall? That kind of stuff. I probably need to find the studs I want the wire to go between in the exterior wall and then find that stud space in the attic to drill through, right? How would that process go? I don't want to drill through my ceiling.
  4. i emailed them and they told me its not labeled
  5. https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=13676 This one doesnt
  6. But if I or future owners of the house were to have an inspector over he would need to see labeling, correct?
  7. Looking to buy an ethernet cat 6 250 ft solid core cable from monoprice but it doesn"t have labeling/ certifications. Is this ok?
  8. How come you need two cables from the router to the splitter if you were to use a ethernet splitter but only one cord connected to the router when its with a switch. Isnt a splitter and a switch the same similar concept?
  9. If I have one ethernet port, could I hypothetically get a switch which has one cord plugged in to the outlet jack and multiple ethernet switch ports going out to other computers or no? I know that for ethernet splitters you need to have 2 cables connected at one point where the router is but why is that?
  10. PCFlegling

    Cat 6

    Darn! Its out of stock! And its a good price too for that amount! I was looking through the website but I never saw that
  11. PCFlegling

    Cat 6

    Thanks! I didn't know that!
  12. PCFlegling

    Cat 6

    I heard it is way harder to do keystone jacks with stranded cable and since its my first time wiring I dont want to take chances