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  1. Hi Today I decided to use my PC to contribute to Folding@home. I set up my main PC with an account etc and left it running for a bit. I came back for a bit to check on it and it was running fine with its job. I also decided to get my laptop going. I used all the same things to sign in. I left it as it was trying to find a job. I came back 10 mins later to find that both computers were having a problem with the Web Control Page. Both were refreshing the page, and it was only showing the default stuff, no jobs, points, and my account wasn't there. (See attachment - the URL has an IP in it for some reason, even with proper URL its the same). I thought the program had crashed, but on both computers it was running (according to Task Manager). I shut down and turned back on both, but nothing changed. I had to uninstall the client from my laptop to get it to stop. Its still running on my PC, but I have no way to stop it aside from deleting the client. DON'T WORRY, I MANAGED TO RELAUNCH EVERYTHING, ITS FINE NOW
  2. I'm not happy buying used because I have before and that's left me with a $200 piece of useless metal. It broke after the sellers warranty was finished. However, if you or someone else can find a card that I can 100% rely on working, or with a decent warranty I will consider it.
  3. Hi I'm looking for the best possible graphics card for under 230USD. I wouldn't like to buy used or refurbished. So far this is the best GPU that I can find, is it the best option though? I've also seen this, would it be a better option? Or can you guys find something better? Thanks!
  4. Do you mean that you have actually taken the GPU out? If not, try using the integrated graphics with the GPU taken out. I had a similar problem, and it ended up being that my motherboard BIOS was out of date and I had to update it to support my GPU
  5. My PSU also makes those sounds when I do that, not sure if that is normal. It sounds like a dead GPU, similar thing happened to me a month ago.
  6. Hmm I'm not sure then. What are you using to see usage? Task Manager?
  7. What are you using it for? If gaming, what games?
  8. Honestly I've got no idea what the weather is like. As I write this its night time, the sky's are clear, but by the time I wake up in the morning it could be raining. Even the weather channels aren't 100% accurate right now. By about November it should be almost consistently sunny. Take everything I've written with a grain of salt though, who knows what the weather is doing.
  9. I don't think there would be much point in upgrading. The i7 950 still seems like a capable CPU, I'm sure that it will still work just as well as a low end Ryzen CPU, although I can't say how much longer it would last. I would suggest just use it until it dies, then worry about getting Ryzen. Maybe get 8GB of RAM.
  10. What would you use this "old" computer for?
  11. I don't need macOS, I just think it's a really smooth OS. I'm quite happy to stick to Windows if it means better performance.
  12. I do need Google Docs, most of my work is on there, and I can't move it, because its school files, not mine
  13. Not looking to go Hackintosh, just want a Windows computer that can trade blows with that Macbook.
  14. Hi all. So recently my laptop has started breaking, and while its being diagnosed I thought I should look at alternatives. My friend suggested the Macbook Pro (note that he only has Apple computers). Now I think the 13inch base model would be the most expensive I can go, keeping in mind I need adapters. I have a love/hate relationship with Apple. I've never owned an Apple product, I find them too expensive. However I really like Mac OS, and the features. I also like the way it's made, and the build quality (I'm aware the keyboards can break). Not to mention the screen, which is incredible. Can anyone find a laptop that is better than the 13 inch base model Macbook Pro? I use my laptop mainly for web browsing and working on Google Docs. I occasionally play a few games on it, probably Minecraft. And if I get a Windows PC I'll probably play offline CSGO (I'm terrible at CSGO if you're wondering) TLDR: show me a Windows laptop that is better than the base model Macbook Pro Note: it has to be 14 inch or under.
  15. I don't have access to my laptop sorry. I do know that it had a 500GB SSD. I don't know which one though, Task Manager said it was a Toshiba 128GB M.2 SSD, which is wrong.
  16. In my experience this means that the storage used has become disconnected in some way. It could also be that they simply can't be read by the computer, suggesting either damage to the storage, or a problem with the BIOS. This is also happening to my Dell laptop right now
  17. Hi all. So my laptop (Dell E5470, i5 6300U, 8GB RAM, 500GB SSD (upgraded by my store) 1366 x 768 res) has been having serious problems for a few weeks. At the start of this year it started blue screening for no reason. I took it to my store, and they tested it for 2 weeks, but they found no problems. (they said they cleaned it out though). After that it was fine until a month ago, when it started blue screening again. I took it to my store (PB Tech) and the tech support guy suggested that I should reset it. I did this and it seemed fine over the holidays, but as soon as I started using it at school the blue screens started happening again. I got several different messages over the few weeks this has happened (MEMORY_MANAGEMENT, SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION). If I shut the screen, which is meant to put it to sleep, it sleeps, then when I lift it back up I just get a black screen with the cursor. Occasionally it freezes up as I try to sign in. Occasionally when I start it up it comes up with a message that says "Boot Drive not Detected" and a few function options for rebooting and system diagnostics. Note: I intend to take it to my store, but if its a simple solution that I can do myself then I'll do it. I am quite happy to take off the back panel. Note2: Warranty ran out a while ago
  18. He currently has a GTX 1660 Ti. The GTX 780ti broke.
  19. Hmm, it must have changed since I last looked. Thanks, and by the way I think that the Newegg filters are some of the best I've seen.
  20. 50USD. Unfortunately that's about 120NZD, therefore out of my price range. I also don't have access to Newegg, they don't ship much to New Zealand
  21. The G403 looks good. I'm assuming its full name is the G403 Prodigy?
  22. Hi all Now, I know a mouse is a personal thing in regards to the shape and the looks, but would anyone be able to give some recommendations? I'm looking for build quality, with a good sensor. I would prefer it to be wired. RGB, extra buttons and DPI switching are added bonuses. My budget is 60NZD, (40USD). (I don't intend to by it at full price, I'm going to wait for a discount.)
  23. I don't really mind a low sRGB, but higher would be nice. https://www.pbtech.co.nz/?source=pwa That's the main store, it's kinda overpriced, but they have the most options, and I might be able to price match anyway.
  24. It needs to last about 7 hours at the least while using internet stuff (Google Docs and web browsing) I don't really care if the RAM is upgradable or not, as long as its at least 8GB. That would be a nice to have. Sorry, I'm not too good with display stuff, what's sRGB?