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  1. oh, I don't have one, I have many, depending from the choice I make. The builds right now are 7900x 1950x Dual pc setup; 8700k for gaming r7 1700x for streaming Other than the CPU discussion, I'm not sure about some other minor pieces, like the Corsair - 750D; maybe a Phanteks would be better, or a be quiet! ? EDIT: Not counting that, in case of the double PC setup, I'd have to buy some audio-hardware equipement too, and set it up
  2. I mean to be fair I want this setup to last me at least 4-5 years theoretically(unless I buy something else because I want to, but for example the setup I have now is 6 years old lol)
  3. Honestly, I'm seriously thinking about my original hypotesis of just going single 1950x pc and then in the future just buy a new gaming pc and use the 1950x as the streaming pc, and postpones there audios problems for when I will have more money and more time(especially so if in the future streaming doesn't take off, doesn't do it for me anymore, or for any reason I can't do it anymore, at least I have 1 beast pc and not 2 mediocre pcs laying around, even if this pc would be worse than a 8700k for gaming) yes I know its incredibly money inefficient but man think about using a 1950x as a streaming cpu? No problems whatsoever in doing the most hardware taxing settings, ahah. Maybe I just need to go to sleep
  4. I don't want a game to cap all of my cores and having no space for other applications, thats all. Do you think the gaming performance is much lower on the 7820x?
  5. Nah I want 32gbs on the gaming PC. And I guess I could go with a 512gb m.2 one on the streaming pc. Also, after the suggestion of the 7820x, I tought it might actually be a good swap; 2 more cores and better multi-threading performance, for a very tiny bit of single core performance. The price does go up a little but not too tremendously; heres a sketch and by comparison the 8700k I forgot to include windows in the ones before Do you think the streaming PC needs windows or I can put Linux in it? Only if there aren't ANY issues. I'll spend 150€ euros rather than heave headaches.
  6. IT should even be a little modified; as Annemunition says on her website, "Second, if you're wanting to use voice comms on the gaming PC, you simply need to move the AUX Send cable from the streaming PC to the gaming PC mic in. On the mixer, only the AUX knob for the mic is turned up, meaning that is all the audio it's sending through that connection." I still need to answer the questions I've said before, and then, need to find better replacements for the pieces she uses, because I'm sure I can find better ones for prices better suited for me here in Italy(things always cost strangely more or less here; usually more tho). Also I modified the builds of the systems a little after the SSD advice, even if I don't see why since I wont be using the SSD to copy and/or write video files; that would kill the SSD way too quickly and I wont buy a m.2 1tb samsung drive, thats too costly. Streaming pc Gaming
  7. What do you mean by better everything else? Also, using "Anniemunitions" stream setup, I kind of managed to contextualize the cost of my hypothetical dual pc system setup a little more, using her hardware pieces for example; Behringer Microamp HA400: 24,90€ Mackie 802-VLZ4 - Mixer : 249,50€ Boss Audio Systems B25N - Ground Loop Isolator "1": 18,90€ 3x Pac SNI-1/3.5mm: 17,90€ x 3= 53.70€ Problem 1; I need a mixer that has an USB port for the Blue Yeti microphone, or I will have to plug the Blue yeti into my gaming pc I guess, and then when the gaming pc connects to the mixer, it will be sent to the streaming pc aswell; but whoever is talking with me on discord on the gaming pc will not hear the modified audio via mixer. This of course will be fixed if in the future I will use an XLR microphone. Problem 2; What other kinds of things I need? Like cables, converters, other amplifiers or something else, etc.? Problem 3; do I really need a sound card? Or maybe just get a 1700x motherboard with a good integrated one?
  8. Also, this is how much I understand the Audio part of the problem. Now, this is all theoretical; I still don't know how many cables I actually need, if I need something to convert these cables, how many ground loop isolators(or hum killer? whats the difference?) do I need, if I need any more hardware pieces, and which Mixer to actually take(I have two in mind right now; is there somewhere in this forum where I can post to get help with this? Because the twitch subreddit is awfully quiet and I don't know where else I could ask for help
  9. Again; the HD60pro doesn't encode it throu OBS, but it does encode if I connected a gaming console in the future, and I don't think the avermedia one provides better image capture quality(does it)?
  10. My monitors right now are pretty crappy, ve247, but I plan to buy soon a monitor at least with 144hz g-sync, or maybe freesync2 when it comes out if its better or with the same performance but for the same cost or cheaper; the resolution 1920x1080 is fine, but I would like to have the horsepower to be able to have a 144hz gsync monitor with a 1440p resolution at least I'm afraid the prices are not the same for me @PopsiclesInMyCellar
  11. Also, after your suggestion, I upgraded the both the streaming and gaming machines a little; gaming streaming
  12. I know it isn't easy, and thats why I wanted to go with the single pc setup in the first place, and then maybe upgrade later with a second pc. I've never seen this guide before; I've read it breifly and it helped a little, but also confused me. So, if I understand it corretly; since I'm using a Blue Yeti, I will need a 3.5mm male to male cable so that I can connect the Yeti via USB to the streaming machine, and the 3.5mm to the gaming machine. But then the Microphone wouldn't pass throu the mixer? Why? Isn't the mixer supposed to be there to give me better audio quality too? And the image that explained how to connect things in the guide is gone.