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  1. If you have the chance read the thread I linked and see if you can extrapolate any meaningful information; all that I've understood is "all motherboards hot but some asus slightly less hot if you lucky"
  2. Hello! I've been making a pc build with the help of this wonderful forum(link to the main, original post ), and now I would need help in choosing an apt case. The build is, very shortly, an i9 7900x with a 1080ti, for streaming and gaming. What I'm looking for is; FULL tower, eatx/atx compatibility, good cable managment and relative ease of installing/maintaining the build and adding/replacing pieces, dust filters all over the intake places(possibly all front/bottom/top), good air flow, a glass side panel would be nice, noise insulation or something would also be appreciated, RGB ??? I guess ??? if thats a thing since theres RGB everywhere by now but that would be like last thing I dont even wanna spend more money for it in fact discard this, and I don't know whatever other feature should I look in a case, because thats the point; I still don't exactly know what to look for in a case beside the obvious "full tower+eatx/atx" thingy. It doesn't matter if it doesn't have fans, even better; I can buy some good ones that will be probably better than stock ones. My budget is pretty beefy since I can speend up to 4,000.00€ total and maybe even some more. Just... don't make me spend 500€ on a case, and if possible under/around 200€ is preferable. Thank you in advance!
  3. The best dark souls explainer on youtube?

    No; he talks incredibly long even at x2 speed just to make longer videos, sounds hella pretentious, and alot of stuff that he says its just speculations, when most Dark Souls lore its either heavily implied or really apparent connect the dots; dont get me wrong, theres nothing bad with speculations, I just dont enjoy the kind of content he does and find him boring
  4. The best dark souls explainer on youtube?

    I personally can't stand vaatividya
  5. damn 450€ tho, I didnt think the mobo would cost me so much, I'm almost going over 4k€
  6. Small update; as far as I've come to understand it, the Asus - ROG RAMPAGE VI APEX EATX LGA2066 Motherboard is the best VRM mobo for this chip, at least thats what I've read around and especially here http://www.overclock.net/t/1632665/intel-x299-socket-2066-vrm-thread/960 ,but it costs soooo much and in that thread people are not really sure about it; anybody here that can enlighten me to what actualy MOBO to buy, or how to spot one?
  7. Is the fact that its old a bad thing? Should I get newer designed coolers? (like, idk, Thermaltake - Floe Riing RGB 360 TT Premium Edition ?) Also should the fans be Static fans? Or what do you suggest? Also, front or upper mount?
  8. Oh, and is Thermal Grizzly - Kryonaut 1g ok with it or theres any risk of damaging plates? And is pull/push actually worth or is it just a meme? Some people swear its better but some videos say its just a meme
  9. I mean they're 164,93€ on italian amazon, not that much different from other 360's. Is it worth to change the fans(so that I can use this pretest to but RGB ones, since I wont change them if they're good enough)?
  10. What are some good all copper, good radiator/pump quality, 360mm AIO?(I'm not going custom loop for the same reason I'm not delidding; it would be the first time and I dont have the money to screw things up and I don't want the extra hassle)
  11. I'd rather a pump fail after 5 years than have a leak, and if all copper is better, than all copper it is. Btw I meant that 360mm are rare but better, right?
  12. Yeah they're rare but they're worth it(right?). I'll look into them
  13. Wow my information was totally the other way around. Fractal design "kelvin"? Does it have 360mm AIOs? I'll try to look around. What other would you suggest otherwise?
  14. So after some research, the Swiftech H320 X2 looks like the best 360 AIO, but it, the Prestige version, and the non-X2 version, they're all out of stock everywhere, even on the Swiftech site! What other cooler comes close to it which isnt just another Asetek cooler(since they appear to be the crappiest ones)?
  15. Yeah, after watching some(many for my tolerance) delidding videos, I find it too complicated/risky for my tastes; I would rather buy an already delidded one for the lower temps, or a stock one and leave it at that if the temps aren't important to keep the warranty, but from my understanding it averagely gets 15-20°c cooler so it would be a waste not to buy the cheapest delidded one since I don't really care for extreme overlocks, even if I would lose the potential to have tame/medium overlocks at like 4.8ghz, correct? I do lose the Intel warranty tho, and I wonder if they use liquid metal in the process. In the end I don't know if the pros of buying delidded cpus(Lower temps by 15/20°c) outweight the cons(limited OC potential, no Intel warranty, higher price by at least 100€), and if its better to just stick with a stock not-delidded one(Higher temps but cheaper and possibly better OC potential), since I'm pretty scared of delidding myself and the cost for everything needed(delidding tool+silicone or whatever I need to glue the heat spreader back together) would more or less be the same as the cost for buying an already delidded one also I?m trying to understand what x299 motherboard has the best VRM temperatures but its hard