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    Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 (rev. 1.0)
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    G.Skill Trident Z 8gbx2 3200 16cas RGB
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    EVGA K|NGP|N 1080ti
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    Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro 250 ohm
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  1. I'm actually going back on the darkbase pro900, it doesnt seem that good in terms of performance.. fuck I'm also looking at the Lian Li o11 dynamic, it looks like it would support the radiator splendidly without having any GPU lenght or PSU cables issues, but is the airflow in it bad?
  2. yeah I know the meshify was too small for what I need, I hope the define R6 will not have these problems. The point is that I need space for 360mm and a very long GPU, but I also need HDD space.
  3. @TVwazhere I'm watching some videos about the R6 and it seems there are, like, actual mountings for side-mounted 3.5" which is nice and totally different from how I understood it worked
  4. The R6 seems to be a little too cramped for my tastes, if you read back@TVwazhere already suggested it, but after a fail with the Meshify C I don't want to risk it, and as far as I know, the darkbase pro 900 should have everything I need, so unless the thermals are very bad.. I was even thinking back at the Thermaltake View 71 TG
  5. The fractal r6 is better than the dynamic or the darkbase 900? I gues the Dynamic, since it's designed to be a full liquid cooling case
  6. Define "few", I dont wanna wait for a month! BTW in the meantime I ordered a darkbase pro 900 silver for "just" 200€, but its gonna be delivered in 10 days so I have time to nullify if I find a better fit for my needs
  7. Space isn't really a concern, my worries with a full tower was weight and easy of use, being so big it wont be easy to manage, move and stuff
  8. Yeah but I as I said, I don't really want to have a crammed space, isn't ti better to take a more spacious case? Whats the problem? I don't care about paying a little more, since anyway the r6 is 170€ here I edited the post before to recap things a little
  9. I checked on the thread where this photo originates from and a commentor said theres "maybe" space for 1 hdd at the bottom, and that one "could" jury rig a 3.5" on the side panel... doesn't sound like they fit. I want to make this go smoothly, not having to jury rig things, or having to push my PSU cables to make space for a single HDD. I'm looking at Full Towers again, but sadly theres less options in that category. So, to recap, I need a(full tower probably) case that allows me to; Front and top mount a 360mm radiator(in case I want to switch positions; so far I've seen that front mount is better, but if my GPU becomes too hot I might switch to top mount), and if not, at least have one of the two; Every intake must be covered by dust filters; Space for HDDs without having to jury rig or fight for space with other pieces of hardware or cables; Good cable managment potential; Fits BIG graphic cards(considering I may even upgrade in the future); Tempered glass side panel; If theres any sound dampening or anti vibration technology thats nice; Would prefer if the front panel isn't closed, or at least with the option of having it open with a dust filter on, to allow better airflow
  10. I don't think thats enough space for a 3.5" cage
  11. the corsair h150i pro isnt exactly slim and the noctua fans attached to it aren't slim aswell
  12. It doesn't seem like it has comfortable room for a 360°mm radiator on the front, and if possible I dont want to deal with the hassle of cramped space, I'll just go fulltower. Like, also avoiding the whole psu/hdd slot/radiator space problem is nice, and midtowers all seem to have that problem if you use 360mm radiators on the front(if they even have the space for it). I just hope that my PSU has cables long enough for a full tower
  13. I dont want to sound ungrateful but I'm gonna need accurate measuraments if I'm gonna even consider another midtower, where I can find the schematics? AND btw, the strix and the kingpin have the same lenght, and the kingpin was in my original post, so