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  1. schwellmo92

    RTX 2060 on a Gigabyte B450m ds3h

    Yeah and he's running a 2400G and RTX 2060 on it, he would be lucky to draw 250w under full load.
  2. schwellmo92

    RTX 2060 on a Gigabyte B450m ds3h

    I don't know wtf the other two are on about, your power supply is fine for your build. And yes your build support the RTX 2060, it just slots in a regular PCI-E slot.
  3. What are the frame rates between the two setups?
  4. schwellmo92

    Who here owns the 1st gen Samsung 49" CHG90

    My god man, this is your 6th topic in 12 days about that god damn monitor that you're patiently waiting for.
  5. schwellmo92

    RX Vega 56 vs RTX 2060

    I honestly would upgrade your CPU before your graphics card. I would see if you can get away with a 3770 for $50 and if you can than sure get the graphics card, otherwise a whole platform upgrade is in order.
  6. You should be able to get a 4c/8t Ryzen at the very worst for the same price, which would be much better, best case maybe a 6c/12t if there is some good deals.
  7. They're no-name brands, they're going to be rubbish hardware cheaply put together with terrible software. What's your budget and your requirements from your headphones/earphones (other than a mic)?
  8. schwellmo92

    xps 15 or blade 15 for school

    The XPS is really good at everything, excepting gaming (I have an XPS 9560). Even playing Overwatch after 10-20 minutes I get power limit throttling and my CPU throttles to 800MHz, causing FPS to drop to 20~ (this is a well known issue with many XPS lines). I even re-pasted my CPU/GPU and added thermal pads to the VRM. If you want to do any gaming I would recommend the Blade.
  9. schwellmo92

    HELP ME PLEASE RTX 2080 Stuttering

    Dropping to 80 fps sounds reasonable to me, have you tried lowering the settings all the way? What resolution do you use? Does your monitor have a form of adaptive sync? Are you using v-sync?
  10. schwellmo92

    Is anyone else going to blow their wad on this!

    What's wrong with buying 2x regular 1440P monitors? I honestly have zero interest in ultrawides, especially ultra-ultrawides.
  11. schwellmo92

    Details for Intel 9th gen notebook CPU's surface

    Are we certain that the notebook CPU’s will have the same core count as the desktop counterparts? If so the base speed must be extremely low for them to make it within the standard notebook TDP constraints 45w~, unless they’re going to finally up the TDP, the 45w rating was rubbish.
  12. Reduces battery life of a screen that has to be connected to a power outlet?
  13. schwellmo92

    100% Cpu usage after new Gpu

    Your CPU is now the bottleneck instead of your GPU.
  14. Razer Blade 15, MSI GS65, Alienware M15