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  1. Get a Ryzen 3600, the cheaper Intel alternatives are already starting to buckle with inconsistent frame times in some newer games.
  2. The control panel doesn't check for updates AFAIK - that's what GFE is for.
  3. These always have fans ramming air at them and most don't even use the standard shroud/heatsink.
  4. The slide does specifically say when not connected to power, which sounds possible if the Intel CPU is allowed to go balls to the wall and the AMD one is conservative when on battery.
  5. Have you gone to the manufacturer website and downloaded all of the drivers for your laptop? Also buying brand new tech and hoping it'll work on Linux was wishful thinking.
  6. It's your CPU, Overwatch is very demanding on the CPU. I have a i7 7700HQ and a GTX 1080, I can get 200 FPS but in heated fights I'll dip to about 90 FPS. I remember on my prior desktop with a Ryzen 1200 (4c/4t) I was dipping as low as 70 FPS. Open task manager in the background while playing Overwatch and I bet when you switch to task manager and check your CPU usage it'll be 100%.
  7. The only thing that will shorten the lifespan of your card is constant high temperatures or increasing the power limit or voltage.
  8. You can't really overclock the boost clock unfortunately, the best some boards can do is run the all-core boost clock at the single-core boost clock.
  9. Hi Folks! Just planning out my next build and I'm a little stuck on what monitor to get. I would like to spend somewhere about $800-1000 AUD which is roughly $600 USD. My requirements are: - 27" - 1440p - 144Hz+ - FreeSync or G-SYNC - Preferably flat panel - Low response time/input lag The game I mainly play at the moment is Overwatch, but will be playing Borderlands 3 too shortly.
  10. All the RAM in the system has to run at the same speed and timings, your motherboard wont even have an option to set them individually. So you may be able to overclock your current ones up to 3200Mhz C# otherwise you'll have to slightly down-clock the new ones. You would have to make sure that each 8GB dimm is in a different channel otherwise you'll be running in flex-mode. Do you actually need the extra RAM though?
  11. It could honestly be either the CPU or GPU, the best way to figure that out is to run a monitoring software in the background (even just Task Manager is fine) and then when you notice a dip swap to Task Manager and see if any of the following occurred: Was your total CPU utilisation near 100%? -> CPU bottleneck Was 1 thread on your CPU near 100%? -> CPU bottleneck Was your GPU near 100%? -> GPU bottleneck
  12. I have a two story house and have the same issue, each story is on it's own circuit, I get about 40Mbps with Powerline.
  13. I would get a 3600 or 3700X and just put the rest of your money towards your graphics card.
  14. You can't have both exceptional gaming laptop and exceptional battery, pick one.