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  1. Actually, I was going to post I solved it, didn't let me click enable, but did let me disable it and then enable it again and now works fine. But thanks for your answer, that would have guided me in the same direction.
  2. I didn't updated (as far as I'm aware) anything and this is windows 7, I have automatic updates disabled, just turned it off then on later and it was like that, but sure I would use HWmonitor if it could display the info on screen.
  3. Nope, just that one, I use it with rtss to quickly identify issues in games or software, so its within the first things to open.
  4. I just want to know if I should be worried about the hardware and if there's anyway to tell hwinfo to gather the sensor info from somewhere else
  5. Umm sure but this is persistent now, I have turned it off, restarted and its still happening, I now realized as well that the total amount of ram the software is showing is wrong so wtf
  6. Never overclocked, same day tuned it off then later on and half the CPU sensors are gone, this is a laptop I been using for like a year and half, however, another software from CPUID HWMonitor actually does show the info, so can anyone explain me whats going on? Also, already downloaded the latest HWinfo, even the beta version and same result.
  7. Its a portable version of HWINFO64, I have already re open it, and restarting the PC, and still have the same issue. All cores seem to be working well, neither realtemp or hardware monitor show the volt per core, is there any other software that does that?
  8. SO, these past days all my electronic devices started dying on me, my phone died, my tablet display died and today I woke up to see one of the cores not displaying the volt, is my CPU dying too? :I
  9. So, I feel kind of silly but not at the same time, what finally solved the problem (apparently) was to repair the game... gotta say this is the first time that has solved anything, but, is enough to keep it on my list of things to do. If the problem persist, I'll be commenting again in this thread.
  10. Yes, I use HWiNFO64 + RTSS and monitor GPU, CPU and RAM stats, and got nothing out of that. My rams have passed 24hrs of memtest, maybe I should try it again, and I have filled the 4gb of vram the day I got the card, playing BF4 at 4k with 200% scaling, so 8K, didn't have any problem then. BF4 doesn't use PhysX, but I'll try it anyway...
  11. SO, I got this used Gigabyte GTX 980 G1 Gaming and is giving me some problems, specifically with BF4, but I'm not sure if it's the game or the card. What happens is that both of my monitors get signal lost and the led, caps on the keybord stop working meaning the PC has crashed completely, and the led on the card gets reset. At first happened during a game so I tho it was just BF4 crashing (which is not an uncommon thing) but then every time the game finished loading a map, as soon as I click the window it happens... so far it hasn't happened with any other game. So far I have installed the latest driver, roll back a few drivers, re inserted the card, change thermal paste, down clock a bit, swap to another PCI-E, and every time I do any of those thing it stopped for a bit and then happened again more and more regularly until it's impossible to join a game. Now, this PC is 4 years old, the PSU a bit older, but is a Seasonic 850w 80+ bronze so I don't think is a power failure. And honestly, I wouldn't care if it was another game, but BF4 is my fav game so, I really want to solve this problem, anyway, I'm open for suggestions, my next step is to update the BIOS but, I need a DVI-D adapter o monitor, and that's going to be a pain in the ass to find where I live.
  12. So, I got this used GTX 980 g1 gaming for a good price and the temps aren't exactly what I was expecting, so being an used card, I decided to change the thermal paste but the result remains the same. Using a custom fan curve (because they are noisy) at an ambient temp of 32ºC, card idles at 40ºC with fans at 40% and max (after an hour on heaven benchmark) at 77ºC with fans at 60%... Now, I understand is a powerful card, and it comes heavely overclocked by default, boost clock sets the core to 1392 MHz which gave the score 2226 which for what I've seen is really good for a 980, and I'm really happy with that... but back to the point, are the temps I'm getting good, bad or normal?
  13. My point was that BF4 crashing is sort of normal?... The game crashes even if there's no overclock present, that's why I can't trust it... so I'll try AIDA, maybe valley too.