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    KhakiHat got a reaction from Ben17 in Friends PC would have problems every few hours and has no output   
    Has the issue just recently popped up or has it been happening since the PC was bought/built?
    Is the PC adequately cooled and what wattage PSU?
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    KhakiHat reacted to Didarul Hossain Rafi in OnePlus 7 vs iPhone xr !   
    I want to try oxyzen os/ ios 
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    KhakiHat reacted to cluelessgenius in Best wireless headphones   
    also pretty decent wired ones ... for the money i mean.
    im rocking their in-ears for yeras now. pretty good sound for the price and solid build quality. braided cable, all metall construction and yet not so expensive that you try to hurt yourself if you were to loose them somewhere. 
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    KhakiHat reacted to Enderman in How to fix headphone tips?   
    JB weld.
    If that doesn't fix it strong enough then you need to buy a new headset.
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    KhakiHat reacted to Olaf6541 in SSD not showing full capacity after cloning   
    Better to rightclick the existing C partition and expand it so you wont get another partition, but thats indeed whats going on.
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    KhakiHat reacted to SolarNova in How long do these things last?   
    ~5 years.
    Though some have been known to fail earlier.
    They do have a finite life unfortunately. its why generally its best to stick with a top end air coolers rather than get an AIO, unless u know u need something a little better than air performance wise, in which case u grab a 360mm rad AIO. The more popular 240mm AIO's , and smaller, are really not worth it performance and cost wise.
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    KhakiHat got a reaction from AntiHero in How long do these things last?   
    It'd probably cost more to service it than to just buy a new one, especially with the consideration that it could possibly be serviced incorrectly potentially damaging it more or other hardware.
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    KhakiHat reacted to parthm in Adding more cores doesnt improve performance-intel exec   
    no wonder intels falling down if people there actually think like this.i obviously dont think its everyone but still what if you're streaming lol saying shit like this creates a bad rep for the company.
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    KhakiHat reacted to WereCatf in Have i Crippled my CPU?   
    No, you don't. Just reset your settings in Ryzen Master and then reset all your BIOS-settings, that should fix it. If it doesn't, you can always then reinstall Windows. If the CPU was broken, it wouldn't work, so your problems are just some configuration-setting being wrong somewhere.
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    KhakiHat reacted to wasab in Linux distro utilizing security?   
    In short, tor browser is just a browser that uses tor to encrypt all its web traffic.
    You can proxy chrome and regular Firefox through tor as well but the problem is that these browser usually have many anonymity compromising settings on such as JavaScript and extensions enabled. 
    While NSA or other hackers might compromise tor browser, it does not mean they cracked the tor networks just as if you stupidly drop your key and someone picked it up to enter your house, it does not mean they had broken down your door. 
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    KhakiHat reacted to wasab in Linux distro utilizing security?   
    Tor does not mean Tor browser. 
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    KhakiHat reacted to TheDailyProcrastinator in RAM upgrade question!   
    Intel systems don't see REAL noticeable performance gains from higher clocked memory unlike AMD. You should keep your RAM, not worth the money to upgrade. I recommend OC'ing your CPU, you can easily and safely hit an all-core OC of 4.8GHz all day long, my 8700k is clocked to 5.0GHz. If you need a better cooler your money is best served getting a better cooler to enhance CPU performance which you will notice versus getting 3200MHz RAM, an upgrade that won't make a noticeable difference.
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    KhakiHat reacted to Firewrath9 in Linux distro utilizing security?   
    no, none whatsoever. Some motherboards might not support m.2 nvme though, but not any recent board made in the last 5 years.
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    KhakiHat reacted to Firewrath9 in Linux distro utilizing security?   
    Red Hat and CentOS are designed for servers, so they probably have good compatibility and security.
    Ubuntu is the most popular, especially the LTS versions (14.04, 16.04, 18.04) which have support for 5-10 years. They probably have good security and driver support too.
  15. Informative
    KhakiHat reacted to alittlepeace in Making a custom USB-C cable?   
    Some boards and microcontrollers don't like USB 3.1 usb c to usb c cables for some reason, they only work when using usb 2.0 usb c to usb a cables
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    KhakiHat reacted to alittlepeace in Making a custom USB-C cable?   
    Piping in in case this has not been mentioned already

    You want to use a 4-pin 2.0 USB-c connector, not what was linked before. Some keyboards do not like USB C to USB C cables anyway.

    This is the kind that Zap Cables sells. It's a little expensive, but they also have everything you would need to make a cable. Grab one of those, a usb A connector, some cable, some paracord, heatshrink, and get ready to solder
    It'll be a lot easier if you get some helping hands or anything else to keep the cables clamped into place
    If you have any other questions, let me know  
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    KhakiHat reacted to Xtenchen in Free VPN Service?   
    Proton vpn is a good free vpn, or its very easy to find express vpn keys
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    KhakiHat reacted to N05HIT in Is there a sweet spot in smartphone price range?   
    I really liked the phone when it came out but it's camera and battery life not good? saw 100 Reviews on that phone same verdict every time
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    KhakiHat reacted to TempestCatto in Screen yellowing on smartphone.   
    As far as I know, the bonding process between the digitizer and glass touch surface is not one you can replicate at home. If the glass is separating from the digitizer it's possible that you will lose areas of responsiveness on your screen. I would seek an RMA in that case.
  20. Funny
    KhakiHat reacted to spartaman64 in Making a custom USB-C cable?   
    edit: nvm you said its for a keyboard this might not work
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    KhakiHat reacted to aisle9 in Free VPN Service?   
    Terrible idea 100% of the time, especially when most major VPNs are charging something like $85-90 for three years. I still use Nord even after the breach because of how narrowly-focused an attack it was, but many other VPNs exist if that scares you off. If you're using a free VPN, your data is being collected, and it is being sold/handed over because that's how free VPNs exist. They store and use your data.
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    KhakiHat reacted to SupaKomputa in Free VPN Service?   
    If you don't care of security, then free vpn is good enough.
    Try https://www.urban-vpn.com/
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    KhakiHat reacted to Turtle Rig in Will I run Apex on 144 hz with this setup   
    Yes a 1060 or 2060 is not a 144hz card at 1080p at least.  Drop it to 900p and youll get your 144hz in most scenarios and what not.
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    KhakiHat got a reaction from bj0rn in Will I run Apex on 144 hz with this setup   
    I'm unable to run Apex at 144fps consistently even with an i5-9600k, 8GB DDR4 at 2400MHZ and with a 1060 3GB. While the GPU you'd be choosing might help out your PC, your other hardware is likely to hold back a lot of the available performance the newer GPU's could offer.
  25. Informative
    KhakiHat reacted to SolarNova in Running Two Instances of the same program? (Origin)   
    Not strictly true. Some can ..but its a real PITA to find the right combination of VM version, and OS version that works with the game in question
    For example VMware workstation v7 + W7basic + Eve Online works fine. but u have to find the right combination of program and OS versions, some combination simple wont run, or will run but have truly terrible performance.