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  1. The documentation for the drive is copyrighted in 2008 on Seagate's website, so pretty old. Not sure what part in particular causes it to heat up, no real reason to know though as you aren't suppose to perform maintenance on HDD's.
  2. Is the location the PC is in a higher temperature?
  3. Extreme and unusual overheating can be a sign of a drive nearing it's end of life span
  4. KhakiHat

    A new GPU

    You're not very likely to bottleneck a 2060 if you have that recent a generation of CPU. I think there is speculation of new NVIDIA cards coming out soon though, perhaps look into that?
  5. What is your cooling situation like? Is there multiple fans inside of your case excluding GPU fan(s) or CPU block? If you room temperature is higher, that could also greatly influence how hot your PC can get and the rate at which it does.
  6. Do you know what slots in particular you have your RAM sticks in? Like A1 A2 B1 B2? Are you able to boot into safe mode maybe? Or do you have a recovery usb for windows?
  7. What is the resolution of the TV?
  8. Do you prefer wired or wireless? I used the Logitech g602 for over a year and I had zero complaints. I even snagged it on sale on amazon for like 30 USD.
  9. Have you considered maybe replacing the motherboard? That whole gen of motherboard for the AMD lineup was pretty shakey from what I remember. It's fairly odd that all of your components would all start having having issues around the same time even if they were semi-dated. I'd start with the most common link. Because you already replaced the PSU, I'd look into the possibility that your motherboard might be experiencing issues.
  10. usually any free trial of anti-virus or a clean install of your os does the trick
  11. I have a friend who has had speed issues with the same model of RAM
  12. Has this issue been happening for awhile and consistently or is it semi random even if you are using the said applications?
  13. Could be a DOA GPU assuming you have enough power for it.
  14. Have you checked the thermals of your GPU & CPU? Are all of your drivers updated? Kinda sounds like a motherboard issue though.
  15. @Dat Guy @fake_brogrammer I'mma just continue to use vscode to sum things up.
  16. Awhile back, I bought the Corsair Void Wired Headset and the mic failed completely after 3 months. Since then I haven't trusted the Corsair headset lineup.
  17. Are you able to check the thermals of your CPU? Your RAM wouldn't use a ton of usage because by default mc is only dedicated with 2GB.
  18. What sort of cooler do you have for your CPU? And how much RAM do you have dedicated? If I remember correctly, mc has always been a more CPU and RAM intensive game rather than a GPU hog.
  19. A few days ago, my PC was going through an automatic update and I don't often think much of it because typically everything works properly. That was late in the evening so I didn't notice until the morning after that my bluetooth functionality had stopped completely and the only system change had been that particular windows update. To attempt to fix this, I have uninstalled the driver and reinstalled it, tested multiple versions, and disabled and enabled the hardware(through device manager). My PC's drivers and OS are completely up to date. I'm kinda at a loss and I don't know what else to try at this point besides maybe trying to flash the BIOS(I've never done that before and not sure that is the problem). I have a ASRock Z390M ITX/ac motherboard(bluetooth and wireless are integrated). Checking the BIOS, bluetooth is enabled. Overall, I am given this error below in device manager under my bluetooth properties. "This device cannot start. (Code 10) STATUS_DEVICE_POWER_FAILURE"
  20. Does the USB media you are using work properly? Pressing F2, DEL, F11, or F12 usually let's you enter your bios menu or a boot device selection.
  21. With the windows install, sometimes while installing it gives you the option to delete the current partitions and the after to create a new partition(this would get rid of the errors in theory). The problem could be something as simple as being in the wrong format to create a bootable device for a windows based machine, I believe NTFS is the primary format.
  22. Really the only language I am using is JavaScript. I'm starting into web dev and while I know a lot of the basics, I wanted to semi prepare for things that might require more compiling(still in the field of web dev tho). I've only ever used vscode & eclipse(long, long ago) so that is what I am most familiar with, I was just curious if switching to xcode could offer any benefits being on its native os.
  23. The CPU will probably bottleneck any performance the 1070 is going to try and offer
  24. Oop, totally missed that. That is strange though.