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  1. A lot of the time, motherboards don't have any issue supporting most GPU's. So long as the power supply can support the needed power. You may want to make sure that you have the necessary connectors in terms of VGA connectors. The CPU will definitely throttle your performance but that's not to say that you will necessarily have bad performance. Games that run on primarily a GPU would probably do fine, while games that allocate more of the load to the CPU might feel a little challenging. edit: That power supply should do just fine.
  2. I would definitely avoid vacuuming any part of your pc. Static can be damaging.
  3. Worst case, you could do that as well ask check the task manager assuming that he has Windows installed. To try and identify where the resources are actually being used.
  4. Has the issue just recently popped up or has it been happening since the PC was bought/built? Is the PC adequately cooled and what wattage PSU?
  5. I believe the battery in the OnePlus 7 pro is a larger mAH, but that's not to say software won't let apples have power longer. The Xiaomi Mi 9 is also a really great phone for the money.
  6. Xiaomi makes pretty decent wireless headphone, plus they are under the $100 price tag
  7. Are you looking for in ear or over ear headphones?
  8. You may be able to format the unallocated space, thus adding it to your usable storage. When you cloned it, it likely only used the space necessary to perform the cloning.
  9. Does your CPU have integrated graphics? If so, you could try using that to uninstall and then reinstall your GPU drivers.
  10. It'd probably cost more to service it than to just buy a new one, especially with the consideration that it could possibly be serviced incorrectly potentially damaging it more or other hardware.
  11. The Fractal design Meshify has a mesh front panel but isn't a flat mesh
  12. Honestly I always aim for at least a 80+ Bronze PSU rating.
  13. Does the build have any prior graphics installed? Even something as small as Radeon graphics? Sometimes the PC will try and boot off whichever rather than the preferred and more obvious choice.
  14. KhakiHat

    GPU use %

    There is likely some settings in the BIOS you can modify to help, not 100% sure though.
  15. Oh I see, that makes tor make a lot more sense actually.
  16. You may be able to find sites where you can get a "certification" but likely the reputation of the certification would be lacking. The most you'd gain from finding a free site is the knowledge.
  17. Looks like it uses Tor for internet activity. Wasn't that browser already broke I thought? Obviously more secure than Chrome, Edge, etc. though. Do the proxies need to be set up beyond the initial install?
  18. Awesome, I wasn't really worried as much about the motherboard compatibility but just the OS. I have heard of people having installations issues with OS's on to the M.2's as a whole. Thanks for your help.
  19. Know if distros have any trouble being installed on an M.2?
  20. While I have used different distros in the past, I'm not completely familiar nor unfamiliar with linux as an OS. I was wondering if there are (I'm assuming this is a yes) any linux distros that offer high encryption without going as far as say something like a distro built for pentesting. I'd prefer it to be usable in a day to day regular sense. I have no aim to game on the machine but just to use it as a daily driver. My priority is local security and productivity boosting. Compatibility with regular hardware is another thing I am concerned about. I know a lot of the more mainstream distros offer pretty good if not great compatibility to hardware but it is something I worry about having to deal with in the long run. Anyone have any recommendations or concerns maybe I should be aware of?
  21. Awesome! What do you mean by some keyboards don't like USB C to USB C? I haven't had any issues with pre-made USB C cables.