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  1. DanijelBlack

    Best browser for security?

    Hmm, this raised more questions then answers hahahahaha, I would not like google to collect anonymous data from me, could I disable that anyhow?
  2. Hello guys, first of all I hope you are having a great day/night. Well, I got to be honest with you, I am a huge security s**t, I make everything I use very secured and all that, recently I started to ask myself what is the best browser in regards to security and privacy. I have been using Opera a while now, love that it has build in adblock and vpn but the UI is kinda not my style hahaha. What is by your opinion the best browser to use in regards to privacy and security? Thanks in advance.
  3. DanijelBlack

    Need help with Gboard

    No no, here, I have English and Bosnian and Coratian language on my Gboard, now, Croatian and Bosnian are very similiar so I want to use them together on one keyboard and english on another. When I press switch language key on gboard it changes from my english keyboard to Croatian-Bosnian keyboard, when I press switch language again key the next keyboard is Bosnian Croatian and lasty when I press the switch key again it goes to english keyboard. I want when I press the language key my keyboard goes to Croatian-Bosnian keyboard and when I press it again it goes to english keyboard hahah. I hope you can understand what I am trying to tell you hahaha.
  4. DanijelBlack

    Need help with Gboard

    It does not switch for me, I just have like three keyboards now...
  5. DanijelBlack

    Need help with Gboard

    Hello, first of all I hope you are having a nice day now to my question. I want to use three languages with my gboard, lets name those three languages 1,2 and 3. I want to use bilingual mode with languages 2 and 3 but not with 1. Now when I set up that keyboard and I want to switch keyboard it swtiches language 1, language 2-3 and languages 3-2. I want to have only two keyboards, keyboard with language 1 and keyboard with language 2-3. Any help is welcomed.
  6. DanijelBlack

    Need help with my Wi-Fi and laptop

    I will get that eventually but for now I need to figure this problem first
  7. DanijelBlack

    Need help with my Wi-Fi and laptop

    Okey so I did the set up again from the start and the wifi worked for my laptop for about an hour and the problem occurred again...
  8. DanijelBlack

    Need help with my Wi-Fi and laptop

    Hmm okey I will try this
  9. DanijelBlack

    Need help with my Wi-Fi and laptop

    That could be the thing but how come other devices can connect to it but my laptop cant?
  10. Hello, first of all Im new here so greetings to you all, now to my problem. I recently moved to Norway with by best friend to his fathers place so we can go to collage here. I got a laptop here from his father to use as my own. Here is where my problem starts, the wifi here where we live is not ours, it belongs to a person above us since we live in the same house(the person above us gladly shares his internet with us). Since the wifi from the person above us is weak we got an Netgear wifi extender. That extender emits two wifi, Netgearextender 2g and Netgearextender 5g. All devices in the house can connect to both wifis if they can support it. My laptop which I am using cant connect to 5g since it is not support for it but it can connect to 2g except it cant. When I clik on the 2g wifi it connects to it but there is a little yellow triangle on it which suggests there is a problem with it. It says "No connection, secured" but when I connect to it with my phone it all works fine. I have tried running the troubleshooter and it pops up with "Wi-Fi does not have a valid IP configuration" and "Problem with wireless adapter or acces point".I have tried uninstalling my network adapter, running some commands in cmd, updating my driver and it still wouldnt fix it. The weird thing is, sometimes it can connect to the wifi and after some days pass the connection breaks and I get the same old problem... Every help is appreciated. Also I am running windows 10 64bit and will include some photos.