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  1. jjohnn91

    Inexplicable high packet loss on new computer

    Hi, Sorry for the wait. I ordered an entirely new motherboard that arrived today which I installed, and the issue persists. It is an Asus ROG Strix B450-I Gaming Motherboard and should have a better NIC, however the behaviour is identical. For both motherboards, the NIC is inbuilt and cannot be swapped. The fact that changing to a better board had no effect has got me stumped. I think I may just have to live with it and give up some games :/ I am considering getting a USB card for the purposes of testing however I don't have one right now. If there are any further ideas that come to mind I'm open to suggestions!
  2. jjohnn91

    Inexplicable high packet loss on new computer

    No, unfortunately I don't have one lying around and if I were to buy one specifically for the purpose of testing I'd probably just return the motherboard at the same time and get a different ITX, for the sake of disliking USB Wifi cards anyway. I am strongly suspicious at this point that it is a problem with the MB. Tomorrow I will try running the windows install from the old and working machine on the new hardware and see if the issue persists. If so then its a hardware issue and case closed... Thanks for the reply though!
  3. Hi! I've recently upgraded to a new computer, with a fresh install of windows, and I have severe packet loss on the new system for no reason that I can find or fix. I am using a WiFi connection, however this is due to living at university and not having the option to plug into Ethernet in my student accommodation. It also mean's I don't have the ability to change any of the settings for the router. I've tried running through every recommended change to help alleviate packet loss that I can find online, no to avail. This includes changing the default packet size in windows to the max packet size of my router so there are no packets lost due to size cap, which is rarely a problem anyway, but I wanted to try everything I could find. Interestingly enough, my old computer, which I have switched back to for now while I try to get this resolved, works perfectly and has zero packet loss. Latency and up/down speed aren't an issue on either machine, both perform perfectly in that regard. The specifications of the two machines are as follows (If it's relevant): Old: CPU - Core i7 4770 GPU - MSI Ventus RTX 2070 8GB OC RAM - 4x 4GB DDR3 1600MHz MB - Gigabyte H87-D3H NIC - Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit New: CPU - Ryzen 5 3600X GPU - MSI Duke RTX 2080 8GB OC RAM - 2x 16GB DDR4 3200MHz MB - MSI B540I Gaming Plus AC NIC - Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3168 Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit Let me know if anything else is relevant... I am almost totally sure that the fact that it is WiFi isn't the problem, as both computers are within 5m of the router, and both are utilizing the 5GHz band which according to a WiFi analyzer I used, is clear and uncongested. The only difference in performance network wise is the packet loss. I can't gauge exactly the severity of it, however I do know that it is consistent and doesn't falter. It is bad enough to the point where any video game that requires an online connection is unplayable. Also, running the ping command via the command prompt for a long period of time shows about 20% of the packets are lost. Massive thanks in advance for any help or advice. :)
  4. jjohnn91

    Issue with java chess applet

    The reason my code uses so many methods is so that they can be called and used in a variety of scenarios, for example highlight doesn't just light squares, it also gets called within refreshsp and refreshkbp as an updater for 4 different booleans on each square. etc... Thank you both for your help, I should be able to stop it calling safeForKing in the wrong scenarios now. Can't believe I got my answer through the LTT forums
  5. jjohnn91

    Issue with java chess applet

    The file is attached to the post, but yes I can. https://gist.github.com/jjohnn91/03a3ad86926fa8ff5222f4ed4ecd7e51
  6. jjohnn91

    Issue with java chess applet

    I have made a chess game for a two month college project, and it is virtually finished. It seems to be completely functional, except for one thing. In the game when you click a piece, that piece is highlighted, as are the squares it can move to. However, I am having the issue that while a piece is highlighted and your mouse moves into a king's square, and ONLY a king's square, the highlight is cancelled. I can live with it being there but its annoying and I'd rather not, yet try as I might I can't find the cause of it. If someone has time on their hands, and it WILL take a lot of time, I'd like some fresh eyes to look at my code to find the cause. Part of the problem is there is so much code I've forgotten even writing half of it. You'll have to try to learn the program yourself if you want to help because I honestly can't explain it. The applet can be run in eclipse Java-Oxygen in a new class called Chess Thank you! chess.txt