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  1. wait a second... The Athlon 300GE is the same price as this, and that has a CPU and a GPU...
  2. Why did they stop at 4 HDMI ports? Just stack them and get 8.
  3. Hello, I have an LG blu-ray player, model BP620C, and I'm wondering if I could possibly get Linux on it, for no particular reason other than the usual passtime of getting Linux and/or Doom to run on things it really shouldn't run on.
  4. The title says it all. My brother needs a laptop for school, work, and some light gaming (mostly strategy games, but also sometimes Witcher 3). I'm thinking either the Dell Inspiron 13 7000: shorturl.at/alEIP Or the Lenovo Flex 14: shorturl.at/xEI09 If you have any other suggestions, please let me know. Thank you.
  5. Thank you for the links, but now for a slightly very dumb question, how do I download them from this website?
  6. Oh, great, one more generation like this and AMD will become Intel Circa 2013.
  7. Hello, I'm trying to build a Windows XP Retro machine, and want to install the service packs, but the version of Service Pack 2 I downloaded said it was for 64-bit versions, is there a Service Pack 2 for Windows XP 32-bit, and if so, could you please tell me where to find it?
  8. ZcanKal

    PC to CRT TV

    Hey, I've got a CRT TV that only has Composite, Component, and S-video, and I have a PC from the same era that only has VGA, sticking a GPU in there isn't viable, as it only has PCI slots and is SFF, is there a way to adapt VGA to Component without buying an adapter?
  9. Hello, I recently purchased an Intel DH67BL LGA 1155 motherboard, and I'm wondering, is this board compatible with the Xeon E3-1240 V1 that I currently own, or should I use another, weaker CPU? And if it is compatible, will I need to use my ECC DDR3 or will regular DDR3 work? Thank you.
  10. Thank you, I found the model as ImpactVCB-00558/00166
  11. That's what I got when I looked it up, but no, PCI, not PCIe, I'll try to upload a picture with my Dial-Up speed internet.
  12. I was working on some office computers I found, old Pentium D stuff, running Windows 7, when I found one that had a weird PCI card with 3 composite ports and 1 S-Video port on it, it was apparently made by a company named Hauppauge Computer Works in 2000, and the only IC on it I could find was a Conexant Fusion 878A. I have no idea if it is even a capture card, I just assume since it didn't output anything. I'm wondering what it is, where I can find some drivers for it, and if it even has drivers for Windows 7? EDIT: I also found the name HannStar on there, not sure if that means anything.
  13. A simple question, what is the largest capacity that good old non-ECC DDR1 RAM came in? I recently got a Windows XP machine and want to see how far I can take it.
  14. Forgot to state that it's a laptop. My desktop does, in fact, have an actual graphics card, instead of a "graphics" chip.
  15. The title says it all, is there any way to overclock the HD 4000 graphics chip? I've tried MSI Afterburner and Intel Extreme Tuning Utility but neither let me touch anything about it.
  16. Virtual port numbers, I assume. As I said in the original post, I was trying to get my Minecraft server on another machine to have a stable connection.
  17. Thank you. The two are both receiving data now. You wouldn't happen to know how to get a port to bind to the new IP, would you?
  18. When I click on networking and sharing center, all I get is just the regular settings page? I'm sorry, I'm new to networking. I can't seem to find Network connections using the start menu, is this for Windows 10 or an older version?
  19. Alright, that's definitely closer. Might I ask, how do you set up a Static IP address?
  20. Hi, I've been having problems connecting to my Minecraft server, which is about 10 feet away, via internet, so I'm wondering if I just plug the two computers into eachother directly via ethernet if I could connect to the server that way? And if it requires extra setup, what do I need to do? I'd plug both into my router, unfortunately I can't do that due to the router being upstairs and at least through 2 hallways.
  21. Create a Forge pack and distribute it over either the Twitch app or the FTB app?