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  1. See? That's coming from John; a good and proper 'Merican sports fan, who's actual LMG profileHeader is a sporting event photo!
  2. Here is my experience, and this doesn't just relate to liking sports or not liking sports. It is all in how you couch it. Take 4 people. Person 1 is "Damn right I like the greatest game on Earth. Anyone who doesn't is a moron who isn't worth associating with!" Person 2 is "Oh yeah I love football. I also love painting, video games, movies, ..." Person 3 is "Football? Nah. You ever watch competitive eating though? Man, that stuff is crazy!" Person 4 is "You like football? How barbaric. What are you, some kind of moron not worth associating with?" Now whether or not I like football doesn't really matter; I can hang with person 2 and 3. Person 1 and 4 are right out. If you find yourself surrounded by mostly 1's and 4's -- find new company.
  3. Daniel644, can you show an example of a consumer product in which there is a clear 'best' and as such no research is required?
  4. Exactly. If I was worried that my step mom would buy exactly the right config, I wouldn't ask for a PC graphics card. I'd ask for an Xbox or PS4.
  5. I'm with you D13H4RD. Life would be way easier if everyone capitulated and made things easier
  6. Okay Daniel644. I respect that I didn't know what I needed to know. My bad. Do I think parents buying for "there" (their) kids are well educated and know the value of their purchase? Yes. Yes I do.
  7. Isn't that my point? I have no idea what a 3.08 Open Diff vs a 3.42 posi means, but if I cared, I'd do the research. Not just look at "most HP"
  8. In the most recent WAN show, Linus spent some time admonishing Nvidia for their many (possible) versions of the upcoming RTX 2060. 3GB, 4GB, 6GB?! GDDR5/6!? How is a consumer to understand!? While I agree with Linus wholeheartedly that this is a marketing ploy and will make consumer decisions more difficult; how is that anything new? If I want to buy a Ford, I know what Ford is. If I want to buy a Ford Mustang, I know what a Ford Mustang is. Uh oh. Now what. I can get the Ford Mustang with a turbo-4? A 6 cylinder Mustang? How about this 8 cylinder? Sure it costs more but surely 8 is better than 6 or 4? What is a limited slip differential? What do you mean performance tires? To wit; if one is a technological neophyte, does a Ryzen 3800X seem like something to wait for when an i7-9900K already exists? Heck, the only other option is a 2700X. That sounds way behind! What do all of these numbers really mean? My point is; if you're going to focus on marketing inconsistencies, be consistent even outside of the tech industry (which itself is far from consistent). If you feel the graphics card market has become so obtuse even to you so as to be parsable, offer a market that is better served. CPU's make sense? Motherboards? Even RAM or SSDs?