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  1. Hello, I have tge following specs on my laptop : i7 5700hq gtx 970m 3gb 16gb ram And HDD no SSD The irregular stuttering and frame drops, not to mention altogether low frame rate made me change all settings to low, that kinda fixed everything, but now at the final levels of the game it still becomes a chugging mess. I know my rig isn't that new anymore, but come on I should still be able to play the damn game with at least medium settings with fps around 60. P. S. The textures also load very slowly, I usually see how they transition from very bad to bad to normal to what there are supposed to be.
  2. something's seriously wrong with my pc. i think it's only related to the explorer.exe since it seems the problem only affects things connected to it Can anyone help me?
  3. i was using registry editor to get rid of a right click menu option of an application that i already had deleted,but the option just wouldn't go away. I did end up getting rid of that stupid thing, but on the way to doing that i accidentally also deleted "open with..." Can anyone help me with this?
  4. Hello, I'm an owner of a msi gt72. Recently my esc key stopped working. My guess it was when It accidentally got damp after i used it after recently coming out of the shower even though I had done this before. Is there a possibility to either remap or completely fix it without having to replace the entire keyboard?
  5. Ok so it started up right after i put important files in safe locations in safe mode in preparation for the reset, which is good i mean, but now I'm afraid of restarting or shutting down my pc
  6. I got them from my university, which I still attend. And installing them again would be a pain, with the whole licenses and all.
  7. Yeah but that won't save my programs.
  8. I even removed registry entries of it. Yes I agree there should have been one as i set it to be but for some freaking reason win 10 tells me I hadn't even set it up.
  9. I had windows set to always have a backup of it, that's how I fixed it last summer, but for some reason it tells me that it doesn't have any. Backup program? What do you mean?
  10. I don't think that's a real option for me. Have too much needed files and programs
  11. It all started with my esc key stopping to work, but since I use it extensively I went and installed an app called keytweak. And i mapped the esc key to the F1 key it prompted me to restart so that's what I did , problem is it didn't work and now the pc can't even start and crashes spectacularly. I tried going into safe mode and restoring defaults in the keytweak app but it didn't change much and for some stupid reason windows didn't have a backup even though I set it to always back up. So here i am stuck and in need of serious help.