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  1. Yeah the fans that came with the EVGA CLC have a pretty strange directional dish shape. They look like they're designed for a push config but I flipped them to pull to get better steady airflow inside the case. I'll test out some different fans and configs before I go all in and replace the GPU cooler.
  2. The pic in the original post was of my actual build, with the GPU and front 280mm rad installed, and they fit nicely. I just checked the Meshify C's specs for clearance on a top radiator and it's 40mm for any mobo components. Since my ram is ~50mm tall, I might swap it out for something lower. In the worst case scenario with mobo heat sink clearance issues I could end up using low profile fans on the top radiator lol.
  3. Crap you're right about the clearance. Looks like it's either going to have to be low profile ram or a 120mm radiator. To keep it all inside the case at least.
  4. Sweet I'll probably give it a go. I was mainly thinking about VRM and M.2 drives getting hot.
  5. I'm a bit new to water cooling. So I got a new build up & running and would like to lower the (constant 81C) temps on my 2080 Ti. Big brain me didn’t realize once I install a 280mm rad in the front of my case (Meshify C) there’s no room for additional intake fans on the front or bottom. I’m thinking about getting an NZXT Kraken G12 kit for my GPU instead of trying to mod the PSU shroud for another intake fan. I’d like to use a 240mm AIO with the G12 in the top of the case as intake for best cooling on the card, but don’t like the idea of 2 radiators sucking hot air into the case as its only intake. Would this setup be a problem? I just don’t want to hotbox the rest of the components in the case. Would a different radiator placement / config make more sense here?
  6. Have you tried any other games where the lag is noticeable, or is it only present in CSGO?
  7. Yes, V-Sync is disabled through the global 3D settings in the Nvidia Control Panel, in favor of G-Sync. I have been running FRAPS while playing games, and my framerate is fluctuating, not capping at 60 as well.
  8. Sorry, should have included in the first place. My gpu is a GTX 780.
  9. So I recently got myself an Asus Rog Swift pg278q. After spending a day testing out G-Sync, I can't help but question whether theres something wrong with me, or the monitor. Every review I've seen of a G-Sync monitor praises its no-tearing and no-input lag capabilities. Unfortunately this does not seem to be the case with my new pg278q. First off let me say that this monitor is absolutely gorgeous. The price may even be worth it just for true 1440p @ 144hz. I've never seen anything like it. After I was done drooling over the refresh rate though, G-Sync really began to puzzle me. Setting it up via the Nvidia Control Panel was a breeze, but it doesn't seem to work nearly as flawlessly as advertised. Enabling G-Sync seems to be syncing screen refreshes with my in-game fps, just as it's supposed to be doing, but the input lag is horrid. Its completely unplayable at any framerate below 60, and a pain anywhere above. The input lag I'm experiencing with G-Sync feels almost as bad if not JUST AS BAD as enabling V-Sync. I'm sure G-Sync is actually enabled as the monitor has an indicator LED that changes color when G-Sync is active. I haven't heard of any other complaints even remotely similar to what I've been experiencing. If anyone has the pg278q, another G-Sync monitor with this issue, or a possible solution please respond. I'm currently at a loss.