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  1. I have the 2 fans in that image installed, Afaik there isn't another slot
  2. i don't think that i have a 3rd place for a fan. Case is the NZXT h500 btw
  3. No, but they're both bringing air into my case. Nothing is circulating it out.
  4. As the title suggests, I have 2 fans taking in air. Normally Id just change them but as one is right above my cpu, id need to remove the cooler to change it. How important would it be for me to change the fans/ how dangerous is it to my pc to have bad airflow? Cheers.
  5. MrRemnant

    PSU Working very loudly

    From some quick searches, your pc has about 400w of power draw, so 450-550w PSU would be decent.
  6. MrRemnant

    PSU Working very loudly

    For a cheap PSU, Bitfenix BF450G ($59) For one which will give you more breathing room/ last longer Corsair RM550x ($109)
  7. MrRemnant

    Can anybody recommend a new game to get?

    If you like shooters, halo or portal, or even just solid multiplayer gameplay, i'd suggest "Splitgate" as well. It's free on steam for an open Beta and is releasing F2P on the 22nd. Give it a try
  8. MrRemnant

    PSU Working very loudly

    You definitely should. Make sure any new one you get can support your CPU+ GPU requirements. Right now, your PSU may not be good enough for them, possibly causing the loud noises. If you list your parts, someone could find you a suitable psu replacement.
  9. MrRemnant

    I want a new game to play

    The best place to ask this would be a community on Reddit. They are more active than here, try posting here: https://old.reddit.com/r/ShouldIbuythisgame/
  10. MrRemnant

    PC keeps restarting

    Can you list the parts in the pc/ model
  11. MrRemnant

    Arctis 7 mic very sensitive

    I just got an arctis 7 and according to the listen feature on windows and discord, I am picking up everything, including my mouse clicking, which is playing back louder than i can hear it irl. Is there a know issue with this headset/ is there a fix. I'm happy to provide any additional information, but as i know basically nothing about audio, this is as much as i can think to provide. Cheers
  12. MrRemnant

    Games to play with my (very non gamery) girlfriend

    would be bad for the motion sickness
  13. MrRemnant

    Games to play with my (very non gamery) girlfriend

    "lovers in a dangerous spacetime" https://store.steampowered.com/app/252110/Lovers_in_a_Dangerous_Spacetime/ It's an indie game with a unique art style, starts off simple and works up to being complex. 2D, each person takes on different roles so she can work out which is best for her (flying, shooting, shields) It is also slow to start with and has an engaging difficulty curve. It also has 2 player and a reliance on teamwork.
  14. MrRemnant

    Sekiro Question

    if you're trying out a boss and don't want to waste a resurrect. Only one charge refills at an idol, the others require killing enemies.
  15. MrRemnant

    Sekiro Controls Display

    fromsoft have never been great with different control schemes, the kb+m controls for all the other souls games are trash. It was just them cutting corners im guessing, a lot of the code comes from DS3 and that only had xbox prompts.