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  1. @wanderingfool2 I will definitely try that as it seems pretty easy, this would be the ideal solution. As for the others, I do apreciate your insights, but as I said, it needs to be a standalone window. @mariushm The Pi idea is good, although a bit complicated, but I think that I will use the database system for the autofill, that is a great idea!
  2. @gabrielcarvfer Thanks a lot, I will try that. I will post my progress here. Ye. that would be ideal
  3. Hi guys, I am a total newbie to programming. So I came looking for advice. I want to create a program that will run in Win 10. The program is supposed to generate a pdf file with stickers. I need it to be a window with text boxes which you fill and one button, and after pressing the generate button, the inputs go to a template for LaTeX then run MiKTeX compiler and a barcode generator. In the end, it should spit out a pdf with the stickers. I have made the template in LaTeX, and I can fill it with no problems pretty quickly, but I need this program for other people at our company as they refuse to learn how to use TeXMaker. It will offload a considerable amount of work from me as I am apparently the only one who knows how to use LaTeX and I am bored of doing other people's work. So I thought to myself that I could approach this as a long term project of mine and use it to learn how to code. My questions are: Which language is the most suitable for something like this (I have no experience, but I am a quick learner ) How to make MiKTeX run the .tex file without me opening TeXmaker and doing it manually How to make a barcode generator spit out the .eps file I need automatically, based on the input from this app How to make it look like a generic Windows 10 program, with Windows like graphics How to not kill the people who are refusing to learn the most basic things I enclose pictures of how I imagine the program window (done in MS paint ) and also an image of the pdf file generated from my template by MiKTeX.
  4. @minibois Thanks for the insight, I know these pictures are terrible as I said, I did not even shoot some of them myself, there was sadly not enough time to do it the right way. The funny thing is we have tons of camera-related stuff, lights, photo tables, sliders, lenses and other things, but none of us has yet had the time to learn how to use them correctly and effectively (small company, literally 3 people...). I appreciate the time you put in editing those. Since your avatar is literally souped-up GIMP logo would it be okay for me to contact you if I had some other questions regarding GIMP or photo edit in general?
  5. Hi guys, I want to combine four pictures into one "sectioned"/"striped" image of the process of making this motorcycle dashboard protector, see the attachment I sketched what I want to achieve. Since I'm not a native speaker, I don't know if there is a correct English name for this type of edit. I am a newbie at graphics. I want to learn how to do it properly. I will do a lot more edits like this for some products we make. The thing is that I can't take new photos of the protector since I don't have access to it. Is there any way I can edit these photos to fit the picture? I know those photos are terrible, but I will use this as a learning tool, this is probably the worst-case scenario, every photo is shot in its own place, and none of them is from the same camera position. I would much appreciate any advice, even links for tutorials(for this exact type of edit, I know how to google generic tutorials...). I use mainly GIMP since it's free, but if it's easier to do in photoshop, I do have access to Adobe suite of programs.
  6. All the parts have arrived today I was able test the setup with 3 baluns (HDMI to Cat7) and a USB repeater with a hub. It works great, total cost to wire this up was 280$. It was more than originally planned but since it works great I will probably do this for the rest of the systems as well.
  7. @Electronics Wizardy I will see how it turns out, although to be fair I want it to work, it seems rather cool to me.
  8. Well, the cables and baluts still seem like the better option. I forgot to mention we have decent server UPS from Eaton, that easily handles our servers and can handle our workstations as well. Connecting all of the workstations to the central UPS would save me the money I would spend on individual smaller UPSs for every desk since they are not cheap and you have to service/change the battery eventually. This way, I will have to wire just one power cable from the UPS to power our monitors. I think one decent quality cable will be able to handle 11 LED monitors just fine. It is also much more efficient energy-wise from my point of view, but I don't know if I am thinking right. I would prefer not to have the systems in the office, since it leads straight into the main workshop where all the CNCs are. Therefore, the mist from the coolant can get in(biologically totally safe, it is all organic), but it contains oils, they make the dust stick to everything in the computers. It's a real pain in the butt to clean them. The second floor (server is there) is clean storage which means no dust and no coolant mist. I have ordered all the parts for my workstation excluding the case since I have one rackmount chassis leftover from an old server. I have ordered three of those baluts and an active USB extender. Everything should arrive tomorrow. I will test it and then let you all know how it worked/if it worked. If it does not work, I will probably give up on the idea. I will buy an ordinary case and rebuild mine into it.
  9. Well, for now, it seems like the HDMI over Cat 7 will be cheaper. But I will consider it, as for the internet, I have wired our office for 10Gb, and our switch is capable of that but our connection to the outer world sucks, it tops at 20/4Mbps. Therefore working from home is not a possibility...
  10. @BobVonBob Well I can easily wire up the whole office myself, I have plenty of Cat 6 and Cat 7 cable available (from a previous project of mine, I have like 400m of both), the balun for HDMI over Cat 6/7 seems tempting. The only thing I am worried about is the possibility of signal distortion. The last thing to figure out is the USB. Is there something similar to the HDMI baluns?
  11. I have not considered that option, is it stable? And what kind of client machines are we talking about (spec/pricewise)?
  12. @MoonzyWell I forgot to mention how long I need the cables to be I have edited the original post
  13. Hi guys, I need some advice. I work in a small company (5 people in the office). We need new computers. I would like to have our workstations located on the second floor of our building in the server closet, we have plenty of rack space, and we would use the heat from the computers to heat the adjacent warehouse. Therefore we would not waste it, and we wouldn't need as much AC in the office below. Something like Linus's home setup. What is the best way to achieve that for a reasonable price? Four of us need two monitors (1080p 60Hz) and some USB ports for mouses and keyboards. I use three monitors (one 1440p 60Hz and two 1080p 60Hz), 3D mouse, two keyboards (one for macros), El gato stream deck xl for macros and one more port for a USB thumb drive. EDIT: I forgot to mention how long the cables need to be. They need to be 15-25 meters long Hit me with ideas guys.
  14. No I am not able to purchase parts from America, there is an import tax and the shipping costs a fortune, but that does not matter. I can buy most of the stuff localy for similarish prices. The main reason the prices are different is that we have to pay 21% tax on everything we buy here I have factored the tax into my budget, I actually have about 2100 USD but I need to put 400 aside for taxes so thats why I said I have 1700 USD budget; therefore I am okay with the US pricing I am tempted to buy stuff now, but it probably does not make sense because the Zen 3 is coming soon, I hope AMD can supply enough chips to satisfy the demand...
  15. Luckily for me the Samsung EVO 1TB goes for 135 dollars now, it's on sale, I might buy one now and keep it until the new Ryzens come out, then I will buy the rest of the stuff