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  1. suh))))))))))))

    Is 8GB ram enough for gaming/streaming?

    well i guess its playable but if ur streaming games get 16gb also i believe pubg uses close to 8gb of ram or more
  2. suh))))))))))))

    CPU exclusive tasks?

    its all gpu if ur mining and people buy 10$ cpus with like 8 1080tis
  3. suh))))))))))))

    cpu bottle neck, HELP

    uh u should be fine a i5-4460 is fine for a gtx 1060 but a used 4th gen i7 would be recommended
  4. suh))))))))))))

    7700k vs 8700k or other

  5. suh))))))))))))

    The most affordable 4K graphics card for productivity

    if u want a amd card then vega 56 or 64 all the way
  6. suh))))))))))))

    CPU Selection

    meh go with a i7-2600 used
  7. suh))))))))))))

    gtx 960 not used fully

    arma is all cpu and in other games ur i3-4150 prob bottlenecks
  8. suh))))))))))))

    Best upgrade from g4560?

    dont listen to him ^^ the i5-7600k is fine for you also if u buy a good cooler you can attempt to baseclock but if anything bottlenecks it would be the 970 before the 7600k also my choice is to u is to buy a use i7-6700 for like 200$
  9. suh))))))))))))

    GT 1030

    go buy a used 280x or r9 280 much better than any gpu listed..
  10. suh))))))))))))

    No post and beep code.

    Try new ram and see if it works
  11. suh))))))))))))

    R7 260X vs GT 740

    the 260x blows it out of the water http://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-GeForce-GT-740-vs-AMD-R7-260X/m13294vs3151
  12. if ur not gonna overclock a ryzen 1200 (that is dumb) then buy a 1300x that already comes overclocked for you
  13. suh))))))))))))

    GT 1030

    go buy a used 280x or r9 280
  14. suh))))))))))))

    i7 8700k

    Corsair H115i