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    GTX 1060
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    Samsung 960 Evo M.2 NVMe
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    Corsair AIO
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    Razer Blackwidow X Chroma TE
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    Mionix Naos 7000

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  1. CheeseburgerChad

    EVGA 1050ti upgrade stuck at BIOS screen

    Sounds like a miracle board, where can I buy one? No but seriously motherboards aren't usually compatible outside of a generation or 2 so any motherboard that works with your i5-2400 will still only support cpus of that generation or in some cases the 3rd generation of intel cpus. So you won't be able to do much serious upgrading with a motherboard that also supports that cpu, unless you want to upgrade to a 2nd or 3rd gen i7.
  2. CheeseburgerChad

    Oil cooled pc

    For anyone wondering, google "Mineral Oil PC". Linus and Luke did a build log on a pc built in a clear tank filled with mineral oil, which unlike water doesn't cause electrical problems.
  3. CheeseburgerChad

    Oil cooled pc

    After reading the title I thought you were going to be doing a mineral oil build If you're talking instead about a liquid cooled build I'd use distilled water or another pre-made fluid.
  4. CheeseburgerChad

    How many watts is recommended for this build?

    550W is perfect. I wouldn't go less if you're planning on OC but that should be plenty.
  5. CheeseburgerChad

    Frequently getting blue screen

    Correction: If your ram says it can support up to 3000 then it should be fine running at that frequency, but like I said if the problems go away when you run at stock clocks then you might have to stick to a lower frequency. You can also contact corsair but they might not have much to say.
  6. CheeseburgerChad

    Frequently getting blue screen

    Did the problems go away when you put the ram back to stock speed? Also, I think you are a bit confused as to how memory speed and motherboard supported speed work. Your motherboard might support up to a particular speed, but it is ultimately your physical memory sticks that determine the speed that you can run them at. Check with your memory manufacturer as it is typically indicated on the packaging or their website the supported speeds that that particular set of ram can overclock to. If you only get these issues when overclocking your ram, then you shouldn't overclock it, or try dialing it back to a stable frequency.
  7. CheeseburgerChad

    New PC Build

    Yes you're right, I was thinking of the wrong thing. My bad, but I still think an air cooler would be a good idea.
  8. CheeseburgerChad

    New PC Build

    Correction: After a google search I was thinking of the wrong thing. You guys are right lol. But I do believe some money could be saved in that department.
  9. CheeseburgerChad

    New PC Build

    The hyper 212 is an extremely popular and well performing air cooler. And to address the AIO vs Air cooler thing there are several videos (I think even Linus has said this) that a basic AIO doesn't provide much of a temperature improvement, only quieter.
  10. CheeseburgerChad

    New PC Build

    Looks like a nice build. Just a personal suggestion would be to take off the AIO cooler and use an air cooler instead like a Hyper 212 to save $75 that you could either pocket or put towards a significantly more powerful 1070 ti. There is no performance difference between the AIO and a good air cooler if you don't mind using an air cooler.
  11. CheeseburgerChad

    RTX 2080 vs GTX 1080

    Yes if all he is using it for is premiere then you can ignore my previous comment. Any decent gpu like others mentioned will be perfectly fine.
  12. CheeseburgerChad

    Pre-owned Gaming PC 1080ti+i7-8700k???

    Not a bad deal at all. Looks great.
  13. CheeseburgerChad

    What memory do I get?

    Can you give the link to these compatibility lists that you found? As far as I'm aware all DDR4 should be universally compatible although some motherboards/cpus will only support up to a certain speed. I haven't seen cpu-specific ram for many years now.
  14. CheeseburgerChad

    Help WIth Adding SSD

    I agree with you. I personally have never had to perform a fresh install on any of my personal systems, although I have seen some odd software gremlins on others' systems that have gone away with a fresh install. Like you said however it can go both ways, and any file transfer is technically prone to errors.
  15. CheeseburgerChad

    RTX 2080 vs GTX 1080

    Considering that the 2080 is significantly more powerful than the 1080 in pretty much every way I would definitely assume that it can render videos faster. However I do not know how two 1080s would compare to a 2080, but if you're buying two 1080s and speed is really that valuable to you I would consider a 2080 ti.