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  1. Win 10 - Super Lag

    700W should be plenty IMO. You shouldn't be drawing more than 600W max. If your old PSU was working before I'd give that a shot to minimize any sources of error while troubleshooting. If it turns out to be something else you could go back to the TT one if you really want to, but shouldn't be necessary.
  2. Win 10 - Super Lag

    Yeah that is true, if you reformatted and reinstalled a fresh install of Windows 10 then I'm not really sure what is causing it.
  3. Win 10 - Super Lag

    It's not just the 80+ rating, I had a thermaltake 80+ PSU and it still died after several months. Only issue I've ever had with a PSU, so I consistently use EVGA and Corsair instead now. Also thermaltake doesn't seem to respond to their warranty requests.
  4. Win 10 - Super Lag

    I'd open task manager and see if anything is at 100% when it lags. My guess is there's an issue with the drive - I'd try running the test suggested above and see what you can find. Cloning from HDD to SSD is prone to issues.
  5. What is this part? (Please read)

    If you do a quick google search of the model number in the picture, you find that it is a video encoder/security camera recorder.
  6. Getting NEW MB need CPU recomm

    I suppose, although OP shouldn't need to upgrade from a 7th gen i7 for quite some time unless they decide to start doing tasks that require more cores. Also, it's a 6% cost difference with a 15% performance increase across the board, I suppose either would be fine but I'd still go with the K.
  7. Getting NEW MB need CPU recomm

    The Ryzen CPU listed here is roughly 30% slower than a 7700k for gaming, why would this make sense?
  8. Getting NEW MB need CPU recomm

    If considering an i5, the 7600k is pretty much identical to the i7-7700k, just without hyperthreading, meaning both have 4 cores, but the i7 will have 8 threads which I would argue makes it slightly more "future-proof" for when games start utilizing more cores/threads. It's really up to you, they should perform very similarly for gaming these days and your decision should be based on budget.
  9. Getting NEW MB need CPU recomm

    Well the K is still faster out of the box than the non-K even if you don't overclock due to its faster base clock speed. All we're trying to say is you won't be able to overclock on the motherboard you are getting, which is a deal-breaker for many people. However, since it sounds like you're not willing to buy a different board, your fastest option is still a non-overclocked 7700k regardless. It is the fastest consumer-grade CPU for that socket.
  10. Productivity/Gaming Build

    Compared to 7th gen Intel processors, Ryzen is a much better value. Especially if you're going to be using blender which can benefit significantly from extra cores. If you can afford 8th gen intel I would consider that too but a ryzen with fast RAM will work well.
  11. Getting NEW MB need CPU recomm

    That would be fine, just understand that you won't be able to overclock the 7700k on that board even thought that is one of the main features of a K series CPU. Honestly though even a stock clocked 7700k will still provide you with ample performance.
  12. Should I buy rx 560 4gb for 100$?

    This is kind of an irrelevant comment, suggesting an APU when OP clearly is looking for a new graphics card is not a good solution. Yes, the new APUs provide good graphics compared to any other integrated graphics on the market at good pricing, but an RX 560, and entry level card, is at least double the performance. Not to mention OP would have to likely purchase a brand new compatible motherboard and potentially ram, etc. depending on his/her current build.
  13. Can bios for an older version of windows be used for a newer version?

    Bios is not operating system related for the most part. You should be fine.
  14. Is This Phone Vr Compatible

    Technically? Yes, you could use it with something like Google cardboard, but it likely will not be fast enough to do any VR tasks very well. Additionally, the screen resolution will produce very poor quality when attempting to do VR.
  15. Best gpu for my pc

    Honestly nothing will be great with it. You WILL get bottlenecks no matter what in some games but the 560 is a decent card in general.