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    i7 8700k
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    Asus strix z370
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    32 gb GSkill Rgb 3200
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    RTX 2080 Super
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    500 Gb Pci SSD Samsung 960 pro
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    1: acer nitro xv273kp 2: Acer XF270HUA
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    cooler master masterliquid ml240r argb
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    Razer blackwidow chroma
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    Razer Naga
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    Gsp 350
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    Win 10

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  1. The box can not be controlled via software so u have to remove it and put the rpg kable on your mainboard its a 3 pin should be somewhere on your mainboard if you have a modern one ( i have the 240 version and use Asus Aura to control it it will just show up as a rgb strip u need a asus aura board for that obv)
  2. Is it a used rx570 ? maybe u just got a bad card
  3. Mhh depending on the Board auto voltage can be very strange if u start ocing and not using a fixed voltage. Do u have another Monitor with a old vga connection or could u unplug your Monitor from Power and put it back in i had a Problem that after i oced my 8700k it bluescreened very hard and my Monitor using displayport did not show any picture anymore i needed to reset the power of the Monitor like unplug wait and plug it back in to get a picture again cause in your first post it sound like it could be that too cause u say fans turn on and slow down leds are on could be that u just dont get a picture
  4. Did u change the voltage ? or did u use some auto oc stuff on the mainboard maybe its not the chip that got dmg maybe its the board. If u did not do any kind of change to the voltage etc its very unlikely u did dmg any hardware without it
  5. Removing the bios Battery to reset bios is very basic and will not dmg your board ever but okay ^^
  6. Even if u disable the igpu in the Bios it should still be able to display a basic output if u unplug the rx 580 from the system if that does not work u can always just reset the Bios by removing the Bios batterie or using a jumper to reset it
  7. U disabled it by hand ? if u pull out the gpu and plug into the board u should get a basic output again as far as i know
  8. Just pull out the gpu and plug the Display Cable back into the Boards Port
  9. Maybe i am wrong but can it really be a driver Prob when the gpu does not even show up in the Bios ?
  10. Like i said a Problem with the Board is very unlikely Do u maybe know someone that would let u test the Card in there system to be 100% sure that Card is not working ?
  11. Mhh do u have another system that u could teste the Card in ? If its not showing up in the bios it could be a prob with the boards pci slot (Unlikely) or someone sold u a bad Card on ebay ^^
  12. Did u use this card before or did u buy it used ?
  13. I dont have a Problem with bezeles at the top and the bottom as long as they are symmetrical the pixel 3 xl already looked retarded but atleast u would have symmetrical black bars at the top and bottom while watching youtube etc so ye the pixel 4 xl is by far the worst looking phone that i saw for a while and the worst part about it is the release time the prozessor will be outdated in under half a year idk strange phone (but that outdated prozessor problems is not only google)
  14. That forehead hahahahaahhahah we have pop out cams punch holes notches but thats legit the worst way i saw for a while it just looks so wrong idk