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  1. ftp://europe.asrock.com/manual/Z170%20Extreme4.pdf Go to page 30, section 2.6. Connect the front panel connector between PWRBTN# and GND. Hope this helps. So yes, do as you said earlier, using PWRBTN and GND
  2. The orientation doesn't matter for the power button as it's just a switch. As for the fans, are you using a molex to 3/4 pin adapter? I'd recommend you plug them into the motherboard as you have now way of controlling their speed if they're straight into the PSU. Hope this helps!
  3. I don't think it's that bad... I'm not worried so much about CCTV, as all they get is your face, whereas with internet traffic they can find out everything about you. I live in the UK, spend a fair bit of time in London, and I don't think the surveillance is that bad. It often helps to find criminals too, so I'm all for CCTV. However, I'm definitely against having my internet traffic monitored. EDIT: I had no idea that the UK had so many more CCTV cameras than the rest of the world
  4. The batteries are cheap, you should try it anyway
  5. It's not really stupid imo. If there's any electrical connection in there, which there probably is, then you're just shorting it with the metal end of the pen. That could definitely cause hardware issues. If this is the case, I'm surprised it doesn't break the phone in more ways.
  6. I have issues with frequent crashes too. Sometimes when I try to open a photo, sometimes when I just try to open the app. When it works, it's pretty ok... but a lot of the time it isn't working. I also hate how difficult it is to find photos/folders and I still haven't found a way to choose which folders/photos are displayed when I open the app. It also can't delete photos on the device because they're saved on my SD card. This issue is made even worse by the fact that if I delete from the gallery app (thus deleting from the SD card), it still appears in the photos app because it's backed up to the cloud. This often causes crashes when I then try and delete from the photos app. Sometimes photos even opens the wrong photo when I tap one to view it! A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PHOTO TO THE ONE I TAPPED. I should really go back to just using gallery...
  7. Has this happened multiple times? Try from fresh again?
  8. Yes, but the housing for two connectors can be... They'll be connected to the same plane on the PCB (if they're connected to a plane at all). Not all solder joints have to be isolated from one another. Remember many of those joints are connected through the board anyway.
  9. Where exactly? I can't... By "bonding each other" I assume you mean shorted? Also, solder doesn't just melt and short to stuff. It's highly unlikely that any of those joints have magically shorted themselves since he's owned the board. Joints might break, but not melt and join together.
  10. yea... why? Also, that kind of thing, doesn't just happen. It's probably been like that since he got the board.
  11. They're just the joints holding the USB ports in place. Those being shorted wouldn't cause any issues.
  12. 1971 Skyline. 'nuff said. I'm pre-ordering. Not really, but I'm so excited
  13. Title's a bit misleading don't you think? The article literally says: "Let's be clear: we have not built the brain, or any brain"
  14. Not to be confused with "grab and w***"... Also applies to many situations
  15. Sorry this is not on topic at all, but I didn't realise there was a fellow Rhys on here! I'm glad I'm not the only one. That is all.
  16. If this is true (which it shouldn't be), how do you explain the CPU usage DECREASING when you increased the graphical settings? The CPU usage won't have changed if you're still streaming and everything. I understand the graphical load would have increased, but the CPU load definitely didn't decrease, and your frame rate definitely didn't improve.
  17. Is that Stan Lee? OT: Great news post and massive update, good work OP