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  1. Because 200 series were almost as good as 400 and 500 series at mining. Vega is meant to be way better.
  2. I mean, I could be wrong. I'm making the assumption that it's the mining "farms" that are the problem and not the small time individuals running a couple of cards. If this isn't the case, then I completely agree with you
  3. The card(s) is under 100% use when games are running. At no other point are they being utilised at all. Just discovered that running a youtube video full screen has the same impact, but obviously doesn't pin the card at 100%. What driver is recommended? Currently running 17.7.2.
  4. I'm arguing that if the new cards are this good, they'll be far more profitable than the old ones, to the point where it makes more sense to sell all the old ones and replace with the new ones. Ya know, if the new cards hash rate is 2x better than the old at the same power draw, then it makes more sense to sell all the old cards and use that money to buy new ones. Why generate $10 a day with a card when you could sell that and replace it with something that makes $20 a day? If you're doing this on an industrial scale, you either run out of money, space or power headroom to keep all the old cards running, even if you can afford new ones; at which point you're forced to sell.
  5. Task manager before: Task manager after: Nothing changes as far as I can tell. Would like this to be a last resort option if possible. If nothing else works, I'll try it.
  6. It launched in 2013 so you bought 2 years after... enough time for a new generation. The price had halved from launch. Doesn't make more sense for a miner to sell all the used cards and replace with as many new ones as they can afford? Especially if the new cards are going to be as good at mining as this thread suggests.
  7. The launch price of that card was $400. They now sell for $250... $300 max.
  8. So, one of two things has caused a strange issue with my PC. Every time I play a game (PUBG and Overwatch primarily), Discord and some other programs will behave weirdly. It's as if the window isn't there, but they're working. For example if I have discord open, then play a game, as soon as I'm done with the game (or I alt tab out), I can no longer interact with the window, but I'll still be in chat fine on Discord. I can't move/resize/minimise or do anything with the window. If I click, it's as if I'm clicking on the desktop behind it... i.e. if I double click on something in discord, it will actually double click whatever is behind the Discord window. If I "exit Discord" in the system tray, and re-open it, it's fine until I run a game again (assuming any full screen application would cause this). I'm using Discord as my primary example, because I can tell if it's working without being able to interact, but it happens with other programs too. This has only started happening since I upgraded to crossfire AND/OR installed the creators update for Windows. My graphics drivers are up to date. I've tried turning on and off AMD relive. I've also tried changing which graphics card my displays are plugged into, which has made no difference. Occasionally games will also become completely unresponsive in the same way and I'll have to force quit them in task manager. (This is the reason I really want a solution, because having to quit PUGB or Overwatch comp is heartbreaking). Any ideas? Thanks for any help in advance Let me know if anything's unclear and I'll try to clarify. System specs: MSI Z77 Mpower 3570K 2X R9 290X 16GB RAM (8GB vengeance, 8GB Avexir, all running at 1333MHz) 2 SSDs (Corsair Neutron GTX and Sandisk... something) and and 1 HDD (Barracuda) TX850 PSU
  9. I understand, but like I said, I think the benefits outweigh the negatives. When Vega drops, the price of used last gen cards will drop like a stone as all the miners upgrade. There's very few people who buy brand new cards as soon as they're released (as a percentage of market share).
  10. U2515H. Look no further, I have one and it's beautiful. Imo, it's the sweet spot for screen size vs. resolution. Fine for games too. TFTCentral review if you're still in doubt. Hope this helps I disagree with: I think 1440p looks great at 25" and is easy to see stuff at 100% scaling.
  11. 400W will be enough. CX series aren't great... They've been known to explode under load. I'd go with a HX or TX instead. Hope this helps.
  12. Doubt you can do it without voiding the warranty. You need to be careful of the connector/driver for the panel (disply/screen/panel all ok to say). You may well find the connectors/drivers for the screen/laptop are propritary, and so you can't just buy any screen and plug it in. It could even be propritary electrically, i.e. doesn't conform to display port/HDMI standards. I think you're gonna struggle. Sorry for the bad news, but hope this helps
  13. More sales=more cards in circulation/manufactured=more gamers using them=more optimisations. Imo, mining is no worse than running a decent overclock all the time for card life/reliability. I do see your point though, I just think the positives outweigh the negatives.
  14. So I've read about 4 pages of this thread. Not sure why everyone is so against this. People buying TONNEs of these cards is great for AMD. They need the money pretty bad. It's only a small percentage of us who were actually going to go out and buy one straight away anyway. Furthermore, if these are amazing for mining, suddenly there's gonna be alot of RX580s cheap af on ebay. THEN when the cryptocurrencies crash, cheap vegas. I'm not seeing a downside here. AMD get money, we get cheap used cards for now and cheap used cards in the future... what is possibly bad about this? Also, lol at all the people saying "Why are you doing this AMD?" If I was them I'd be making these cards even more mining oriented.
  15. rhyseyness

    car vs normal amp

    Probably don't use a car OR hi-fi amp for headphones. Get a headphone amp. Car and hi-fi amps are designed to drive big ass 10W+ speakers. Headphones are significantly smaller speakers and require <1W (mostly). Decent headphones amps aren't that cheap. What's your budget and why do you think you need an amp? Do they not get loud enough with your audio source? What is your audio source? Do you need the amp to be portable (if you need one)?
  16. Laptop output will have the full range of sound (about 20Hz to about 20KHz). You don't need to run the sub and tweeters off of specific outputs. Tweeters won't be able to produce anything much under 2KHz. Sub won't be able to produce anything much over 200Hz. No idea how this sounds good You have no midrange... Anyway, what I'm saying is you can just plug the audio output from the laptop into the amps, with your speakers connected. You can split the output to go to your 2 seperate amps. However, this is not a good solution if these amps don't have adjustable cut-off/filter. This will mean your sending the full range to both the tweeters and the subwoofer. You wouldn't have this issue before because the filtering was done on your PC (i.e. "sub out" will have a low pass filter). It sounds like you were sending full range to the tweeters anyway. Some of the output from the laptop will be outside the frequency range of the tweeters and the sub, which could cause some distortion or just sound bad. To be honest, when you have no midrange anyway, you probably don't care that much about audio quality, I'd say you should just split the laptop output to your 2 amps with a 3.5mm to RCA splitter, then another RCA splitter. (Giving you 2 sets of RCA outputs, one for each amp). This will work just fine, but won't sound great... tbh, doubt it'll sound much different to what you're already doing. Missing midrange will be way more noticable than sending full range to the sub. No idea how you're going through life with no midrange, but hope this helps
  17. If the laptop has a 4k screen, and you run your games at 4k on it, using a 4k TV will work absolutely fine. Frame rate should be identical on the TV as it was on your laptop display.
  18. Yep... I wasn't saying anything to the contrary.
  19. Nothing to lose in updating it. It could but I also think it's highly unlikely.
  20. No need to turn this into a competition now OT: What's the longest you've ever run in a race for?
  21. That's really strange. I'd run a virus/malware scan first and foremost. Sounds more like a software thing than hardware. I don't think anything is using that memory, as it would still say 8GB usable even if a program was using it (I think). Check BIOS and motherboard drivers are up to date (althought I highly doubt this the cause). Other than that, can't really think of anything other than a windows re-install. If you have any other memory you can test with, do it.
  22. Does it matter? Upscaling to 4k will make games at 1080p look better than on a 1080p display, without the power requirement. Especially if this is going to be used primarily as a TV, I don't think this is important.
  23. TV's are slow when it comes to image processing. They do a lot of processing before they actually send the image to the screen. If you're super casual gaming, then it won't matter. If you're playing competitive CS:GO, I wouldn't recommend it. TV's can also be funny about the fomat of PC inputs, and you might have to mess with some settings to get it to work/look right. TV's with "game mode" enabled can be a bit quicker (not monitor levels), but they won't look half as good. Other than that, it'll be fine Hope this helps
  24. Interesting... Anything weird with your setup? Is it extremely hot/cold/humid or anything where you keep your PC? Other than this, the only thing I can think of is the module is not working correctly and needs a full reset (taking out motherboard) every now and again to reset it. Is it during use that it changes or after you've shut down? If it's only after a shut down a solution might be to sleep your PC rather than shut it down. Does all software show it going to 4GB usable or just task manager? Does it say 8GB is installed still?
  25. Yea sorry, just edited my post