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  1. Please just focus the discussion on enhance viewing experience and making suggestions. Nothing what I said previously means let viewer feels special, and trying not to misdirect my suggestion to some kind of threat please.
  2. That's why I am talking about replace the outro with an generic outor and then let the player shows some thumbnails for other video or topic as the end card. So maybe that will let the outro on FP a little bit useful?
  3. Yes, you're absolutely right, I could also consider to watch it on youtube while having my floatplane membership.........
  4. Can we have a floatplane specific outro for all the video on floatplane? 1. We don't have a dislike button on floatplane and the end card is not working on the floatplane platform also. So it is kinda annoying to hear a series "non-existed" proposal. Plus technically you can't trace people's reaction towards a video on the floatplane platform without reading the reply. 2. Floatplane specific outro could use as an announcement for floatplane exclusive event (if any) , floatplane shout or simply other videos recommendation on floatplane. I am aware there could be extra work for this request. But if making extra video is too much work. Maybe consider change the functionality of the floatplane player? Just record one generic outtor and then let the player shows some thumbnails for other video or topic as the end card?
  5. Ever consider add intro and outro to the Floatplane exclusive clips?