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  1. I am going to be getting an RTX 2080 at christmas then a 1440p monitor in May... How ever my XL2411 only has DVI-D/ HDMI 1.2 or 1.4 and VGA.. I wanna be able to drive the monitor at 144hz as I have gotten used to it and it is really smooth... Is there any adapater capable of this? Is it possible the Type C Connection could be utilised? Links (preferably for UK sites) are appreciated
  2. It wasn't available when I was getting a case. It was out of stock in most places so I got the SE.
  3. Would you suggest using Primer before applying the first coat of paint?
  4. I don't really mind pricing, I understand competition and all that stuff but I buy intel for the speed. Not just for gaming but for my 3D Renders. It all depends on the OP's usecase, after my troubles with Ryzen (Late 2017) I went back to Intel. It looks like the OP has money so could still go Intel.
  5. I would say an i7-8700k, I use mine for gaming at 1080p 144hz with my 1070 and every thing runs smooth.
  6. What is the best way to paint the white interior of my Enthoo Pro M SE to make it black?
  7. So Microsoft has quckly lost me as a customer and I am looking to switch to Linux. I have heard that gaming is a lot better on Linux now compared to previous years. As a complete newb to Linux is there any site/you tuber that is easy for a beginner to understand? And one that walks through the set up processes etc. Thanks.
  8. I bought a FX503VM in July and a 1TB SSHD from Seagate to go along with the laptops 256GB of storage. When I try to download games in speed there appears to be a good period of downloading on my colleges wifi at about 20MBs in steam. My Drive will be at about 23MB usage. My drive response time in Task Manager sky rockets upto a few hundred Mili seconds and my Disk Usage declines to a few MB/s. This affects my download speed and drops it down from the High teens low 20's to about 3MB/s. Is this normal? I don't think I experienced anything like this with my Toshiba HDD at home. I attached a few screenshots
  9. It was showing it running at 2930 RPM last night when I first noticed the issue. That was in Link.
  10. Well I unscrewed it before going to college this morning. I use Artic MX-4 which has been getting great reviews. I haven't touched my BIOS settings for months. I thought maybe it was sending the wrong voltage but nope. Like I said the pump must be working as when I touch the tubes it feels like a vibrating which I assume is the pump.
  11. I'm welsh. It's usually cold. Hot summers etc. It's usually about 16c outside and the heating is sometimes on. I have the heating in my room off. Don't open the window a lot due to allergies but when I do my fan is on blowing cold ass air in. Still though I don't understand why it has been running fine for weeks and I could get a 5.4Ghz OC without it reaching 90c. Now 4.8Ghz is reaching 100c instantly.
  12. When I would run stress tests before at 4.8Ghz I'd reach maybe 75c on a stress test and about 70 while gaming. I'm not home atm to check corsair link. My room is usually warm as the sun is on it most of the day and I have a Founders Card dumping heat into the room.
  13. So last night while gaming (Destiny 2 and Rainbow Six Siege) I noticed my PC getting louder than usual. I checked HWMonitor and my CPU was at 90c while gaming. I ran a stress test and instant thermal throttle when stressing just the FPU and CPU. The pipes on my AIO(H115i) Don't feel too hot so I can assume the liquid temp is about room temperature? Probably about 30c. Touching the one pipe you can feel a vibration so I don't think the pump is dead. What could be the cause? It's running at 4.8Ghz right now 1.33V core, it actually runs at about 1.25V on the VCore. I'm gonna reapply the TIM later but I'm stumped as it's been fine for weeks. Any ideas?
  14. I know google drive etc exist but I do a lot of my work offline while in college and don't have much time in my house to do this. College time is tight as it is. I tried the windows backup but it doesn't detect my USB. I've tried others with the same results.
  15. I have a 32Gb dual drive (USB-A/C). Is there a way I can make it automatically back up A certain folder on my laptop containing my school work? I've seen some programs but some are paid and others just look down right sketchy. Thanks.
  16. Ah ok thank you. I'll have to check then. I assume Lower voltage will also help me with thermals?
  17. If something went wrong, you can't exactly reset the Bios? What are you supposed to do if something goes wrong..
  18. Any guide on how to do that? Never undervolted and I really hate software controls
  19. I'm trying to find the best way to sustain my battery in my FX503VM. I've had it a month and the wear level is at 7% according to Hardware Monitor. It lasts for about 3 hours on battery as of now. Where is the best % to charge it? 30%? Are there any programs I can use that will close down programs I'm not using or disconnect services I am not using. I will be using it for college and want the battery life to be as long as I can get out of it.