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  1. Well build is finally finished, I decided to just forget about the load on the RGB controller since it has its own power input. Make or break! Well it went fine, probably will with added fans as well. Here is a link to my instagram and the Pictures of it: Instagram I will post some more pictures later on. I do wonder if i should get that triple fan for the bottom and a rear fan as well. Will be a lot of RGB..
  2. Well I didnt notice it the first time over but there actually was a 5way splitter cable in addition to the cm Adressable RGB LED controller. I am trying to find out what the power limit is on the device though, so that I dont fry it. Can't find any documentation that gives a number on max power (Amps). This is with the AIO. Total ARGB connections will be ten I believe. (Controller outputs 4x and 1x 5way splitter, gives 8 outputs on the controller. In adition there are 2x ARGB outputs on the MB totalling 9x ARGB outputs. Possibly another on the Lian Li case for throughput so 10 potential sockets realisticly.) Count: 1x Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R RGB (1x ARGB on pump, 3x ARGB on fans) 2x Cooler Master MasterFan SF360R ARGB (2x ARGB @ 1,2A each) (Order 1x extra) 1x Cooler Master MasterFan SF120R ARGB (1x ARGB) (1x new for rear exhaust) 1x Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL LED strip. (1x ARGB) It is kinda important to figure out if the CM adressable RGB controller can take it though.
  3. I finally got all the parts today, so going to start building tomorrow. As I feared I didnt get all the cables needed to connect all the ARGB togheter. But as to connection and ARGB, both the Cooler Master and the lianli supports Asus ARGB so I hope it proves true and is trouble free. Going to build everything and then have a look at what I need. Also considering cable mods even though I think its a little to expensive considering what one gets. Cables are a pretty cheap thing to manufacture and 50-100bucks for a 2dollar manufacture cost cable is just plain greedy.
  4. Yea actually, I am wondering about the connections of all the ARGB fans, in regards to the RGB. The Masterliquid ML360R comes with a controller for its three fans, how do I connect everything correctly to work with the ASUS ARGB software? I am having a hard time finding out if the fans include splitters so that I can connect everything. The Lian Li case at least looks to have a splitter so that ARGB can be forwarded to the next thing in line, in addition to the case ARGB LED strip.
  5. Budget (including currency): about 3k USD Country: Norway Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: NA Setup: 1x Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL (White) 1x ASUS ROG STRIX 1000, 1000W PSU 1x ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XII HERO (WiFi) 1x ASUS GeForce RTX 3080 TUF OC GAMING 1x Intel Core i9-10900K 1x Corsair Force Series MP510 960GB M.2 SSD 1x Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR 3200MHz 32GB 1x Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R RGB 1x Cooler Master MasterFan SF360R ARGB This is the first full build (no upgrade) I have done in years. Finally moving beyond the old CM 690 II and Corsair 750W psu that has held for 3 more or less full rounds of upgrading. My intension with the Lian Li and PSU is to have some parts that will hold for 3-4 builds down the line without need for changing it out. Also as an engineer I really love the Lian Li case design and solutions. The only thing I have not done yet: I am wondering about getting another CM SF360R ARGB and an CM SF120R ARGB to fully stock the case. Just for looks. Will post some photos later as i am still waiting for parts due to 3080 shortage.
  6. Kinda figured, after checking just before posting this. On the laptop I used the LM the gains were to say at least Impressing but i got to use it on both CPU and GPU as the dies where on the same cooler. Thanks for just verifying my understanding.
  7. I'm now witing for my new PC parts to arrive and I am wondering if I should change the thermal paste on the AIE cooler with some liquid metal I have left over from earlier Laptop use. On the laptop i was able to get it about 3-5 degrees cooler on heavy loads, it was running extremely hot though. Not a great laptop! But on my new I9-10900K and CM ML360R cooler, should i use it?
  8. Easier question would be, what are are top cases? but very few people can really answer that question in a good way since they usually only have experience with one or two cases.
  9. Luckily the store has some really good return policies so returning after a couple of months should not be a problem. In any case only Ram would be the possible non functional item.
  10. Since difference between intel and AMD is so small right now, it might very well outperform intel then?
  11. A lot of cases has room for rads but not the clearance in all cases because of different MB layouts. I dont want to be restricted from a rad position just because it crashes with some power connector on the MB or anything else.
  12. I will be using my PC for Gaming, and i love to run maxed out graphics setting. In addition I will be working on video editing/rendering, also planning for storage to accompany this part.
  13. As I am going to build my new system now, already ordered RAM and SSD M.2 for it. Is it worth it to wait for this launch? is the upcoming ZEN3 expected to outperform i9 10850k or Ryzen 9 3900XT at the current pricepoint? My daughter is waiting to inherit my current PC, I am hoping to get it done half way into November.
  14. I am looking to buy this Case for my upcoming build. Some of the plusses in my book are: Great spacing for rads Several USB ports in front 4x Hotwap bays. Very nice build layout Good spacing for later upgrades. "My current case is past 10years and still ok. (Three full upgrades MB swaps etc in this cabinet.)" Negative is price i guess, i feel the case cost is basically at my upper limit of what i consider ok for a case. What if any cases is a straight up competitor to this case with the above mentions in mind?
  15. I have set my eye on the Lian Li O11 XL but i think it is a little expensive, I am thinking half the price of that case should be enough. I love it when cases are versatile and gives room to do whatever you want in addition to giving a good airflow for low temperatures. Actually i do not really care to much about the estetics, I want performance and versatility. Are there any other cases that have good performance and versatility like this one?