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  1. This card has wrecked and blown my mind wholly crap
  2. Here is Mine .... Yeah from the Country that Apparently has shit internet.... Australia ... Bit Expensive yes but its not to bad its constant (it all depends on the Isp Mine is called Aussiebroadband Mine is Unlimited and im using pfsense (with Ac Wifi ) to much of a cheapskate for a router ... (picked up the Pc for $10 from second hand shop and Bang ( its Awesome http://www.speedtest.net/result/7530601195.png (I am paying for 100 Down / 40 Up @ $100 per month bit on the Nose but it will get cheaper ) Hope My results Aint to Bad
  3. Have you had a look at the Hp 32" Omen 2560 x 1440 at 75Hz its $399 which is a great price
  4. Been Looking forward to this little beast for along time AMD Rocks with this one would love to have one
  5. Hp Z800 2x Xeon X5570 @2.93 Gpu Msi 970 4 gig 32 gig of ecc Ram
  6. Awesome very cool give away by Zotac Allways would LOVE a small form factor pc would Suits my needs right down to the BONE
  7. Arrozi WHO needs ya when ya got a local wrecking yard $100 later and ya have something that even Arrozi would be envious of . Computer chairs have never fitted me well (comfortably)
  8. Omg Would love this soo much... Thanks Antec and everyone at linustech allways fun to have these give-aways. Dont know if i am eligible Im In Australia
  9. Hope this helps i use it myself http://www.coderbag.com/Programming-C/Disable-CPU-Core-Parking-Utility
  10. I have the old Samsung 1 tb drives NEVER FAILED but all my others have failed . I think i can smell paid for advertising and REAKS IN HERE Ive had blues black green red all sort of drives but none of them came to be more reliable than the Samsung 1TB drives then the WD Blacks 2TB
  11. The white one is the normal one atached to the psu the black one is the extension i just bought Ps Thanks again for replying and helping out much appreciated
  12. But its the 8pins that goes on to the motherboard thats diffrent (ive got a 8 pin extension ) but doesnt fit ???? weird What am i doing wrong .... or am i just over thinking it Here is the pins im talking about it powers the cpu ( i think)
  13. Hi im new here so be nice .... Im Australian Now here is my little delima , im in the process of taking a (old Hp xw8600 mobo setup) and install it in a Fractal Design xl R2 (http://www.anandtech.com/show/6764/fractal-design-define-xl-r2-case-review-maybe-we-can-have-it-all) sorry im not spaming now here is my little conumdrum the 24 pin are short (i think ive fixed it (with a 24 pin extension) but the problem i have is not the six pin near the Ram but the 8 pin thats near the cpu (tried with a extension doesnt work) so my question/s is can i runn this motherboard with a normal atx psu or am i stuck with this psu can i get any for these particular extensions ANYWHERE ???? Any ideas what to do or where to go would be much appreciated Thank you and have a Awesome New Year