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    ASUS ROG STRIX z370-e
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  1. nah so the sockets are the same both LGA 1151 so it was a really snug fit like usual! but just my last post the person said one part will be damaged but by what you two are saying I have nothing to worry about? @Windows7ge @XR6
  2. So I just built this pc! I thought I did the necessary research but I didn't I forgot one thing! That there is a difference between 8th gen and 7 gen CPU's! so I got a 7th generation CPU and put it on an 8th/9th generation motherboard! and in my last post, the guy said that one of them will most likely be fired! so now I have to identify which one it is! so the mother still has all the light working on it and also was still turning the fans on when I pressed power and everything! But it just shuts off after like 1 -2 seconds running! SO my question is if I put an 8700 in the motherboard will that tell me if the boards fucked or will that just fry the new CPU as well! and what should I do to fix this situation! Thank you for your help in Advance!! Oh and just to be clear it was an I7 7700 into an Asus Rog Strix z390-e motherboard! I know
  3. well if i chuck i proper 8th gen in there will that tell me if the mother board is fried or not
  4. so I have fucked up in the sense that it doesn't support the i7 because its an earlier model is what are you saying? so if I had an i8, for example, it would work fine?
  5. Hello, I have just built another computer and it's for my mate! but I have put it all together and everything is plugged into its respective positions! When I turn the pc on the motherboard lights up and then when I hit the power button the whole system starts to run like normal then (AIO pump turns on and the fans start going) within 1-3 seconds of that happening the whole thing shuts down so fans stop working and the AIO light on the pump go off as well! So I am just wondering if anyone has had this problem? This is the PC as well! if you want to see the parts to see if its compatibility wise! pretty sure its not anything like that though I did some pretty thorough research on the parts on that side of things! Picture of the build is down below! and thank you for helping in advance! Much appreciated!
  6. so i have set up my pc and installed windows and i have downloaded the software for my rgb radiator but i dont know what other software i should be downloading.(also includes antivirus software what the best to get?) Thank you for your help!
  7. So I am just about to finished my build but I need the plug in the fan connector, but I have no idea where it has to go?! Please help
  8. So plug them in it just I can’t change the speeds manually basically??
  9. So I finished build my pc now it time to connect all the cables up I’m reading through the manual for my motherboard and all of the fan and aio pumps pins are four bout the cable connect to the individual parts are 3 pins is that okay or did I fuck up??? thank you for the help!!
  10. So I want to build my pc but the only part that is missing in the gpu am I able to build my pc and and install the operating system and then Install the gpu when it gets delivered?! Thank you you for your help
  11. So I brought a Corsair Carbide 740 Air and a Floe riing 360mm but I didn’t realise that the only place that it would fit is on the front mount! So does it matter that it is on the front mount or does it need to be up on the top mount?! Thank you you for helping!!
  12. So i new to building Pc's but I put up a forum asking for help on my build i got given two cpus which was 8700k or the 7700k. I going to be straight gaming nothing else. So i was wondering is it worth going straight to the 8700k for my build or should I go for the 7700k and wait till next year or the year to buy a 8700k or if something is better buy that! I also get that the 8700k is better but its does cost $100 dollars (AUD) more and with most game the 8700k only give a few more fps then the 7700k but with some games gives 20 fps? Is it really worth it now? Thank you for your Help!!
  13. Whats cyber monday and what site is it on i may have a look