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  1. yeah, i would literally wait while the gpu starts meeting the demand of both miners and gamers also if you're going to wait that long ryzen 2 is going to come out around april and i think the 20XX gtx GPUs should be coming out too around april which is getting really close to now https://wccftech.com/nvidia-ampere-ga104-gpu-geforce-gtc-2070-gtx-2080-launching-april/amp/
  2. Huawei mate 10 lite good?

    yeah, all that info is on GSMareana, including the lite which doesn't get android 8.0 https://www.gsmarena.com/huawei_mate_10-8877.php https://www.gsmarena.com/huawei_mate_10_pro-8854.php https://www.gsmarena.com/huawei_mate_10_lite-8857.php i think i heard about treble being supported for Android 8.0 (Oreo) out of the box is true, but it is always good to double check anyway
  3. Huawei mate 10 lite good?

    no, it says so in the specific gsm link i put up for it i explain this but not all android 8 phone have tremble like the oneplus 5t link from before that explains one example of such
  4. i don't (i really should've) i typically just do a straight transfer between phones when i get my new phone, however this is a unique case for myself
  5. so in short i got a new phone to break my bootlooped V10 i am going to try a number of methods to get my phone temporary fixed once i go on vacation; in the mean time my new phone has arrived and i have just started it up since im really bad with backing stuff up i don't know the answer to my simple question; will i be able to retrieve my backup at a later time or will i have to reset my phone back to starting up again so i can follow through with the backup
  6. Best OS for this build ?

    like everyone else said, linux is a pretty solid free OS that can do most media task fine as long as you don't need anything exclusive from windows
  7. Pre-built CyberPower

    no, gpu are at all time highs, you get better deals with pre-builts atm
  8. Looking for new headset - recommendations

    the cloud stinger is $50 and its a pretty solid headset for its price (this is actually best buy selling on ebay) if you have an extra $20 you can get the cloud core and for $30 more you can get the cloud X currently on sale; i personally have the cloud 2 and my friend the cloud alpha (or stinger) and we both love our headsets, they are very comfortable for long sitting and have great build quality and solid audio for your money https://www.ebay.com/itm/HyperX-Cloud-Stinger-Wired-Stereo-Gaming-Headset-Red-Black/322284864184?epid=1990892262&hash=item4b09acc2b8:g:UuwAAOSwNRdX9oAt https://www.hyperxgaming.com/us/headsets/cloud-gaming-headset?partnum=KHX-HSCC-BK
  9. PG27UQ

    im waiting on that 4K 120hz 65" gaming tv that'll be the tv i get when i finish college
  10. Best 2018 Laptop 2 in 1

    well for one, we do know a lot about the XPS already, for one linus explicitly mentioned the gpu clock speed at around 1k mhz (im not going to timestamp that one for you) in addition we have some leaked data from currently 4 anon userbench marks with the hardware; here is 1 of those 4 but as you can see it list the vega M and its according i7 g cpu; these specs seem legit, i would gamble money if you thought otherwise with both linus's word, these leaked specs, and various other trinkets of data that has been revealed, the only thing i can't say for sure is battery life and effective cooling under long/intensive loads, based on what they said during CES and the similar cooling to the XPS 13 which is suppose to last really long under turbo loads (according to themselves right now) but if they live up to their word this would objectively be one of the best 2 in 1 on the market http://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/7414667 the nitro by contrast to these spec is rather underwhelming, only tie is in ram but only 2 slots are used out of 4 according to these specs vs. the nitro which has soldered ram and thus can't be upgraded
  11. Best 2018 Laptop 2 in 1

    good enough is a pretty shit standard when you're putting 4 digits worth of money into a machine you clearly don't know anything about the XPS 2 in 1
  12. Best 2018 Laptop 2 in 1

    i wouldn't go for the nitro spin unless you really need something now thats a pretty weak laptop, abliet its a 2 n 1 the XPS is going to get you so much more for your money the specs on that thing are crazy good for its form factor and the vega M is boasting double the vram(at 4gb vs. 2gb) and i think its clock speed is between a 1050ti and a 1060; in comparison the nitro is really underwhelming and it has a weaker cpu and gpu in addition to having 8gb of ram (im pretty sure the XPS will have 16gb of ram) so i would hold off until that is released
  13. R9 390 vs R9 390x

    390x is to the 390 what the 1080ti is 1080; nearly double the power on a single card however it is quite an inefficient card, you'd be better off with a 580 for better performance without causing a thermal meltdown
  14. Laptop Recommendations Requested!

    i would be on the look out for this machine, it has a pretty solid gpu cpu combo for its form factor and flexibility including touchscreen capabilities if you can hold off till this thing comes out i would highly recommend it
  15. Windows Laptop for <$300?

    that sounds like a waste of money, for that you can just raise your budget now and opt for a better looking laptop cause you aren't buying looks at $300 unless you want a shitty laptop with a pretty skin, cause that's what you get with $300, a good laptop that doesn't look "modern" or you get one that does and its functionally a piece of shit scam compared to the latter