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  1. Hades Canyon vs Custom pc

    not really, its not meant to be a primary gaming rig of that caliber you'd be better off with a 1060 desktop/laptop at this point if you want to game with better graphics really the only major benefactor of the hades canyon is its size; otherwise it gets beat by almost everything at the same price range
  2. Hades Canyon vs Custom pc

    if size isn't an issue, naturally bigger is better since your PC will have more breathing room and space for upgrades
  3. Wired or wireless

    that wireless receiver is as good if not faster than wired from what i've heard; however i can't test that, it is still really good for competitive however with its non existent drag since there is no wire to chain it down
  4. Wired or wireless

    okay, i heard good things about logitech but i find most alternatives to be better in my personal experience, so if you ever change your mind you have more options to look at
  5. Wired or wireless

    you won't, especially if you use the receiver they give you, its more optimized for speed than bluetooth however the wire drag might be noticeable, which really depends on distance also, if i were to recommend a mouse, i would recommend the M65 pro, its a solid corsair mouse with a wider grip than the 502 and has a much more optimally placed sniper button
  6. Wired or wireless

    wired if you're close to your PC wireless if you think they'll be drag from the wire wireless is more future proof compared to wired if you decide to get something like a lapboard, but a good wireless mouse like the 903 has a premium over the 502; however it's worth it if you have the money
  7. Windows vs MacOS

    i don't this site but i don't trust any one site apple has a known history of letting their products fail after extensive iterations documented here, and this doesn't include the butterfly switches which break down reguardless of user care and (if you watched the video its no surprise) that they refused to repair them via warranty despite these malfunctions being another flawed design by apple to be "different", however you want to interpret that; more often than not its bad and counterintuitive at times many competing windows laptops offer more dynamics and options since unlike macOS, windows isn't chained to a single brand of hardware manufacturers; a excellent example (though high subjective of its practical use) would be asus's new zenbook which instead of a poorly conceived touchbar thing, is the touchpad being an effective 2nd screen which can do everything the touchbar can and more
  8. Windows vs MacOS

    not really unless you have a VERY specific set of software in mind to ulitilze especially with the recent butterfly keys breaking down (and apple getting sued over not give user warranty despite it warrent existing for this purpose) i wouldn't have any faith in their product, especially in this year there are plenty of SOLID alturnatives to macbooks from the LG gram to the dell XPS, there are plenty of premim ultrabooks with high res monitors, high quality cpu, solid battery life and much better keyboard than their macbook alternatives OS wise i find it much easier to do everything with windows (i guess my gaming hobby mostly contributes to that) but honestly if you can learn linux, its a very solid OS with tons of flexibility and its free at the end of the day its up to you but for the most basic things (such as web browsing, file management, etc.) they are more or less the same thing, so i'd recommend windows unless there is something you need to do on macOS which isn't a lot (though i haven't studied macOS a lot, i just remember trying macOS basic class [it was like a 1 day thing] and im not found of the finger gestures vs. simply alt+tab and other things im already comfortable with)
  9. Using an External Monitor on a Laptop (for gaming)

    it really depends on what games you play, if you know you aren't going to hit 120hz at your desired settings then don't bother
  10. Asus or acer or dell

    this is a pretty good deal for used (or technically Certified-Refurbished ), considering it has a 4tb SSD https://www.amazon.com/GL703VM-DB74-Business-1920x1080-Certified-Refurbished/dp/B07CRSTNXD/ref=sr_1_14?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1528086824&sr=1-14&keywords=1060+laptop+120hz if not you can just look up "1060 laptop 120hz" on amazon and pick another laptop that's new; really thats the best way to start finding what you want in my opinion
  11. Asus or acer or dell

    you can get a MUCH better laptop than that, for that budget you can get a 1060 laptop easily in pretty much any shape or size; i wouldn't get a 1050ti laptop unless it was under $800 https://www.amazon.com/Flagship-Lenovo-Computer-Display-i7-7700HQ/dp/B078QGCP9C/ref=sr_1_20?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1528085609&sr=1-20&keywords=1070+laptop
  12. LG TV connected to PC with Speakers

    you can't do that to my own knowledge and i think you'd really not want to do that anyone your speakers should give you better surround sound than directly from your TV anyhow, so combining them won't give you extra audio power
  13. not that im aware, i've had no luck finding one
  14. I have $900 to buy a laptop

    dell is having a 10% sale on everything storewide the one without a HDD also has a $150 discount code which you can see on site, any 1060 laptop under $1K is pretty good https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/dell-laptops/inspiron-15-7000-gaming/spd/inspiron-15-7577-laptop
  15. New PC, Runs Slow After Running for more then Hour

    are your temps okay? a pc will throttle itself if its under thermal load to not burn itself out literally