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  1. @Slick @LinusTech I think the images speak for themselves, but to summarize the problem, a video was posted on YouTube but not on Floatplane. This isn't the first time this happened. Please at least post the video on Floatplane. It would be nice if this did not happen again in the future. Thanks, an angry yet loving fan.
  2. but a new guy to pc building doesn't know this but he probably knows about intel
  3. the thing is for new builders a big name like intel is so much more trustworthy than a YouTuber.
  4. hello newest member :)

  5. To make this all short and concise, I will go straight to the point. Intel is providing pc building advice, and I was if you guys could evaluate it and tell me how good it is. I think it genuinely good for new pc builders to be able to take advice from a big name reputable company instead of them having to search youtube for a build guide.
  6. Thanks for the reply. What about the wan show not working on floatplane yesterday?
  7. Checking both YouTube and floatplane, I couldn't help but notice that a new video was added to YouTube and not floatplane. Had it been the first time this has happened, I wouldn't have cared. But it already happened with a tech linked and floatplane support couldn't have cared less. Echoing this, yesterday, the wan show wasn't working on floatplane for EU viewers. Honestly, I'm just disappointed because we pay for this. I guess I just expected better from them.
  8. There will always be ads like this as long as people buy those. That's honestly all there is to it.
  9. Sure why not, but from what I heard chrome os is trash. Still would be nice to get Linus opinion on the subject