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  1. So, I seem to have a small, yet obnoxious problem with my cursor during gaming. I haven't seen any problems related to mine, bu I've seen many that are similar. My cursor seems to passively move to my second monitor (left) while I'm playing games. It doesn't do anything to affect my game when I click, but when I use my scroll wheel it scrolls up and down the page I have open on my second monitor. I've tried using DualMonitorTools and it did nothing to fix my issue. It only started happening recently, so I'm not entirely sure what I did to make it do this because it used to only happen with Fallout New Vegas. Now it happens with all of my games. I can scroll up and down in a webpage on my second monitor while currently playing a game on my primary monitor. Anyone know anything? If I need to I can record a video of what's happening and post it.