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    MSI Z170A Gaming M5
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB DDR4 2400MHz
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    EVGA GTX 1070 FTW
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    Thermaltake Overseer
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    2x 2TB Toshiba 1x 500GB HGST
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    Corsair CX750
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    2x LG 24M38D 1x LG E2442
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    Cooler Master Hyper 612 V2
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    Corsair Gaming VOID RGB Headset / Micro Innovations MM 650D
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    Windows 10

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  1. Egg-Roll

    Was Windows Vista THAT Bad?

    XP like every OS less Apples is purely based on hardware. So while yes some saw explorer.exe exploring new ways to piss you off many didn't. I only really saw it when I started messing around with XP's core system to make it faster on boot up or when I OC'd my P4 to 4.8Ghz. Chances are the reason why you saw daily issues was likely due to bad drivers, this could be from Dell ASUS etc or simply some random cheap Chinese part put into the system by you or the computer manufacture. It could also of been software you installed as well. Also think of it if EVERYONE had daily crashes XP would not be one of if not the longest supported OS's out there at 12.5 years. Also also a P3 in 2006? I don't think anyone would buy a computer with a P3 in 2006, unless it was used and for a really good price... P4s PD's and Duos made up most of the hardware back then, and it wasn't CPU that was the issue, it was Vista was literally years ahead of computer hardware. The P3 systems my family had where from somewhere 99-01
  2. Egg-Roll

    Was Windows Vista THAT Bad?

    I'm not reading threw this topic... Instead I'm just going to ignore everyone and type I hated Vista, had a love/hate with 7, and wish Windows 10 would burn in hell for eternity. Back when V was brought out I was actually building my P4 computer (I am fairly sure of it) and was looking into both XP and V. I chose XP due to all the hate V had. 2 years pass I installed Ubuntu, and let me tell you the eye candy on Ubuntu was similar to V and in a lighter package. So did MS mess up on the new OS's? Oh yea... My next computer will be primary Ubuntu/Linux based and Windows will be VM'd for games (which many weirdly play better threw, also windows seems to work better as well). If I could go back to the days where a Windows OS would only take 15gb as a max I would in a heartbeat, sadly those days are dead with XP.
  3. https://apps.foldingathome.org/project?p=14124 https://apps.foldingathome.org/psummary It's prob a more complex way of folding the proteins or something I'm sure there is something on it out there I've not found
  4. Same, yesterday Windows pulled a FU and BSoD'd itself into oblivion and forced the windows update I've been holding back since summer Luckily I was trying to do something and watch it suicide itself into oblivion... Lost what I was doing however...
  5. Had internet issues and here is what happened thanks to it... 03 just vanished as I took this screenshot
  6. Egg-Roll

    4K Gaming is Dumb

    James and Denises responses tho
  7. Egg-Roll

    Intel has NO idea what to do…

    If you looked closely he was wearing black/dark underwear That said the opening was the best part, the rest was just filler Hear that Intel? A video about your CPU is just filler for the outro after the much better intro, it's that useful...
  8. Egg-Roll

    Are SSDs getting WORSE??

    Clickbait? Meh.... I gave up on that argument.... Anyhow more importantly.... only 200TB data write? For me it would last about 20 years based on current figures from HDS, but I have 8 other drives connected to my computer which take a good portion of the grunt work off the drive... One drive (the poor poor lil old green getting physically abused ) does 5.5GB+ per day alone (based on POH and total written)... Another drive that can take the abuse, has about 10Tb/yr writes, tho I have slowly stopped using said drive so I'm assuming the write/yr would be greatly higher I wouldn't trust it, lets just say that... Plus anyone who watches youtube in 1080 or 4K guess what? You writes are going to be bad, if you set everything to one drive because you only have one drive (this is why I yell at someone for downloading files to the SSD when they have a perfectly good HDD that will work just as well), your drive will have a very high write rate/yr. Everything you do has some sort of write accompanied to it, regardless if it is a 1 byte file or a 1gb cache of NASA's YouTube space porn in 8K
  9. All I'm going to say is this: I never knew the speakers where called monitors, that's something new to me, tho how janky some of these guys sets have been in the past it wouldn't surprise me one bit if he actually had a computer monitor as a TV
  10. Egg-Roll

    If I Paid for This, I'd be PISSED...

    Would this be a good drama to watch Hydro 1 Ghost, possibly the walking dead? (I indirectly poked fun at Hydro 1 in Ontario ) Pixel 3 Good, jackets real color? I think not. GN9 Lacks detail imo iPhonehome XS Blurry junk (shaky hands maybe?), jacket looks more real to life and in focus... Now to be clear I like the design but based on the other reviews I've seen it is a bad phone, but not bad for the first phone ever made from a company who has only ever made cameras, that said I'm surprised at the crappy quality from them I would have expected more (Like Linus did). I hope they make a 2nd version going OLED non 3D junk and far better camera quality. That said IDK why Linus put the Pixel 3 in the buy this product when a last gen phone for $300 less plus a cheap used SLR for $300 would preform better in every way The point isn't to promote the other 3 but to make RED realize they messed up... And badly so... If they fix many of these issues (possible even with software updates for many things like RAW support) I think it would be a very good competitor that could make the 3 mentioned in this video rework many aspects of their phones.
  11. Egg-Roll

    I could have DIED

    Sell out as in tickets or sellout as in this: #realreviewplz All seriousness both titles are technically true holding, they prob just changed it because YTs algos where not picking it up as well as they where hoping tho
  12. Egg-Roll

    I could have DIED

    The helmet due to regulations likely, it could be anything really and could be the reason why he doesn't ride possibly. Some one needs to make a GIF of that then meme it
  13. Egg-Roll

    The TV for the 1%

    @James Did Linus mean Would or Wouldn't notice? Because I doubt the average BB shopper would be even smart enough to understand half of the stuff about the TV itself The reason why I'm asking is because it sounded like would to me You need to get out more
  14. By creating multiple accounts using the same setup running 5-10 hours at a time or several rigs all within the last day or 2 splitting up the resources for several accounts. It depends on how they collect the stats, everyone who helped this month should be permitted to enter, the issue is someone could take advantage of it with multiple accounts...
  15. The problem with that is someone could spam the system to cheat, but would equally make sense for those who have a rig running 24/7 and might not watch or come here anymore (tho how would they claim the item then, unless done via email). Guess we might never know