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  1. This case is ancient, I built an Athlon 64 in it when they first came out. Sounds like technology might have obsoleted the case and I’ll need to find another idea.
  2. Howdy folks, Going to be converting my old desktop from it’s current beater PC guise into a home NAS. It’s a micro-ATX board and I have an ancient micro-ATX case which specifically takes a micro-ATX power supply form factor. It’s an i5-2500 (non-K) and I’ll be turning down the voltage and multiplier as this is just a backup drive box, not a media server or anything Intel P67 motherboard 3x WD Red 2Tb drivers 1x 500Gb laptop drive as a boot disc GTX430 for setup till I can just control it over the network (no onboard graphics) I’m looking for a power supply that will handle the load with efficiency as power consumption is a reason I’m not just going with my current mid tower case with older mid-range 500W supply. Thanks
  3. Sounds like I need to check out power supplies and plan the morph from beater PC to NAS. MrBilky, did you tune down the processor for power consumption or just leaving it running standard because of your home server useage?
  4. So I’m working on rounding out my 3-2-1 plan for data backup. I have the local backup setup on the machines and backing up to Google Drive. I want to add a NAS to my local network made out of my old desktop system using FreeNAS. Also because I don’t plan on running a media server or anything off of this, I was going to tune the processor down to save power. Have: Intel P67 board with a i5-2500 on it 12Gb of DDR3 RAM 500Gb left over boot HDD from a laptop I upgraded 500W power supply (older mid range unit). <- Might replace with an 80+ micro ATX unit to increase efficiency and switch to a smaller case Was thinking adding 3x2Tb WD Reds in RAID 5 through FreeNAS considering I’m backing up a pair of laptops and my new desktop all of which are running 500Gb SSD’s and the desktop has a 320Gb data HD in it that I back my camera up to. Thoughts?
  5. Hopefully some others get to use the deal or at least check Slickdeals to save them some cash.
  6. Based on this confirmation, I went ahead and bought a Lenovo Legion Y7000 with an i5-8300H, a GTX-1050 Ti, 16Gb RAM and a 256 SSD. https://slickdeals.net/f/12861268-lenovo-legion-y7000-laptop-intel-core-i5-8300h-15-6-1080p-ips-16gb-ddr4-256gb-ssd-gtx-1050-ti-4gb-type-c-win-10-699-free-shipping-microsoft-store?src=SiteSearchV2Algo1
  7. I think I like a bit more oomph than a MX-150 (GTX 1030) class card. I picked the 970M because of it’s estimated near peerness (is that a word) with the GTX 1050 pushing towards the GTX 1050 Ti.
  8. Howdy, I’ve been shopping for a new laptop to replace my ancient and tiny screened 13.3in Toshiba Portege and decided to pick something that will play Subnautica: Below Zero because it’s the most modern game I’m interested in. Picking a system that will handle it is not hard, finding one that’s in my budget is definately harder. Since this for on the road us, I don’t need a 17+in unit and weight is somewhat important to me. Thinking 14-15.6in screen systems, anywhere in there is fine. Basically I’m willing to pay just over $500 for an older used thin and light gaming, something with a 6th Gen i7 and a 970M for example. For a new system I’m looking at $700-800 for an i5-8300H and a 1050 in a lighting platform. For someone who games while on travel (around a week a month on average) and tends to stick to older titles I’d expect the older thin and light to stay current for another 3-5yrs or so considering I’m still working my way through 2014’s Xenonauts and The Long Dark and buy titles on Steam discount sales well past their prime. What would ya’ll recommend; Older more top tier system (MSI Ghost Pro for example) or a new system (Dell G3-3579 on the cheap end and MSI GV62 8RD on the expensive end)? Thanks
  9. Howdy, Checking around on a combination of specs for a new laptop to replace my ancient Toshiba Portege R705-P35 and I ran across various listings for Dell coming out with the Inspiron 7467 back in 2017. A 14in screen, GTX 1050, expandable storage and memory... and not current generation so it fits my budget better. However I can't actually find any listings for such a machine ever making it to the US? Did Dell just drop it and solely produce the slightly larger 7567? Thanks
  10. Another thought hit me today... DirectX 12. While nothing I currently play uses it nor do any of the titles I’ve been interested in support it. It’s something that will only become more and more common. Is it worth restricting myself to Kepler GPUs to gain this support or by the time DX12 is a requirement for something I’ll be replacing a laptop that fits in a $400 budget anyway? Thanks
  11. Been watching Craigslist and finally after giving up trying to search by 85* and other wildcards just popped in NVIDIA and got results. If I keep to my $350 budget, all I’m finding is NVS or FX series Quadros. If I got up to $400 you start getting K1000M/1200M results with anything from 870M to 940M system. Increase to $500 and there is the occasional low end gaming system with a 1050M. Those $500 are solidly out of budget for something like this (even at 7 series i7 and a 17.3in screen). Better to go cheaper and older with the NVS Quadros or setup it up to get a 4 series process? Thoughts?
  12. I have left over Artic 5 from my desktop build, I feel up to addressing that.
  13. Howdy y'all, It's time to think about a new travel laptop as my current system is so over taxed it is constantly in max fan mode just checking email or watching YouTube. I could uprade the RAM to address the constant hitting of the paging file but that won't fix the bottom drawer integrated graphics. It chokes on The Long Dark, as in slide show, single digits FPS on low settings. It's not capable of playing even the older title (Mass Effect, Supreme Commander, Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, etc) games at much more than lowest settings. I also use it to remote desktop back to my work SolidWorks battlestation so it's tiny screen size is also an issue. I'm not going to spend a lot on a laptop that I only use on the road so I'm looking over Craigslist systems mostly. On a $350 Max budget for a 15.6in screen system, should I be looking for a newer i-5 class system with integrated graphics or an older workstation type system with discrete graphics (K series Quadros or maybe even older FX series units, I honestly don't see any gaming spec discrete graphics)? I could see going down to a 14in screen system if it was a much longer-term solution like a discrete graphics in a pretty new system, but in general I prioritize screen size over performance at an age tier. Thoughts and thanks
  14. Howdy, With lead times in getting a "tech refresh" for my primary workstation (at work), I think it's time to start planning now. Workload wise I do a ton of SolidWorks with a lot of computationally intensive rendering (like 6 mirror reflections) currently with the built in rendering engine but I'm planning on branching out into KeyShot. I also do a good bit of MATLAB work with data analysis and image processing. My analysis of what is stressed empirically and some basic research (Linus' video among them) is that the rendering really gains from multicore systems but the general modeling stresses single core performance. Memory doesn't seem to really come into play if you have "enough" and I've not stressed 32Gb in my current system. I'm already running a Quadro P4000 and do not seem to be stressing it but might be CPU bottlenecking. Question I really have is what CPU should I request? I'm working within Dell's Precision 5820 lineup and am drawn to the 6 core W-2133 and W-2135 models or the more expensive 8 core W-2145. What do y'all think paired with the same 32Gb RAM and Quadro P4000? Budget isn't unlimited but this will be my system for the next 3+yrs and I'm starting to sit around while things are rendering because trying to do much else causes the system to hang and stutter frequently. Thanks
  15. Found these after the wife suggested I get noise canceling units for the plane. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07BYW6PXX/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A1P1TYE8D7Z2IL&psc=1 Reviews look quite good.