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Everything posted by boocester

  1. Hi i'm trying to get Fingerpint-GUI to workn linux mint, it's installed but won't recognize my fingerprint-scanner, it is clearly there, as you can see in the attached picture. How do you fix this, and get it to work with my scanner?
  2. boocester

    Microphone to bluetooth

    no i NEED some kinda transdmitter
  3. boocester

    Microphone to bluetooth

    hi i was looking for a thing that i could put my microphone in and record a video with my microphone like a bluetooth to aux kinda thing.
  4. hi i was wondering if i could replace the springs in my switche on my aukey mechanical keyboard.
  5. boocester

    can i replace the springs in my switches?

    what do you mean
  6. Hi i was wondering if i could play games that have minimum requirements of a 3 ghz cpu like fallout 4 with 4 2,66 xeon cpu´s?