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  1. I come here looking for things about Paypal’s acquisition of Honey and find this instead... I got rid of Tunnelbear because of the McAfee acquisition. Idk if I should get rid of PIA now as well because some shadier company has acquired it. At least McAfee has brand recognition...
  2. kting15

    Rx 3000 leaks

    If any of these specs are true for both this and Ryzen, I'm definitely building an all AMD rig when these parts come out next year
  3. V850 is a fine choice especially since you're probably going to have to scan 120 film as well so a dedicated 35mm scanner like a Noritsu or a Pakon is out of the question anyways even if you had the dough to blow on a one of those scanners.
  4. kting15

    Rx 3000 leaks

    I don't know. At the very least, naming it RX 680 gives the naming scheme logic and continuity. I guess AMD is banking on consumers using "the bigger the number the better it is" logic to sell some cards
  5. kting15

    Rx 3000 leaks

    Why change the naming scheme to that? Calling it an RX 680 would have been just fine.
  6. Since the B360 chipset doesn't support overclocking, you might as well save money and get an i5-8600 or even an i7-8700 for a bit more if you don't want to spend a lot more money and get a Z370 or Z390 chipset mobo.
  7. I mean if you're looking at upgrading your CPU for better productivity and are considering an 8th gen intel as a possibility, maybe you should take a look at a Ryzen 5 2600/2600X as well since you would have to buy a new motherboard. Getting a 2600 and an X470 motherboard would be less expensive and offer comparable performance at a lower price point than upgrading to Z370. At least that's what I've seen. That being said, the 7700K can be run on the Z170 Chipset which would save you some money, but I dont think the performance delta between the 6600K and 7700K is really worth the $350 pricetag that it is going for on Amazon
  8. I've seen one in person before. It was at a Microsoft store at a mall in Dallas. I did play around with it and it is a nice laptop. Honestly just never thought to look more into it.
  9. You can stop trying because I'm obviously not going to read what you're going to write. I maintain my position and so far besides you, others have more or less agreed to the same sentiment. If you really feel like continuing to try and fail at antagonizing me, go ahead, because its actually not working.
  10. With that in mind, that makes much more sense. Good on AMD then. Even without that consideration, the fact that AMD CPUs are outselling at that kind of margin at any kind of retailer is a good sign that AMD is doing something right.
  11. Just looked it up. Hardware looks pretty good and decently powerful, but that price looks a little steep but maybe on par, if not a little better than Macbook Pro 13"