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  1. why would that meen it be single channel ram if he goes 8gb? you can still get 2x4gb ram sticks and most boards now days has 4 slots so there still be 2 extra slot for upgrading later if he decides to ram right now is expensive af so if he can hold out longer with just 8gb then he prob get an extra 8gb alot less in a few months or a year later
  2. ssd are nice to have but they dont realy give u more fps only loading screens will be faster and same can be said for the ram if u doing background stuff like streaming for example then 16gb is ideal otherwise 8gb is plenty if u just gaiming
  3. both gpus are good for 1080p60 on high\ultra setting in just about every game pubg is not that well optimised so it be hard to stay over 60fps in that game but any other u said will work fine i know ppl that run the game at low\medium settings with a 1080 and still struggle to stay over 60fps in some arears they do get like 50 to 150fps depending on where they are n what they looking at you could do with a better cpu imo to be able to keep up with a gpu like that the cpu going to be abit of a bottleneck not by much like 12%
  4. if hes getting them from amazon they normaly give you a 2 week gap to return items back prity much all ram manufacturers have a life time warrenty so if they end up being defective he should be able to get replacement cards from the manufacturer
  5. you need a cpu to get anything to display on screen it should still boot up tho and if u got a speaker it beep at you with a cpu warning code
  6. if you look it up you will find the info eth uses a DAG thats stored into the vram its not quite 3gb yet but in less than 4 months it be over 3gb so u might be able to mine for a few months then no more
  7. you wont be able to mine with that gpu you need atleast 4gb ram on the card and ethereum only decent crypto out that thats good to mine with a gpu
  8. all am4 boards had issuses at launch they all mainly fixed now with bios updates its not just msi boards
  9. it sounds like the hdd is about dead iv had a couple old 500gb hdds do the same on me if you got it from a shop try taking it back or get a replacement
  10. all the info i can find on them fans are all high static pressure and they are perfect for radiator mounts so you should be good to use them
  11. i was just showing him that sony them selfs now support windows i did also say that bluetooth2 device will work just the same
  12. u can use a ps4 controller sony has made it much simpler to get it working with pc its almost as easy as plug and play you can also use bluetooth 2 device or buy a legit sony usb dongle for it to be wireless sony dualshock usb dongle: https://www.playstation.com/en-us/explore/accessories/gaming-controllers/dualshock-4-usb-wireless-adaptor/
  13. you could always look into a powerline so its wired it be much more stable than wifi and be around the same price if you do decide to go this route make sure u dont plug them into a external power strip somthing like TP-Link 600 Mbps Nano Powerline Adapter