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  1. Hey everyone This is my first post, so if I break any rules I apologize in advance (see Americans can be as nice as the Canadians). Anyway, I joined PIA the other day and haven't really been that impressed with it but granted this is my first time trying a VPN. My main issue is that it uses a lot of ram. I have 8GB in my laptop and its constantly using around half of it no matter if its connected or disconnected. This issue in now causing everything to freeze up occasionally and Im not sure what to do about it. Also, being in America I was was really hoping to access sites like BBC iplayer, but it knows I have a VPN and stops me. Plus when I watch Netflix, Hulu and Amazon it makes me deactivate PIA before I can watch anything. So, are these just common issues with all VPN's or is it just me not knowing what im doing or possibly something else. Any help with these issues would be greatly appreciated. JJ