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  1. As above, If you really wanna spend some cash dollar money then have a look at the MSI NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11GB LIGHTNING Z All the extra money is getting you is a fancy lil screen but I mean hey ? Choose whatever you prefer the look of I suppose!
  2. I can't really afford to say goodbye to my warranty unfortunately... That will be going once I sort out the RGB issue... Just hoped that there was a way just to get onto the software, I don't understand why a company of their magnitude can make such crap software.
  3. Black tape isn't an option since there are so many different RGB parts to this card, plus it looks horrible. Where abouts is this plug you speak of?
  4. Hi all, I am sure all of us are aware by now that Gigabyte's RGB Fusion RGB Software just isn't usable for the majority of people. I unfortunately am one of those unlucky people that gets a blank screen no matter what i try. Currently my PC is a fully white and black colour scheme and ideally I would have my GPU RGB lighting set to white also. At the moment it is just set to colour cycle... I have now gotten to the point where I would rather it be off completely rather than doing a colour cycle and throwing off the whole colour scheme of my PC. Does anyone have any suggestions on; How I can turn the RGB lighting off without having to go through the crappy gigabyte software? How I can get said crappy software to work for 5 minutes so I can just set to white and then uninstall? Suggest any other software's that may work with my Aorus 2080 GPU? Any help with this will be much appreciated. As mentioned above I have tried most methods to try and get the current software working. Re-installing, updating drivers, updating bios etc. See pictures and signature below for all info. Thanks, Jaminahat
  5. They are like £650 new and there are a couple on eBay for £500. Wait if you need too...
  6. Hi Guys, I am currently working with a Lian-Li PC011 Dynamic and I had a bit of a thought earlier today and wondered if anyone had any experience with this same thought process. The case has bottom mounted fans and i have always had those and the side fans as intakes and the top as exhaust.... Now my issue is that of course my graphics card is pumping out a load of heat and pushing it towards the ground and then the fans are blowing it right back into the GPU again... Do we think that I should turn the fans around and have both top and bottom as exhausts or do you think it will make no difference at all? Wondering if anyone has tried it before to save me taking them out and turning them over..? I understand its very easy to do however I'm not going to do it if its not worth it Specs are in the signature below if you need them. Thanks, Jacob
  7. If you are mismatching different RAM together then yes it will matter... If not i'm not sure it'll make much of a difference as long as all of the RAM is the same latency etc.
  8. That's bloody good service from AMD on that one. That seems like a bit of a pain in the bum to do though, I guess its do that or spend an extra £100 What do you reckon the lead times are? couple weeks?
  9. That was my next option... Although £100 doesn't seem "little" to me, but I mean we all look at things differently, Apart from working straight out of the box, is it worth £100 more????
  10. Hi all, I am thinking about purchasing the Ryzen 5 3600x & Asus Strix B450-I Mini ITX for my upcoming Lan Build. Now here is where you tell me it'll be a pain or its simple... I understand that a bios update will have to be done so that the motherboard can accept the Zen2 chip and work together. ( https://www.asus.com/uk/Motherboards/ROG-STRIX-B450-I-GAMING/HelpDesk_BIOS/ ) ( https://www.asus.com/uk/Motherboards/ROG-STRIX-B450-I-GAMING/HelpDesk_CPU/ ) Using the above website I have worked out that I will need to have at least bios 2301 on the motherboard for this chip to work. Now; A. What bios version is the board likely to ship with? Or does it vary? B. Will I be able to use a USB Drive to put the correct bios on the board baring in mind it will be a new build with no access to cpu or windows? (Obviously this only applies if it ships with a bios before 2301.) If you have any tips or useful videos etc to help out that would be great. I am just struggling to get my head around it as my current "home" build was just plug and play when it came to cpu and mobo. Thanks in advance! Jacob
  11. Ah okay, thats fair enough, I would do exactly what @hollyh88 said! OC that 2070 super and you have yourself a 2080. That's more than enough for 1080p gaming and VR. You should be hitting 100fps+ in a lot of games... EDIT: Depending on other hardware you have installed of course...
  12. After watching a couple of videos you might be onto a winner here. RGB isn't really needed in a case you cant see into I guess but is always an option if needed i suppose!
  13. It actually seems bigger when seeing it on a youtube video. I guess PcPartPicker pictures made it look absolutely tiny. It could actually be a good sensible option since then i wont have to worry about RGB, further keeping costs down...
  14. Ah okay, I wasn't aware of that! Certainly seems like a good choice for this price point and I have never used Ryzen before so why not give it a go in this build! I am a fan of Aorus hardware too so it might be a good option!
  15. It looks almost too small to fit anything in at all? I'll have a little look on YouTube to see for scale!
  16. The 3600 does seem the way to go for this build... However, the case and some of the other parts aren't gonna work for my style unfortunately. Although, saying that I think this build with some slight changes like a H200 and some RGB Memory could do the job! Thanks for your time!
  17. Good Point! To be honest I have all the money now so its perfectly possible that I could go out and buy it all, the feeling of spending £1k in a day can be pretty rough though Cheers for that though, never even considered that!
  18. I'm really glad you chose Ryzen for this as it is a definite consideration for this build! I presume that cpu is not overclockable? Although I have heard that Ryzen tends to perform very well straight from the box? Would this be correct? Apart from that it looks like a nice build, thank you! I also love the case, i was looking at this one to be honest!
  19. What is this $200 being spent on? Seems like a lot of cash for 15fps? Is it going to make your PC look nicer too? Stay Cooler? At the end of the day though its your money, spend it how you wish to spend it!
  20. Hi all, I have recently started visiting LAN events within the UK and I am really starting to enjoy visiting them! However, my only gripe is that I have to travel with my fairly large and heavy PC all the way there and around the event etc. Anyway, I have recently got some funds together and I would like to build a Mini ITX build for these events so that I have a dedicated LAN PC. This will mean that I can just leave my "Home" PC at home and my "LAN" PC can be used at LAN events! Requirements; Max budget of £1000 GBP (I do not need peripherals or Monitor). I will probably be buying a couple of parts per month so a few £££ over the £1k budget wont harm i'm sure. White and Black colour scheme although i'd prefer more white than Black if possible. (Case should definitely be white) I tend to play games such as Overwatch, CS:GO, Apex Legends and other "LAN" type games so it should be able to easily run those with potentially some headroom for things such as Battlefield V, GTA V etc. Should have some RGB such as the RAM and Fans at least (personal preference i guess) It can be either Intel or AMD, whatever you want to suggest, go for it! Should be AIO watercooled. I am up to suggestions based on your knowledge and expertise! If you have the time to build me a full PC on PcPartPicker please do, or if you only have time to suggest a couple of parts please do as well. I will appreciate all the help I can get. I just do not want to rush into this build without getting some opinions from you guys first! If you dont take up the whole budget thats obviously okay. Im not going to complain about having money left over but its there to be spent if needs be! My current specs are in the signature below if you wanna see what my current build looks like (I kinda like corsair ;) ) Thanks for your time and i'll keep you all updated as to what I end up building! If you need any further information please ask! Thanks! Jacob
  21. ***IMO*** I would go for the tenkeyless corsair K65 or a Razer Blackwidow Elite V2 If you can stretch to around £150 for the green switches or slightly closer to budget for the orange and yellow switches. Also comes with great RGB etc. All depends on how much clickyness and RGB you want. They are my choices anyway...
  22. Depends on the refresh rate of the panel and the response time... You're probably looking for a low response time such as 1-3ms and over 100hz refresh rate at 1080p, probably a little less for 4k but you say you can't use 4k anyway... Probably better options but not if thats your full budget
  23. Seems like a good deal for what it is, It doesn't seem to be available anymore though...
  24. Jaminahat


    I don't see much of a problem? Ryzen 5 1600 Probs has better processing power but not a big deal more...
  25. ^^ This if you want to spend some time getting it right... If you are lazy like me you can just add the stick into the correct RAM slot and the computer should still boot absolutely fine. Its just all the sticks will run at 3000mhz. Saying that you wont notice a 200mhz difference so it would save all the hassle and stress of wiping your bios and having to type out all the timings etc. Not worth the hassle imo.