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  1. Jaminahat

    £100 Mechanical keyboard for gaming

    ***IMO*** I would go for the tenkeyless corsair K65 or a Razer Blackwidow Elite V2 If you can stretch to around £150 for the green switches or slightly closer to budget for the orange and yellow switches. Also comes with great RGB etc. All depends on how much clickyness and RGB you want. They are my choices anyway...
  2. Jaminahat

    Cheap gaming monitor help

    Depends on the refresh rate of the panel and the response time... You're probably looking for a low response time such as 1-3ms and over 100hz refresh rate at 1080p, probably a little less for 4k but you say you can't use 4k anyway... Probably better options but not if thats your full budget
  3. Jaminahat

    Cheap gaming monitor help

    Seems like a good deal for what it is, It doesn't seem to be available anymore though...
  4. Jaminahat


    I don't see much of a problem? Ryzen 5 1600 Probs has better processing power but not a big deal more...
  5. Hi all, I was hoping to modify the cover plate on my H100i V2 cooler to a cool design so that the RGB would shine through also and match the rest of the PC. I found a link to a good website describing exactly what I wanted to do... (https://bit-tech.net/guides/modding/mini-mods-modding-a-corsair-aio/1/). Now I guess I have two main questions... 1. Does anyone know where I can buy just a new cover plate as shown in the image below? (I foolishly painted mine Red when that was the colour scheme of my build) 2. Any companies that may be able to print off small enough designs so that I can stick it onto the cover plate and spray over it to get a similar effect to that of the one on the internet link I posted above? I am just kinda bored of it saying Corsair and I thought it would be a good time to potentially mod my current one. I could sand down my current Red one and do the custom logo on that but I also want a replacement cover plate just in case it doesn't go to plan and I just keep it OEM. Any help and advice would be much appreciated. Thanks all! Jacob
  6. Jaminahat

    Ram overclock

    ^^ This if you want to spend some time getting it right... If you are lazy like me you can just add the stick into the correct RAM slot and the computer should still boot absolutely fine. Its just all the sticks will run at 3000mhz. Saying that you wont notice a 200mhz difference so it would save all the hassle and stress of wiping your bios and having to type out all the timings etc. Not worth the hassle imo.
  7. Jaminahat

    Strix 1080 or Aurous 1080ti?

    Hi all, after browsing amazon for a little while last night I noticed that both a strix 1080 and the gigabyte aurous 1080ti were both £350 gbp. This seems really cheap and a good time to upgrade. Which one is the better deal? Strix to me is the better choice but obviously less performance and the gigabyte one has more performance but potentially not as good aesthetically or as good at cooling? Anyone got any ideas of what I should do and why? thanks. Current specs in signature below
  8. Jaminahat

    Strix 1080 or Aurous 1080ti?

    This is what I thought but I didn’t want to miss a trick somewhere, thanks for all the help. Cheers all
  9. Jaminahat

    Any cool/'gamer' looking 80mm PWM LED or RGB fans?

    Just leave it... Why put all the extra effort in if its for sale. Someone will buy it eventually.
  10. Jaminahat

    Best GPU brand?

    The Asus Strix is known for being the better of the bunch. Although that'll come with a hefty price tag compared to the others. I've always thought of Gigabyte to be a good middle man between good cooler and good price.
  11. Jaminahat

    Dropping frames after minutes in-game.

    What games are you playing and at what fps did they use to run at? Have you tried using a clean up program like CCleaner to clean all your.... "crap" off your machine? Might be a fresh start for the laptop, new windows etc might do the job
  12. Hello, Please note my current PC Specs in my signature below. I’m working with GBP and my budget is no more than £130 for a case. I’m looking to get a new case as my current case is very small and all of my components are pretty close and cooling isn’t great due to it only being able to house a H80i (120mm Rad). Also a lot of air coolers do not fit due to it being a narrow case. I wondered if if anyone could recommend any full tower or big cases that also look quite nice. I’d like to stick with a well known name and it must be able to fit a big beefy rad to aid with cooling. My motherboard is a Z270H which is a “normal” sized motherboard. Hopefully once I choose a new case I will then get a new AIO (probably H110i or something similar) and possibly a new psu. Then my intention is to overclock my cpu a bit to gain some extra performance. I just wanted to make sure the cooling was sufficient as right now unfortunately it gets pretty hot. Thanks for all your help in advance EDIT: I’ve just had a look at some at some other forums and seen the Lian Li 011? Does anyone have any experience with this case? Coming in at £130 it’s top of my budget but might be worth it? Jacob
  13. Sorry i took a while to reply. I ended up buying the Lian-Li PC-011 Dynamic and i just finished building in it this morning. It was a dream to work with and a lovely case to look at! I can see why it has won awards! Thanks to the both of you who helped me out
  14. Not quite, but close so I want to upgrade.
  15. Jaminahat

    Cleaning the PC.

    I meant things such as loose screws etc, Would just be a ballache
  16. Jaminahat

    Cleaning the PC.

    Blowers maybe? They sell them on Amazon so i cant see why not? I would be against hoovers though just in case, you dont want small pieces of your pc being sucked up
  17. Jaminahat

    "Spectre-IV" - 10+ years in the making

    G Fucking G my dude, sick setup
  18. Jaminahat

    Gtx 1080, 1070, or 1070 ti?

    Yeah i suppose its how much that 10% would mean to me in games, it can only be a few fps realistically
  19. Jaminahat

    Galaxy S9

    I guess it's all about what people use the phone for, I wouldn't care less about the camera on a new phone as I rarely take pictures but i guess others do. One thing to learn is to always research more in depth before you buy. It's the same with computer stuff i suppose, some older equipment is better than new, but they are all designed to do slightly different tasks better than others.
  20. Jaminahat

    Galaxy S9

    Hey, buy the older one if you want too, no one is gunna judge.
  21. Just a quick extra question...? If you set the 144hz G-Sync to your primary monitor then does it work okay? Even with the secondary monitor at 60hz?? Do they both run at different refresh rates then?
  22. Jaminahat

    Gtx 1080, 1070, or 1070 ti?

    Are they worth it for $50 do you reckon? I mean i've been thinking about getting the 1070ti over the 1080 because of the better price and only small differences to the 1080
  23. Jaminahat

    what upgrade should i make?

    Aye, I'm jumping on the SSD train. Definitely worth the money. It makes such a difference, whack your OS on there and you're set.
  24. Jaminahat


    100% move the X so it is much closer to the A. Also, if i didn't know what it was meant to say I'd assume it said EXABYRE, so maybe work on the T... But thats all i've got. Other than that i like the design you're going for.
  25. Jaminahat

    My first build

    Next gen GPU's are still all rumours, im sure by then there will be many more options and im sure this build would still hold up playing the games that you want to play. Plus, you said you might only keep this build for two years, i mean personally i dont think they will release anything anytime soon. Just build the PC for what you want now, and upgrade later down the line if you really have to. But im sure there wont be much need to upgrade it within 2 years