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  1. MY laptop has USB-c and Currently I forgot my charger at my office and was wondering if the idea would work , also is there any way I could charge it without a charger ,Its an HP elitebook
  2. System specs : Galax Gtx 1050ti (Single fan) Ryzen 5 1600 8gb ram Gigabyte ax370 gaming k5 1.0 PSU; 500W antec psu So I RMA my graphics card total of 3 times and still getting crashes when gpu is under load e.g Rendering in blender or using Meshroom . It works fine in games like fortnite or Warface in high quality The screen goes black but the computer still functions (Mouse and keyboard have an effect on Windows 10 . I get sound of them working . Also YouTube or any kind of sound is working ) After 5-10 min it shutsdown I underclocked the gpu with Afterburner , but still the same condition I enabled the mini dump but for some reason it isnt making one What could be the reason ? Thanks for help
  3. Its a new psu , this is the graphics car d its factory overclocked http://www.galax.com/jp/galax-geforce-gtx-1050-ti-exoc.html
  4. So I bought a Gtx 1050ti and when I plug it in the slot , the marked part in the image given below flows current (my screw driver shows that ) Is that a bad thing as doing Fur test (gpu stress test ) my gpu crashes instantly , Btw My specs are Galax gtx 1050ti exoc Ga-ax370 gaming k5 motherboard Ryzen 5 1600 Psu : 550W Ram: 8gb ram 2400mhz
  5. I am not Pretty sure about that As the computer detects the GPU aint working so it restart right?
  6. The GPU is Crashing like Random COLOR everytime And then The system restarts after a while The Gpu temps are normal around 50-60
  7. I will Change it right away with another cable I have also the Connection is Hdmi (Graphics card )To VGa monitor
  8. https://www.amazon.in/ANTEC-VP550P-Computer-Supply-Continuous/dp/B00HEYWK76?tag=googinhydr18418-21 This one
  9. My specs CPU : Ryzen 5 1600 GPU : Galax Gtx 1050Ti EXOC MOTHERBOARD : Gigabyte arous X370 Gaming k5 RAM : 8Gb 2666mhz PSU : 500W OS: windows 10 64BIT So it has been Months I bought My PC (I built it my self) And A month or So I am Playing on it games Like Fornite , just cause 3 And Gta 5 I am having Random Color Crash When playing Fornite (If i go into After burner And tweak Fans a Bit the Problem doesnt arise ) But when Playing Gta 5 it works Fine until there is a explosion happening (Rocket launcher ETC) This didnt happened Before (I played the whole day doing all kind of stuff) I tried DDU and reinstalling the drivers Also they are up to date Windows is Up to date My mobo Is up to date with drivers What could be the reason If you want I can Record this stuff My FPS Are Gta 5: high setting in 1600*900 resolution : 80 to 100 FPS fornite : epic Setting in 1600*900 resolution ; locked to 60Fps (No frame drops) I can record This games with no Frame drops as well The crash Only Happens When there is a Explosion in Gta 5 or i havent Tweaked the Graphics card a Bit Also Please Keep in mind The Graphics card is Factory overclocked let me know if you need any more information The PSU was faulty before But I changed it (it was months ago Though ) Thank You
  10. Could you suggest me what is happening to my PC?
  11. No Problem Please Quote or tell someone to suggest me something for fixing this problem I worried a lot
  12. It instantly crashes not even 2 Seconds
  13. MY drivers a re up to date I have downloaded the geforce experience app so I have the latest drivers, (I was shocked about FurMark kills GPU )