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  1. I ran my fans at 1300 rpm and I am able to achieve 60C stress test instead of 70C with boost clocks. Just thought I would share my findings.
  2. I am but I am going to wait for the EK fans. Thanks for the help!
  3. Well i had a dark rock pro 4 before this and I am seeing similar temps but maybe that cooler was just as good at dissipating heat. I am used to seeing 4.4Ghz during gaming but all cores stayed at 4Ghz on prime. As for voltage I have only ever seen 1.1 to 1.2.
  4. That is what I was thinking. I did bleed any large bubbles and now there are just micro bubbles in the res. Thermal paste should be okay. I did pull my block and re-seat it before completing the loop just to make sure I put it on correctly. I guess ill see how the fans do because there also it an dust filter in front the case with pretty small holes.
  5. When I was running prime95, the voltage was 1.1 and 4Ghz so prime wasnt even boosting but when I game, the CPU will boost up to 4.4Ghz.
  6. True. My room was roughly 20C so it was pretty cold so i doubt their room was 10C lower but nothing is impossible. I you guys think its normal temps than I am okay with that.
  7. I was just expecting better temps than that. Not sure how someone can get 10C lower with an EK AIO.
  8. I can only have 3 fans because I have my res mounted to the top of the case in a horizontal position. The noctua fans I have are rated low for static pressure so I bought Ek vardar fans so i am hoping that will help. I know 70C isnt terrible it just was higher than I expected.
  9. Yeah. I already knew they dont make a waterblock for it but I dont want this generation of rtx cards. My question was about the temperature I am getting during stress test.
  10. My GPU is the zotac 1070 ti mini. The 70C stress test is without GPU load. Gaming I average around 50C-60C depending on the game and I am just surprised its not better than my old dark rock pro 4.
  11. Hello, I recently built my first hardline build. I only did my cpu at the moment due to them not making a waterblock for my GPU. My loop consists of a ekwb d5 pump, separate res above, 240mm rad in the front, 120mm rad in the back and the ekwb velocity cpu block. My old build had 2 360mm rads so maybe I am use to lower temperatures but I would like to ask if this is normal anyway. Prime95 v26 I am seeing temps on my 8700k at stock speeds reach 70C on small fft after 30min. Not sure if that seems normal or not. I found a youtube video where an EK 240 AIO was getting better temps than I am. I thought maybe the GPU could be making the temps worse due to the hot air being dumped directly into the rear 120mm rad. Also i ordered some static pressure fans and mine are not rated very high for static pressure. I only have 3 fans inside the case, two on the front rad and one on the rear. Any thoughts? More about : w
  12. I agree but for the basic syntax I think books are okay.
  13. Definitely get a good grasp on Object Oriented Programming. You will most likely learn either Java, C++ or C# in school and having an early understanding of what objects are, how to create them and use them would be great. They will teach you this but the concepts Polymorphism, Abstraction, Inheritance and Encapsulation can at times be confusing when first learning them.
  14. There are plenty of free tutorials to learn java. YouTube, LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, Codecademy, TutorialsPoint, Treehouse as well as tons of books. Eclipse or Intellij for the IDE. **Coursera and Treehouse are not free.
  15. I am pretty sure GPUs don't really go on sale since most people are willing to pay full price. I have seen newegg sell for $50 off but not any more than that.