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  1. I cannot wait until people start flagging youtube's own videos to show what a dumb idea this was.
  2. Blade stealth because it seems more portable than the regular stealth.
  3. Custom Kul es-87 With both cherry mx Browns and clears G502 And a bad razer headset
  4. So small and portable it would be good for lan parties and also house parties.
  5. Hi, I am looking for either a 10 key-less or 60% keyboard that I can take on the go with me and can live up to the abuse (aluminium is better). In addition, the switch type has to be offered in Cherry MX Brown. Thanks
  6. I heard that if dropped the phone is dead on the play version.
  7. I am looking for a new phone that has a good amount of battery life and is running almost stock Android. In addition, must be able to withstand a couple of drops here or there because of my job in the field. Any thoughts would be great!
  8. You will get half way through the ride and then have to pay a $20 fee for DLC to continue.
  9. So Intel and Micron have been busy and have come up with a new type of memory that is 1000 times faster than nand! So why is it so much fater? Well conventual nand needs a transistor in the chip and 3D Xpoint doesn't! This creates a "floating gate" seen below. The new type of memory will hopefully replace all types of nand and ream chips. The reason for this is because if the chip looses power it doesn't froget what was in it's memory! The only down side is that in some application it is slower then the RAM that we have today. This is the next leap after SSDs and servers will be impleneting this hopefully soon. Article: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-33675734
  10. I am thinking of getting the ODAC from Mayflower electronics and was wondering if I can plug my mis into the ODAC as well as the headphones. Thanks
  11. You guys are all frogetting that they are "BEATS" the best headphones out there.
  12. We are a group of 14+ looking for more members for our clan. Requirements: We use mumble to communicate as a team, so a mic is a must. The average age of the group is 25. We play on a large pop server (250 people) We are looking for players who play more than 10 hours a week. (AKA over 150hrs ) No vac bans(this includes family shared vac bans). Cheaters/hackers not only give themselves a bad name but also the group. If you acquire a vac ban while playing with us you will be kicked from the group. How we play: We are PVP focused, But we all farm and craft when needed. We don't do the whole slave thing for new people. You will have limited access to the base, this will give you and the group a chance to see if you can get along. You will get a secure place to stay, access to furnaces, and a private place to store gear. Since the server wipes weekly we have a big push on Thursdays and Fridays to get the base up and running. We want as many people on at that time as possible. We are a team everyone PVPs, farms, and raids. No one is stuck as a resource drone unless they like that part of the game. Everyone helps out when farming is needed. You'll be treated as a recruit at first. You will not have access to the full base. How long you stay as a recruit depends on your drive and initiative. Pm me with your steam id for mumble info and we can chat.
  13. Which one to get? Has to be from a Canadian retailer. Thanks
  14. I have over 100 hrs and use TS or Mumble. I can play almost every day for 5hrs or more. Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198079939114/
  15. Hackers can make it look like you have killed the whole server happened to me yesterday and nothing you can do about it. Honestly, just do a fresh install of the game.
  16. Wait for AMD fury if you can afford it or wait until Nvidia comes out with their own HBM cards.