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  1. Nintendo switch's Online service will cost money from September 2018. https://www.geek.com/games/nintendo-switch-now-has-a-virtual-console-sort-of-1691743/ https://www.nintendo.com/switch/online-service/ So i have had the Nintendo switch for 6 months now and i love to play splatoon but if they gonna start asking for money from me to play online and use the crappy app i think that many players will stop playing. I will not pay to play online even tho its not that expensive it still adds up to what i paid for the game. If i pay 39$ for a game and need to pay 19,99$ for 12 moths of online service (Prices gotten form nintendo's website) that will be 58,99$ for the game with online feature. The payment gives me Access to: The app, The online service and 20 NES games. Why couldn't only the nes games be paid service and not take away online part from me. Let me hear what you think of this. I don't like it at all but maybe some of you got some more information on it. From (Norwegian dyslexic person)