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  1. Foef_Yet_Flalf


    It might be true that the RX570/580 has better value for gaming performance, but not unless Mlek00 could utilize the increased gaming performance. This is especially the case when pairing the gfx card with an i7-2600K, which will bottleneck higher-end GPUs0. OP might not even be able to take advantage of the better performance of the 570/580 without also buying a new CPU and potentially a new motherboard.
  2. Foef_Yet_Flalf


    It depends on which model. The full-size version is $170 USD on amazon, but newegg offers the low-profile version as well and has more listings. Go for the cheaper 1050 Ti. Given your existing hardware anything more powerful risks other components bottlenecking.
  3. Foef_Yet_Flalf


    If you want something that looks nice, my old build had four of Kingston's HyperX 4 Gigabyte Sticks, available on amazon in 8GB pairs. They are available in multiple colors and speeds. The memory speeds shouldn't be a huge concern to you, and they don't make much difference in price regardless.
  4. Foef_Yet_Flalf


    It depends on how cost-effective the current options are. How many slots does your motherboard have for DDR3 RAM?
  5. Foef_Yet_Flalf


    A 1050 Ti will be good for what you plan to do with your PC. I would suggest purchasing more RAM, as 4GB will be pushing any modern title.
  6. Like I said, your PC will always have a poorer connection to the internet, and your television will have a stronger connection. The television might be using your bandwidth, but your connection is going to be poor regardless.
  7. You are on the right track. The networked television is using bandwidth that could be used by your PC during gameplay. Wifi and Ethernet are essentially two different methods that computers use to communicate with other network hardware. I am assuming that both your machine and the television are connected to the same modem, which communicates via coax or satellite with your ISP. Unfortunately, your machine will never be able to connect to the internet at speeds that the television enjoys, simply because Ethernet is always uninhibited electrical signals, and wifi is just radio, which attenuates through walls and the air.
  8. Foef_Yet_Flalf


    Dude, you need to give more information if you expect help.
  9. I'm assuming you have a build with both an SSD and HDD? OS always goes on the SSD as a rule. Unless, however, you're looking for mid 2000s responsiveness.
  10. When the PC starts up normally, iCUE sees the usb-connected AIO. I put the PC to sleep via a hotkey that runs a script (managed by iCUE). When waking from that state, iCUE no longer sees the AIO, and the lighting defaults to the hardware lighting I set a while ago. Strangely, sometimes it no longer shows up in the devices list, and other times it does, but the visualization of the lights is frozen, and iCUE stutters. iCUE version 3.30.89, Plat firmware 1.01.15 I would like for iCUE to see the equipment without doing a full restart each time. Things I have tried: Unplugging the usb cable from the AIO head, plugging it back in Ending and restarting icue.exe Identifying that Device manager does see an AIO installed via USB Stopping and restarting corsair service (stopping is unsuccessful, status stays on "stopping" indefinitely)
  11. As the other comments say, we need more info on your existing hardware, what performance you want/expect, and what you expect to spend on the upgrade. At any rate, the new Ampere-based Nvidia GPUs may be coming out soon, so Nvidia are releasing lower cost versions of their cards based on Turing architecture, most notably the GTX 1650 Ultra, which uses the same chip from the 2070. Given your existing card (and nothing else) I suggest waiting for that hardware release.
  12. When you say plexiglass, I assume you're speaking about acrylic plastic. However the photo you posted suggests that it is polycarbonate. Can you confirm one way or another? Acrylic will usually have edges that are foggy and have one or both sides covered in adhesive paper. In my experience acrylic "glass" panels feel pretty premium and are thick, usually hard to microscratch. Polycarbonate has injection-moulding seam and witness marks. In my experience, polycarbonate comes to the customer covered in a clear thin plastic covering that is removed during installation. It is crap and scratches really easily, and looks ugly. It has a huge bunch of flex and the panel feels cheap and thin.
  13. A "factory reset' will probably not be the first thing I try. I would clear your CMOS first, reset the BIOS settings.
  14. I just tried adjusting the fanspeed with MSI Afterburner, to no avail. There has to be some software that's screwing up the built-in fan curve.